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  • Monday, February 27th

    Finding the Best Local Copywriter in Louisville

    Guest blogger Miguel Walker, a local performer, copywriter, content creator, and bonafide solopreneur with Miguel Walker Copy, guides us through the ‘Big Idea’ behind his take on copywriting in Louisville, Kentucky.

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  • Monday, February 13th

    How Good UI Can Reduce Eye Fatigue

    People who spend a lot of time on the computer can wind up with eye fatigue.

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  • Friday, January 27th

    Why are AI images so strange?

    If you look at this image long enough, it may make you take ‘paws’ when you notice it’s not quite right…

    In this image of a kitty at the computer with giant glowing eyes, you might miss an odd detail that AI was not able to create to match reality, and it’s a common failing during this early phase of AI art.

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  • Sunday, January 15th

    Why Customization Matters Greatly to Your Business

    In the business world, there are several ways to get ahead of your competition.

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  • How to Create Longevity Within Your Design Firm

    Design and marketing firms tend to have ups and downs.

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