How to Connect Woocommerce With Your Facebook Shop

Marketing and advertising are the main factors in the success of online businesses and social media have played a great role in promoting an online business. A few platforms on social media have given a real boost to this idea such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and many more.

Out of these marketing platforms, advertising on Facebook gained popularity in no time because of its effectiveness in enhancing social media strategies.

Whereas, WooCommerce has made selling products and services much easier.

WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin hence it offers great SEO (Search Engine Optimization) capabilities and adds value to your business website.

You can also hire SEO professionals for better SEO Optimization that help to boost your business sales.

In this post, we will explain how to integrate Facebook Shop with the WooCommerce store to get the best of these platforms. 

Facebook to WooCommerce Plugins

It is very easy to integrate WooCommerce into the Facebook shop. This process is facilitated using several plugins. 

If you are looking for more plugins for WooCommerce, then check out our Best WooCommerce Plugins for your store.

For now, we will look into step by step procedure to implement Facebook for WooCommerce (by Facebook) plugin so you may have a clear idea as to how to connect the WooCommerce store to Facebook Shop.

Step 1: Create a Facebook Pixel

Facebook Pixel lets you collect data that helps you track Facebook advertisement activity and increase your conversion rate by running targeted advertisement campaigns. 

For this, you need to open Events Manager and login into your account.

Select Connect Data Sources from the menu on the left

On the pop-up menu select Web, and then click on Connect

Next open, Facebook Pixel>Connect. Now, enter a name for your Pixel, enter your eCommerce Store’s URL, and click on Continue

Next, use the Headers and Footers plugin to add the Pixel code. This Pixel tracking code can be pasted into the Scripts in the Header box. Once done, click on Save and WordPress will add this Pixel code to your online store.

Step 2: Setting up Facebook Shop for WooCommerce Integration

The Facebook for WooCommerce plugin lets you connect your online store to Facebook. Click on add to cart and follow the instructions to download the .zip file

On your WordPress dashboard, click on Plugins> Add New. Now upload the .zip file and select Activate plugin. Next, connect this plugin to your Facebook account by navigating to Marketing> Facebook> Get Started.

Your Facebook page will open in a new tab on your browser. Select Facebook Shop in the pop-up that appears and click on Get Started.

Now, choose the account where you want to manage your business assets, product catalog, ad accounts, and your Facebook Page. Once you have selected, click on Continue. Now choose the Facebook Page you want to connect your WooCommerce store with and then select Continue again.

Step 3: Facebook Shop Configuration

The next step is to create a new catalog or use a pre-existing one. Creating a catalog helps you to manage your inventory, by adding titles, images, and product descriptions.

Now, select the Facebook Pixel which was created in the previous step, and name your eCommerce account. Now confirm that you want to associate your Facebook page with your eCommerce store and click on Continue.

Facebook will show you an overview of your settings. Re-check your settings and once satisfied, click on Continue.

Now a pop-up will appear so you can check all the features and information that WooCommerce will have access to. Changes can be made to these features but keep in mind that any changes made will affect how the store functions. Once, everything is reviewed, click on Next.

This links your store to the Facebook platform, after this the tab will reload and show your store’s URL address for confirmation. If the URL is correct, select That’s My Site.

You have successfully, now connected your Facebook page to your WooCommerce Store.

Step 4: Manage your WooCommerce Catalog

Use Google Product Category (GPC) Taxonomy to map each WooCommerce category to a Facebook category. This will enable Facebook to apply a default GPC rate to all your products automatically once entered.

You can provide a primary and secondary GPC in the Default Google Product Category section (Navigate to Marketing> Facebook> Product Sync tab). 

However, you can change the settings for individual products by going over to Products>All Products. Go over to the product you want to make changes to, click on Edit. Now on the subsequent screen, select the Facebook tab and use the Google Product Category to change the default settings.

You can also customize the image and description of each product that appears in your Facebook Shop.

Step 5: Creating Product Sets

Creating a Product Set means dividing your products into categories, this may be based on style, seasonal trends, or age category.

This helps customers to navigate through the shop easily and explore similar or related products.

To create a category Go to Products> FB Product Sets. Enter a name and description for the Product Set and assign a category. To manually sync, go to Marketing> Facebook> Product Sync and then click on Sync. 


To conclude, adding your WooCommerce store to Facebook will enhance user experience and improve your sales process through better SEO strategies. You will be able to better analyze ad campaigns and performance as well as sync products and categorize to improve customer interaction.

Digital Marketing In 2022 – Top 3 Reasons Why Small Business Need It

Digital Marketing in 2022 – Top 3 Reasons Why Small Business Need It

When starting a small business, the focus is often on how to reach your first customers. They can rely on traditional advertising methods, such as print ads, coupon posts, or large roadside signs. They can be trusted because they know they are offering a good product or service, and it will take time for customers to reach them.

While this strategy can lead to business growth, there is a better and simpler way. First, small businesses need to consider a large market for online customers. No small business, no matter how new, should be forgotten in this vast market.

Don’t postpone Digital Marketing anymore?

Why do you decide to put time and effort into digital marketing? Different small businesses may offer different reasons to avoid this type of market, but in the end, the delay is the delay.

Small businesses sometimes feel they don’t have the time or money to compete online. They think they can face many problems at once and are still learning all the intricacies of e-commerce. Most of them can choose to go slow and stick to one or two main types of advertising. Thus their business will grow over time.

They may think that the best strategy is to wait for customers to arrive. Because they have a small business, they may think they need few customers.

This is not a good practice. There is no guarantee your business will attract customers because it exists, and even then, you may not attract as many customers as you need to make your business successful. You have to implement new strategies like the countdown timer plugin to create a sense of urgency for people to make a purchase decision faster. Digital marketing involves both strategies for your online store as well as for social platforms.

Top 3 Reasons Why Small Business Need It

#1. Your Customers Are Online

If you’ve avoided digital marketing, is it because you think you’re not ready for it? Do you think you need time to calm down and then understand what digital marketing is?

The problem with this approach is that your customers and suppliers are online. This. Today. They seem to be looking for a company like yours, but if they can’t find you, they’ll probably choose another one.

This is how people trade today. So, for example, if someone is interested in your business or your public domain and wants to know about your trademark, the first thing they do is search the web and find out what works. After that, they’ll find out about you.

They hope to find you there with your website and social media ads. In addition, they can look for reviews to see what other people say about your company and whether it is an excellent place to do business.

If a customer can’t find you online, they may think your business doesn’t look right. It is very likely that many of these potential customers will decide not to value your business and will quickly switch to something else.

Once they have made that decision, they are unlikely to return.

#2. Reviews Matter

Online reviews can attract or enhance your business’s ability to attract new customers or businesses. While all businesses can share their products or services, other customers can provide accurate and unbiased information. If you get a lot of information from trusted sources, your business can stand out from the competition and build trust even if they don’t appear on your website.

The most helpful business search is through Google Business. They are the most trusted and visible resource, and your Google business listing allows people to visit or call your site. Facebook is another excellent source for web reviews, and you can use it to create a newsletter on your website, but Yelp is great for restaurants, hotels, and entertainment businesses.

To increase the number of reviews, link to Google’s list of companies to review for customers. Even if you get all five stars, the low -performing companies get more minor changes than the 100+ listed companies, even if some of them are low.

#3. The Rise of Voice Search

Voice research has come a long way in recent years. More Americans are using devices like Amazon Alexa and Google Home than ever before. By 2022, more Americans are expected to use in-depth research than ever before. Gartner predicts that the entire web-based investigation will begin with sound.

This means that it is vital to satisfy your voice requirement to find you, Siri, and Alexa. Let’s talk about how in a minute. But first, let’s discuss another small business model.

Small Business Marketing Strategies for 2022

Below are the marketing strategies for small businesses in 2022 that they can achieve, no matter how much money they invest in their market budget.

  • Respond to Customer Reviews

The majority of the online stores did not respond to the review. This is a big mistake. First, it helps build customer loyalty. A simple thank you can help make a good impression on your customers and encourage them to return. In addition, responding to reviews can improve the quality of your research business. Finally, Google has proven that responding to reviews will help your SEO.

  • Implement Webchat to Your Website

Webchat works for business. Because it’s much easier than other media: phone and email. Most people today try to avoid phone calls whenever possible, and emails are often ignored. Webchat offers the best of both worlds, customer friendliness and a great way to get answers to your questions.

  • Stay Active on Social Media

While you may already have a Facebook profile page, remember to stay active on social media. Consumers today expect to operate companies on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. While it’s true that Facebook has few opportunities for traditional advertising, these business customers are expecting to post on social media regularly.


Digital marketing will allow you to meet your customer’s expectations. You can gradually get to know them and what they hope to achieve. Do a little research or try to get to know them. Listen carefully to their comments or survey responses.

This is how you start building relationships with your customers. You can be more than just a business. You will become a reliable partner. People buy a lot more from companies they have already bought from.

Compared to advertising on TV, radio, or direct mail, digital marketing costs more while reaching a larger audience. . Using online marketing to promote your small business can help you have a better chance of success.

Top 5 Social Media Platforms For Digital Marketing Industry

Over the last few years, the digital marketing industry has grown at a steady pace. As per the market analysis reports, the number of people using digital content is increasing in leaps and bounds every day. Therefore it is easier for marketers to reach a larger audience using digital marketing in no time.

However, social media platforms play important roles in the digital marketing industry. Actually, social media marketing is a crucial part of digital marketing that allows businesses to use social platforms for marketing purposes. But what are these platforms? Let’s check them out in the article below.

Top 5 Social Media Platforms For Digital Marketing Industry

Using social media platforms for the purpose of digital marketing will take your business to the next level. With increased reach, enhanced visibility, better customer relationship, and brand image development…social media platforms are your one-stop solution. In this section, we have elaborated on the top 5 social media sites that each of you must know to grow your business with Digital marketing. Wanna check them out? Let’s go!

1. Facebook

Facebook is still not acceptable to many, especially parents and senior citizens in society as it wastes valuable time. However, they don’t know what a strong tool it is in terms of digital marketing. With 2.7 billion active users/month, Facebook is the best social platform to engage the audience, strengthen brand image and advertising. Most importantly, the advertising options that it provides to businesses are incredible.

If you are a new marketer and have no idea how to start digital marketing on Facebook, focus on the FB Business page or FB ad campaigns. Remember the 3 principles- be consistent, stay updated, and be creative. If you want your opinion on which social platform is the best for digital marketing, we would recommend Facebook.

2. LinkedIn

At present, LinkedIn has 706 million registered users and is a hub of B2B prospects. Apart from the job openings, it’s one of the best places for marketing services or products. With Linkedin Ads’ you can easily generate leads, build brand awareness and drive website traffic. The social media marketing strategies of LinkedIn are really cool enough to grow your B2B leads pipeline and reach prospects.

LinkedIn marketing is a comprehensive way of engaging several professionals for driving business-relevant actions. With multidimensional ad options like sponsored content, message ads, dynamic ads, or message ads you can reach marketing goals easily.

3. Twitter

Did you know mobile advertisers drive physical store traffic? Digital marketing using Twitter is a prominent example of that. Being a fast-paced platform, it is advantageous for organizations to publish content on a regular basis. With the help of Twitter, sharing links to the blog posts consistently, leads readers directly to the main content. The only thing you have to take care of is creating informative and updated Content pieces.

4. Instagram

The total number of monthly active users on Instagram is over 1 million. With this massive user base, Instagram is one of the best social media platforms for building your brand. The digital marketing strategies on Instagram are one of a kind. For example, Instagram is the best social site for those digital marketers who like to create videos and photos for audiences.

Are you a B2C company? Then Instagram marketing is the best tool for you to enhance brand identity. Use visuals of your services or products to motivate your users to create user-generated content. Are you a B2B company? Then share behind-the-scenes photos of your physical site to pique interest in your clients. In addition, the more you use hashtags on Instagram, your business will be able to reach a vast group of audiences.

The power of Instagram Live Video Feature or Instagram Stories are unimaginable when it comes to expanding the social presence of a business. You can also make use of the advertising options for business through Instagram, and what’s the best part here? The options are accessible through Facebook as well.

5. Pinterest

Pinterest is the most suitable social site in terms of digital marketing for eCommerce business owners. Do you operate an e-Commerce business but are still not on Pinterest? You may be doing it completely wrong! As per the market reports, about 87% of the pinners have bought products after seeing images from Pinterest.

Not only can you upload images on Pinterest, but also there are options to write keyword-rich descriptions. This adds credibility to your services or products on social media, taking your digital marketing plan to the next level. Are you aware of the most incredible option on Pinterest?

There are built-in shopping features that enable businesses to take the stage out of many competitors in the market. Moreover, by using rich pins and advertising options, you can add more context to articles, recipes, etc. Connecting with potential customers is also quite easier and simplified with Pinterest.


Are you looking forward to adding social media platforms to your marketing blueprint? Don’t think anymore, because there is no better idea than this to enhance your brand image. Each social platform explained above would deliver appreciable outcomes in terms of marketing success if and only if you use them correctly.

Was this guide helpful to answer your queries? Let us know your valuable opinions in the comment box below; we can’t wait to hear you out.

Author Bio:

Jais Frank is a freelance content writer and enthusiastic blogger. He is the co-founder of SB Newsroom. He contributes to many authority blogs such as Dream Land Estate and Emblem Wealth. He also likes to write in many international magazines and journals.

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How To Reach The Instagram Explore Page Sooner

If you want to promote your brand on social media, Instagram could be your top choice to establish your business. It is essential to focus on different methods to increase your reach, as several brands on the platform post specific content to impress followers.

And, for that, the Instagram Explore page comes into the picture. Featuring on the explore page is a sure-shot to increase the visibility of your content, getting viral to boost engagement in a short time. With little effort, it is sure to increase the possibilities of your post to reach the explore page. Let us jump in to know how to get on to the Explore page on Instagram.

1. Share content when the audience is active

The best tip on Instagram you will ever know is to share content when people are very active. Instagram’s algorithm notices that content as it promotes timelines, and this is excellent advice.

Creating fresh content puts your brand on top of users’ feeds. Schedule your posts when the audience is online to get auto likes on Instagram, a key to feature your posts onto the Explore page. 

Fortunately, figuring out the most active user times is not a tough job. Your Instagram business account enables you to check audience insights, where you will get a clear picture of followers’ active times, by the hour and by day.

2. Identify the Audience Interest

It is not enough to post when the followers are online to have a successful post. You have to ensure the content you post is interesting and helpful to them. And that is when you will acquire high engagement; hence you have a chance to reach the explore page.

The analytics tools on Instagram make your job easy. In Insights, beneath the post section, you will find out the high-performing post or stories depending on various metrics like engagement, impressions, reach, etc. Make the best use of this feature to craft the best content for your business.

3. Check Posts on Explore Page

A technique that works well is to go through the posts featured on the Explore page. Suppose you are following some accounts or engaging with content related to your business. Your Explore page offers you tons of insights on the type of content the Instagram algorithm is taking into account and the type of posts your potential audience is interested to see.

4. Use Hashtags & Locations Tags

Hashtags and location tags are very famous tools on the platform. Using these tags, a wide range of people will certainly see your content on the platform, and you are likely to reach an audience that is not following you. 

While using tags, make sure you use tags related to your business and don’t overuse them. By using tags, you could undoubtedly gain engagement to your posts, thereby maximizing the possibilities of getting featured on the Explore page.

5. Insert Call-to-Action Buttons

So far, we have got a clear picture of getting onto the explore page via high engagement on posts. The other great way is to make sure to allow the audience directly to connect with your posts using a call-to-action button.

Put up queries in your captions to encourage followers to respond to them in the comments section; that way, you could begin an interaction. Also, you can ask them to like, tag a friend, or share your posts. That may be the right strategy if you plan to run giveaways or contests for your business. Encouraging your followers to engage with your content could significantly increase engagement, which helps you reach the Explore page.


Getting featured on the Instagram Explore page is more like having a targeted ad for your potential audience. Use these ideas to increase the engagement to your posts through comments and likes, grab new followers, and drive sales.

How To Use Instagram Stories in 2021 & Beyond

Instagram stories allow users to upload videos and photos that disappear after a day. It is similar to the Snapchat stories launched in 2013, and that’s a vital part of the network’s growth.

As per data, Instagram stories attain over 500 million active users every day. It is short-term video content that runs up to 15 seconds. If your uploaded video extends above 15 seconds, it automatically splits into the second part of the video for your story. You could use many online free editing platforms to edit your story video content and upload a story on Instagram.

To make a new story, click on the camera option at the top left side of your feed screen and swipe to the right. Here, you could capture a new photo directly or bring a video or image from your gallery.

Instagram Story Types

There are ten various types of Instagram story content you could create by scrolling right and left at the bottom of the screen.

#1 Type: It gives a colorful background for your texts to shine. You could choose various colors and font styles by tapping on the screen.

#2 Music: It allows you to bring music to your filming video or an image. Search for your favorite music and add it. Here, you could select the correct range of the entire music.

#3 Live: Here, you can go live to connect with your audience on Instagram. Click on the “Start Live Video,” and the platform would notify your fans that you are live. But don’t forget your live video disappears from the platform once it is finished.

#4 Normal: It’s the first screen that shows when you launch the Instagram story creator. You could use Normal to snap a picture, film video content, or post content from your gallery, as we said earlier.

#5 Boomerang: It snaps multiple pictures to bring an animation. Click on the main option, and you will notice the screen flash continuously as the images snap in a quick time. Also, Instagram Boomerang has a unique app to make creative animations to spread on other networks.

#6 Focus: It allows you to focus on a specific thing by blurring backgrounds. It’s the perfect deep work in professional photography, and it works mainly for faces. Click on the extensive record option to take a snap, and click & hold to film video content.

#7 Superzoom: It brings you to zoom in on a specific spot with significant sound effects to get a dramatic or humorous video clip. Click on the tiny music symbol on the screen to choose a style. It provides four types to select from:

  • Dramatic
  • Tv Show
  • Bounce
  • Beats

Click on the screen area where you need to zoom, tap, & hold the record option to film videos.

#8 Rewind: It allows you to film a video in reverse condition. It plays perfectly for video content which showcases body movements like dancing or running.

#9 Hands-Free: It allows you to film video content without keeping a finger on your smartphone’s screen. It is suitable for the contents such as exercise demonstrations and makeup tutorials.

#10 Stop-Motion: It brings you to film short animations from pictures, like a flipbook. To begin, select multiple images as you want. If you are completed with it, click on the “Done” option at the screen’s top to get your stop-motion animation.

Story Tricks On Instagram You Must Know

Here are a few ways you could work on your Instagram story contents to bag up vast attention.

Face Filters

Are you bored with taking selfies? Just try this out! Face filters allow you to add a flower crown, bunny ears, glasses, etc. A plus fact is that they are responsive and react to your every movement. There are various filters available where you can select as your choice.

Add Texts

It’s basic, but the tool is customizable and versatile, allowing you to select the effect, color, position, font, and size of your text. Click on the “Aa” option to begin the text method at the screen’s top. Using various sizes, colors, and fonts helps to keep things more interesting and grab the audience’s attention to the text you need to highlight. Also, you could add multiple hashtags and your friends on the platform easily in the text field.


Filters have been there since the beginning of Instagram. And now Instagram stories utilize it to remarkable effect. Just swipe right or left to load a filter.

Also, there are various types of stickers available on Instagram to attract your audience. Just click on the smiley face option at the screen’s top to get multiple choices of stickers: location stickers, hashtag stickers, tag stickers, GIF stickers, poll stickers, countdown stickers.


Once you have finished your filming and editing works to your story contents on Instagram, always remember to save your video or image if you want it. Click on the “Save” option to do this. Then click on the “Your Story” option to publish your story content when you have completed everything. Now your Instagram story content will be live!

How To Use Story Contents On Instagram?

Here are the best practices of Instagram stories to get more audiences to your posts.

Story Takeover

It means somebody temporarily takes your account on Instagram to provide your fans a stunning perspective of your brand or products. Also, you could join hands with customers or influencers to run your story contents. It builds more trust with extensive impressions on Instagram towards your brand and product.

Tease Something

It’s one of the best story tips on Instagram to keep your fans on their toes. Using story sections to tease a product or any upcoming programs gives your fans massive exclusivity. And an additional curiosity brings your audience to revisit your profile to catch a grand reveal.

Post Stunning Things

Story content might disappear after a day, but you could upload content your fans would need to screenshot and download on their mobiles for reference. It helps in keeping your brand or business top level.

Take Full Advantage Of Your Stories

Instagram story highlights are one of the perfect Instagram story tips I would suggest to you. Though Instagram story contents disappear after a day, this fantastic tool helps you to pin your story contents to your profile on the platform permanently.

Most popular brands on the platform use story highlight to save their amazing deals, updates, and essential information

First, bring up your story to begin Instagram story highlights. Once your story content is live, open your profile and click on the “Highlight” option at your screen’s bottom-left corner.


Instagram story is a most powerful tool if you use it to an extent. Additionally, its features give immense creativity. Though you utilize the story section on Instagram to grab more engagement and build relationships with your fans, don’t forget to use it to make your audience have fun.

Author Bio

Mary Kyle is a content developer and marketing manager who works at Snaphappen. She has written more trending articles on social media and has a handful of experience in delivering engaging content.

How To Increase Video Visibility On TikTok – Effective Guide For Marketers

TikTok is a rapidly growing social media platform in the world, and it has now reached nearly 800 million active users per month. It is more valuable for creators, marketers, businesses, advertisers, and influencers to develop your marketing growth and increasing following. 

TikTok provides lots of ways to enhance your followers and get maximum reach. TikTok is amazing for short-form videos up to 3 to 15 minutes. Currently, the platform offers a new opportunity for users to create up to 1-hour videos. 

In this article, we’ll discuss the effective guide to increase your video visibility and get maximum growth. 

Before we enter into the man topic, you can see some valuable facts about TikTok: 

1. TikTok has 800 million active users per month. 

2. Over 62% of TikTok users are aged between 10 to 29 years. 

3. On average, TikTok users spend 858 minutes per day on the app each month. 

4. TikTok generated 1 billion dollar revenue in 2020. 

5. Currently, TikTok is available in over 150 countries in 75 languages. 

6. 68% of TikTok users like to watch other users’ content. 

7. 90% of users access the TikTok app every day. 

8. TikTok gains an average of 1 billion video views each day. 

9. TikTok has been downloaded over 2 billion times on both the App Store and Google play store. 

10. Many users use TikTok to find entertaining and funny content. 

#1. Use TikTok Business Account:

A TikTok business account helps businesses to build brand presence, grow their business with different tools, and view real-time metrics of content performance, audience demographic, profile engagement, and more. 

To set up a TikTok pro account; 

  • Go to your TikTok profile page. 
  • Press the three dots icon in the upper right corner. 
  • You can reach the settings and privacy tab. 
  • Select the manage my account option. 
  • Choose to switch to a Pro account and follow the instructions. 

Your TikTok business account will be ready to access by clicking the same three dots at the upper corner of your profile and selecting the analytics option. You can see many valuable data includes, 

  • Your followers and audience demographic
  • Current engagement and growth status. 
  • Perfect days & times of your audiences are active online. 

#2. Optimize Your TikTok Profile:

Optimizing your profile is the best strategy to receive more followers to your account and engage people to watch your videos. There are several ways available to make your TikTok profile more attractive and engaging. 

If you want to get more views for your videos, optimizing your profile is the best strategy to create a successful profile. It includes, 

  1. Adding the best profile picture. 
  2. Writing the attractive description with clickable links. 

#3. Create High-Quality Videos:

Creating high-quality videos is the most effective way to capture your audience’s attention and get maximum reach. It requires the best lighting, quality camera, best background, and effective video editing software. 

  • High-Quality Camera – Use a super quality camera with the same intensity and same power. Choose the best place for maximum light effects. 
  • Attractive Background – Whenever creating a video, choose an attractive place with a peaceful environment. 
  • Use Video Editing Tools – Editing is the main part of every content, which helps users to watch your content and bring more engagement quickly. There are many editing tools available in the market that help your videos go viral on the TikTok platform. 

#4. Add Hashtags For Best Outcomes:

Hashtags are the opportunity for users to target the exact audiences and get more visibility. When you use a hashtag that is trending, TikTok will display your video to the wider people. 

Understanding how to use the perfect hashtag is essential to get more visibility and discoverability. If you use trending hashtags that are relevant to your content, it will increase your video views to the most active audiences. 

#5. Be Creative: 

Creativity is the key to get more views for your videos and engage people to watch your TikTok profile. Many people create their videos that copy from other creators. But a video with creative and valuable information gains more views and increases user engagement. 

If a trending video appears on TikTok, you can use and recreate that video in a new and different way. You can be creative in the video editing process as well as adding sound mixtures. 

#6. Utilize TikTok For You Feed:

“For You” page is the main and front page of TikTok, filled with lots of videos. It is a collection of videos based on your past behavior, such as views, likes, comments, and shares. For You feed is the best way to get more views for your videos and getting featured on the app. 

Here are some useful tips to get featured on TikTok: 

  • Post videos regularly
  • Add trending hashtags to your content. 
  • Engage audience after uploading 
  • Use compelling sounds and attractive filters.

#7. Upload Unique & Fresh Content: 

For every social network, unique content always adds value to your videos and enhances credibility. It doesn’t matter how much traffic you’re receiving on your videos and how well you are working on it. You need to focus on adding high quality and unique content to your TikTok profile. Moreover, always create and upload unique and fresh content in terms of character, idea, emotion, humor, and more. 

#8. Create Videos With Your Pets 

Everyone loves pets and animal videos on social media platforms. You can easily convert pet lovers into your followers by posting pet videos. But don’t post many videos as a pet. You can create one or two videos with your pet and upload them on TikTok every week. 

 A video with more comments engages people to watch your videos again and again. Pet videos on TikTok get more comments than other videos. So many people are interested in watching these types of videos. 

#9. Share Tutorial Videos: 

The primary goal of the tutorial video is to allow users to establish a task successfully. TikTok tutorial video gives users detailed information about your content. In addition, tutorial videos are an effective strategy to receive likes on TikTok videos and it enhances your brand presence to the large customers. Whether you’re an individual or a business, these videos are the easiest way to show your brand, product, and services. 

#10. Upload Videos At Peak Time: 

Posting videos at peak time generates more views than posting videos at non peak time. So, you have to find the high traffic time on TikTok and upload your videos at that time. According to the data, TikTok users are more active at 2-3 PM and 10-11 PM.  

You can also use a TikTok pro account and track your target audience’s active hours and days, which will display a clear database of when your audiences are more active on TikTok. 

#11. Work With Other TikTok Creators: 

Collaboration with others will increase the chance of getting millions of followers to your TikTok account. You can find other creators and influencers by using hashtags and team with them to get high views on your videos. 

Remember that working with the relevant and popular TikTok creators is the best strategy for gaining maximum reach!

#12. Make Use Of TikTok Live:

Going live on TikTok gives you a great chance to share more information through long form videos. It also helps you to connect with your real-time fans and followers directly. When you go live, TikTok notifies your fans and followers to join your videos. Then, you can easily interact with them and engage people to follow your TikTok profile. Moreover, you can easily make money through live videos and engage people to check your profile and the latest video you uploaded. 

To go live on TikTok; 

  • Open your TikTok account. 
  • Click the plus (+) sign placed at the bottom center of the screen. 
  • Tap the live option next to the record button. 
  • Give the title of your live stream and pick go live to start your session.
  • Once you complete the live stream, click the ‘X’ button to quit your session. 

#13. Ask For Engagement: 

When your content gets more likes, shares, and comments, TikTok will display your videos to huge audiences. Asking engagement for your videos is one of the best strategies to connect more people and generate positive engagement. Therefore, you can ask audiences to like, comment & share your videos and follow your profile page. 

#14. Add Best Captions: 

Are you looking for the most useful tips for your TikTok videos? 

Remember that TikTok captions help you to make the attention of your video grabbing, and it creates excellent exposure for your TikTok videos. TikTok allows users to add up to 100 characters as your caption. So, make the best and most attractive captions for your videos and profile. 

Thoughtful captions encourage people to watch your videos, and even your video quality is low! So, you can take this opportunity to show your videos in front of crowd and get featured on TikTok For You page. 

#15. Follow & Unfollow More People

Follow and unfollow is a popular method and many social media platforms use it. So, you spend 5 to 6 minutes per day and follow & unfollow TikTok users who are relevant to your industry. It will increase the chance to invite people to your TikTok profile and watch your videos. 

#16. Cross-Promote TikTok Videos: 

Cross promotion is the easiest and one of the most successful marketing strategies in the social media world. It is a simple marketing tactic that helps to expand the reach of your brand or product. In other words, it helps to connect with potential customers on other social networks/marketing channels. 

When you’re cross promoting with other platforms, you’ll increase brand awareness, social exposure, and ROI drastically. Cross promotion is considered a highly effective strategy for beginners to get significant revenue. 

Excellent TikTok Tools That Helps To Gain Instant Views:  

1. Viralyft

Viralyft is a useful TikTok tool that helps users to get to new heights. It has an attractive and dedicated interface that brings views from real and active users. 

Key features : 

  • Instant delivery
  • 24/7 customer support
  • High-quality views

2. SocialBoosting

Social Boosting offers TikTok views on your posts, which helps to grow the visibility of your videos. 

Key Features: 

  • Money back guarantee
  • 100% genuine and unique
  • Safe and secure. 

3. Celebian

If you’re looking to make your videos appear on the top feed of TikTok, Celenian helps to gain more exposure with high-quality views. They also offer a free trial before purchasing. 

Key Features: 

  • Instant views
  • Quality services
  • Amazing customer support 


TikTok is undoubtedly a fantastic platform in the internet world, giving users immense opportunities to promote their brand message to a loyal audience. If you’re trying to be popular on this platform and gain more views for your videos, you can use all of these strategies to get instant and successful TikTok growth!

Author Bio

Alison Williams is a social media content writer who works at Flatfitty. She is an experienced social media analyst. Her passion is to contribute to engaging content for authority blogs and websites. You can also visit her online at!

5 Key Benefits of Digital Marketing Over Traditional Marketing

Finding out the right strategy that would work most efficiently for your business purposes is one of the toughest and most serious jobs for any business. You can say, one of the main pillars of business success. 

With the change of time, the marketing patterns have also changed a lot. Strategies are being made that would be both cost-effective and efficient. And this in turn lit up the never-ending debate of Digital marketing vs Traditional marketing.

So, in today’s era, when technology has witnessed massive advancement and the competition is getting tougher every day, every business should understand the basic differences between digital marketing and traditional marketing, and understand which one is better for your business.

What is Traditional Marketing 

Traditional marketing includes those marketing strategies that can be done without the help of the internet. And this can be executed in several ways.

The ads we see on TV, banners, leaflets, posters, or hear on radio, fall under this category. Traditional ways also include references from other users. 

So, any sort of marketing that is executed without the internet is traditional marketing.

What is Digital Marketing

You have already understood from the above-mentioned paragraphs. Digital marketing is all of those marketing strategies that involve internet platforms. Any campaign that is done with the help of the internet is digital marketing.

There are many categories of digital marketing. There are several facets of digital marketing, like SEO, social media promotions, YouTube marketing, email marketing, influencer marketing, and many more.

You can see ads on web pages, social media magazines, community channels, websites, etc. These all come under the roof of digital marketing.

Now, there are many people who still believe in traditional marketing, whereas many business giants have seriously taken digital strategies into account. Even there are many famous entrepreneurs around the globe who have thrived their businesses through digital strategies.

There are many pros and cons of both digital and traditional marketing, but here we are going to discuss some of the major advantages of digital marketing over traditional marketing. 

Benefits of Digital Marketing over Traditional Marketing –

  1. Better Reach

Where traditional marketing is limited to a certain spread, digital marketing has its reach around the globe. Internet is used by billions of people around the world, so you can understand that having a website that gives you an online presence on the internet is actually reachable to billions of people.

Creating a website is also very tough nowadays, there are several free builders available on the internet with attractive themes. You can also create one in just one day. Check out Shopify reviews.

  1. Cost-effective

Where creating a website doesn’t include too much amount of money, performing digital strategies also can be done at a very low cost. Performing SEO strategies can be done absolutely free, promoting on social media also doesn’t require any money, just create a social media page and maintaining your content.

Social media ads also can be done at a very low cost. Other strategies like email marketing, YouTube promotions, are also easygoing. So digital marketing is pocket-friendly as well. 

  1. Better Result

Where traditional marketing needs a lot of money to invest and that too limited to a certain reach, digital marketing has a higher reach with lesser money to invest. So, it automatically gives you an efficient result.

Moreover, when you can target global audiences through digital strategies, the chances are much higher of having more sales and generating more revenues for your business.

  1. Better Tracking

In traditional marketing, you cannot perfectly track the results of your campaigns. You don’t know how many people even saw your ads in the newspaper or leaflets or banners. 

On the other hand, you can track your digital campaign result much efficiently. You can use several tools for tracking and that too also free. You can check their location, timings, sometimes you can track the email ids, etc. 

It helps you to have an in-depth insight into your campaigns and to reshape it if needed.

  1. Faster Execution 

Traditional marketing may take a long time to give you results. It may take even weeks or months. So, it is a very time-consuming, and slow process.

Whereas, in digital marketing, the results come very fast. You can gain leads in no time. Your business gets instant publicity. You can even chat one-on-one with your consumers in real-time. You even get to know the campaigns that are not working for you and can go for plan-b.


Though there are many differences between both of the marketing strategies, both have some advantages over the other. The above-mentioned are the most basic advantages that digital marketing has over traditional marketing. Hope you now have a brief idea.

Author Bio –
Mashum Mollah is a tech entrepreneur by profession and passionate blogger by heart. He is on a mission to help small businesses grow online. He shares his journey, insights, and experiences at Social Media Magazine & Search Engine Magazine. If you are an entrepreneur, digital marketing professional, or simply an info-holic, then this blog is for you.

How to Increase Customer Attraction Towards Your Online Business

Online business revolve around customers. Customers are the key stakeholders in any business. Success of any business depends on the loyal customer base. Here we shall discuss a few of the ways to increase customer attraction towards your online business.


Sale is the form of discount that you offer on products. Choose the product wisely for offering the discount. The product on sale must be having maximum customer’s interest rate. Though it is not a long-term strategy, it brings new customers to the business. After deciding about giving sale on a product, announce the sale on different social media forums including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.


You can organize a competition awarding people about your business, product or services. It is recommended to arrange a competition that is purposeful. There must be a voting mechanism in which you attract maximum customers to your business. Spread the competition on different forums so that maximum people may participate in voting system.

Free sample:

Successful businesses do not hold any barrier between their services and the customer. In order to break the barrier, you can give free samples to the customers. If your product is worthy enough to buy, every customer will buy the product happily after experiencing the free sample package.


In order to enhance the customer base, you can collaborate with other businesses in the market having strong customer base. The partnership is not necessarily be with the established and competitive business. You can choose any business that has maximum traffic on the site for collaboration. In this way, you will get customers from your partner’s customer base and eventually, it will lead to increased customer base of your product.


Blogging is one of the effective long-term strategy for increasing the customer base of your business. Quality content plays a vital role in driving the customers to the product. It is recommended to create a high-quality content that is targeted specifically to customers. Targeted content increases the SEO of the site and improve the ranking of the website on search engine. Eventually, you get more traffic to your site. Customers will read the content and if they find it appealing, they will share the content with their fellows, friends, and family.


Advertisement is the basic method to advertise your business in different dimensions. You can use Google Ads for advertising. Google Ads require you to spend money, but it is one of the quickest ways to get maximum customers.

Social Media:

21st century is a digital age in which you can reach to customers through different forums. Now you can reach to your customers through the channels which are frequently used by customers. Nowadays, every person has its account on social media forums including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and post relevant content that targets the customers. Through social media, you can get enormous sharing of your posts. So make sure to make an account on every forum.

First time purchase:

You can make the first time purchase experience of your customers memorable by offering incentives over it.In this way, the visitors of your online store or physical business will become regular customers.


Referrals are the most efficient and effective way of marketing your business and getting new customers. This type of marketing is usually done by existing customers by referring it to their friends and family. This strategy works if the product you are offering is of high quality and customers are satisfied with it. If you are running an online business, you can get an automated software for referral marketing.


Interact with new people by attending business seminars, events and tell them about your business. Introduce your business among gatherings of a chamber of commerce and trade associations. Your business will get a significant boost through your effective interaction.


Nowadays, customers find companies by looking at their websites first. Your website often serves as the first introduction of your business. So, frequently update your website according to the latest trends in the market. Visitor should not feel any inconvenience while browsing your business website. You can hire a professional website designer for professional web display.

New product:

Offering a new product will obviously attract the customers. It may seem expensive or complicated, but you do not need to launch an entirely new product or service. You can replace an existing product, reprice the product, or even change the packing of the product. It will be considered a new offer and customers will get attracted to the product. Suppose you are running a business of Bluetooth Party Speakers, you can change the color of the speaker that will be considered as a significant change in the product.


You can volunteer your expertise by speaking on different forums. Share your knowledge with your peers and customers. It will build your credibility among people.

SEO Trends To Pay Attention To In 2021

As we near the end of a truly tumultuous year that most people would rather forget, we look forward once again to the coming year and the changes that it brings, specifically to the world of search engine optimization.

SEO has evolved so much since its advent a couple of decades or so ago.

It only seems like yesterday when keyword stuffing was an acceptable way of getting high search engine rankings. Now it’s a widely-condemned practice by Google and other search engines.

The unmistakable emphasis on quality content today is also a far cry from the way search engines ignored it in the beginning. And who would have thought twenty years ago that mobile optimization would even become a thing?

Given that SEO is a relatively young and ever-changing field, we can only expect more and more optimization trends to pop up year in and year out. For 2021, here are some of the SEO trends we believe will impact the industry.

UX Will Blow Up

Over the last couple of years, people have been talking about how great user experience and SEO go hand in hand, but it’s in 2021 that we will see UX become a true-blue, honest-to-goodness ranking factor with the rollout of the Page Experience signal in May 2021.

When sizing up your page’s overall UX, Google will look at your site’s Core Web Vitals, a set of specific factors that focus on the most critical aspects of the user experience such as loading, interactivity, visual stability while loading.

The Core Web Vitals will then be combined with other search signals for page experience like mobile-friendliness, browsing safety, HTTPS-security, and lack of interstitial pop-ups to get a clear picture of the quality of the experience a user goes through when exploring a web page.

Although how Core Web Vitals will directly impact your rankings is still unknown, it’s probably safe to say that getting an excellent page experience score could increase your chances for higher rankings. We have to wait until next year to see what happens, though.

Site Speed Will Matter More Than Ever

Improving site speed has always been a trend year in and year out, mainly because users will always have an insatiable need for speed.

These days, users expect the web pages they access to load in three seconds or less.

If your pages load more slowly than that, you will need to speed things up by optimizing your images for size, content optimization, reducing redirects, and switching to a better web hosting provider.

Voice Search Will Grow Bigger

One clear indicator that voice search will only grow bigger in the coming years is the number of households with at least one smart speaker, the device of choice of voice searchers for their search engine queries.

According to Statista, 35% of U.S. households have at least one smart speaker as of 2019, but that figure is poised to balloon over the years to 75% by 2025.

With the continued rise of voice search, the people who do SEO would do well to optimize for it. They can do things like target long-tail key phrases, use conversational language when creating content, and improve content readability to perform well in voice search results.

Mobile-friendliness Will Grow In Importance

Being mobile-friendly has always been important over the last few years, given that it’s actually a ranking factor.

However, Google’s scheduled rollout of mobile-first indexing for all websites in March 2021 is going to change the mobile game forever.

Starting March next year, the mobile version of your website will be Google’s primary basis when indexing and ranking it. That means your site must perform well on mobile devices or face the risk of your pages dropping in Google search rankings.

Find out how mobile-friendly your site is by checking out Google’s Mobile Friendly Test.

These trends are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg as far as 2021 SEO trends are concerned. While trends may come and go, the ones listed above are likely to be around for a long time. Then again, change is the only constant in SEO, and that’s why we all need to be on the lookout for trends that just might become a game-changer for everyone in the coming years.

About the Author

Shawn Byrne is the founder and CEO of Shawn started his career in I.T. troubleshooting workstations, servers and networks, then went on to doing SEO as a side project and quickly found success in ranking websites. It was easy for him to grasp not only the algorithms but also the technical side which most SEO strategists miss and neglect because of its complexities. SEO Phoenix then grew based on its own rankings and referrals.

How To Use TikTok Like A Pro: Secret Tips You Should Know

While speaking about short-term videos, TikTok stands at its best, containing a wide variety of short-term videos from comedy clips to emotional clips. Being appreciative of this short term video-sharing app, we are here to share TikTok’s secret tips with you all. So. keep scrolling!

TikTok’s Secret Tips in 2020

If you are a creator, often get trolled for no reason, these secret tips act as a shield for you. Keep scrolling on!

1. Access Private Account

For users who are looking for their privacy on TikTok, this feature is handy. Once you enable the private account option, only approved users follow you and watch your videos and engage with your videos. If you are looking to get more people to look at your TikTok videos, you need to gain TikTok likes, hence boosting engagement. And also, remember that existing users won’t be affected anymore. To activate the private account, Open the TikTok app – click the profile option in the bottom-right corner – click the more option in the top-right corner – privacy and safety. You can see the private account option, turn on the option to activate it.

2. Restrict Everyone To Download Your Videos

If you hate when someone downloads your video, luckily, TikTok has an excellent feature of restricting everyone from downloading your videos. Open the TikTok app – click the profile option in the bottom-right corner – click the more options in the top-right corner – tap the privacy and safety option. Scroll to the safety option and choose the off option in the “Allow your videos to be downloaded” tab.

3. Bury The Comments With Certain Keywords

Social media sites might also include the home for negativity and trollers. And if you often get nasty comments, the comment filters on TikTok are ready to bring the best result for you. Yes, this option lets you restrict the words to your videos with specific keywords. To activate it, Open the TikTok app – click the profile option in the bottom-right corner – click the more options in the top-right corner – tap the privacy and safety option. Then, scroll down to the comment filters section. Here, turn on the option and add multiple keywords to restrict the comments.

4. Pick The One To Duet With Your Videos

If you want the specific persons to duet with your video, well, you can access the unique feature on TikTok to do so. To activate it, Open the TikTok app – click the profile option in the bottom-right corner – click the more options in the top-right corner – tap the privacy and safety option. Scroll down, and select friends on the “Who Can Duet With Your Friends” tab.

5. Enable Only Friends To Respond Your Videos

If you wish to be aware of unwanted reactions and comments to your videos from unknown persons, you can use the TikTok feature to stop the video reactions from new users. To activate it, Open the TikTok app – click the profile option in the bottom-right corner – click the more options in the top-right corner – tap the privacy and safety option. Choose the Friends option in the “Who Can React To Your Videos” under the safety section.

6. Save Your Favorite TikTok Videos

You can save the stunning and cool TikTok videos to watch them later, even if there is no internet connection. So, if you get any excellent videos that impress you, touch and hold on the video, a popup appears, then click the save option from the popup.

These are the simple secret tips you should know to use the TikTok platform like a pro. I hope you are benefited through these secret tips like responding to videos, staying away from unwanted comments, etc. Work it out, and shine like a TikTok pro.

Author Bio

Anne Joseph is a passionate social media writer and working at Bouxtie. She has strong strategy skills in developing and managing social media campaigns. She loves to make new connections and enjoy the opportunity to work with social media influencers.