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  • Friday, June 22nd

    Design Web Is Now The Only MailChimp Partner In Kentucky And Indiana

    Looking for a great digital marketing agency that can boost your email campaign to EPIC proportions? Look no further than Design Web, the only MailChimp Partner in Louisville. Our email campaigns can get your sale, event, press release, or other news into the hands of your subscribers… and have them actually open the email and […]

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  • Tuesday, May 8th

    Why Should Your E-commerce Site Be Optimized?

    All the work that you do to bring traffic to your site is wasted if people find its appearance dated. Visitors should glide through your sales funnel, not get lost in loops that don’t convert.

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  • Sunday, February 11th

    Design Web Louisville Now Offering Beacon Marketing

    Beacon Marketing Want to target all those people walking outside your store? Did you know you could be sending them notifications of sales or discounts at your store as they walk past? That’s beacon marketing! Beacons are also great for trade shows, events, or conventions. You can carry a beacon around in your pocket and […]

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  • Sunday, November 19th

    Is There a Goldmine in Influencer Marketing?

    Influencer marketing is a form of digital marketing where internet business owners (mostly those with products to sell) hire highly influential social media users to promote their stuff to their followers or audience.

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  • Tuesday, November 14th

    Build A Sales Funnel For Your Business

    Design Wеb саn сrеаtе a ѕаlеѕ funnеl wеbѕіtе for your business to generate sales and leads. It can change the way your business functions online.

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