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  • Thursday, July 13th

    Benefits of Open Source CMS Software

    CMS software is a sort of operating system for your website, allowing you to design a site using simplified tools, sidestepping the need to know how to develop a website from the ground up.

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  • Tuesday, July 11th

    Come Visit Design Web At Fandom Fest!

    We love comic conventions and art at Design Web. We’re taking a break from making websites to hang out at Fandom Fest and sell some artwork!

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  • Wednesday, June 14th

    Changes to Google Guide

    If you’re not familiar with Google Guides, it is very similar to Yelp, but with Google Maps mixed into the equation. Essentially, it allows you to leave reviews, check facts, and post photos of your favorite business or location. These photos and changes will appear on Google Maps when people search for them, or within […]

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  • Wednesday, May 10th

    How to Increase Visability and Improve SEO

    Design Web – How to Increase Your Visibility and Improve Your SEO Making a website popular takes a lot of planning and hard work. Even a great site might not attract any visitors unless you put in enough effort to make it stand out. Considering that the total number of websites exceeds 1.18 billion, it […]

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  • Tuesday, March 21st

    Maximize ROI with Behavior Analysis

    Many small businesses worry that they don’t have the budget for behavioral analysis. They’re either a non-profit that funnels as much as they can to support their cause or a small business trying to keep the lights on. Neither of these organizations has the budget for large-scale analytics investments. Fortunately, many analytics tools are free and there are multiple sources of data from which to choose.

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