Artists Portfolio Website

An art portfolio website is essential to making sure that you maximize all opportunities to gain and increase an audience for your artwork. Art portfolio websites connect your natural ability to your target clients and what they are looking for. An art portfolio website usually represents some or all of a carefully curated collection of art and example work, and it’s a great place to explore the critiques of the art pieces and movements. We loved having the opportunity to work with Valerie to create a style, look, feel and function for her artist website that really complemented and highlighted her diverse portfolio of styles and let her work really stand out.

About TIMMONS ART: Valerie Timmons is a Louisville-based artist whose genre-spanning work includes landscape, portraiture, still life, minimalism, and geometric abstraction. While her paintings may vary wildly in style and even mood, their unifying tonal element is a rich emotional resonance that finds as much beauty in the turbulence of a non-representational tempest of form and color as it does in the clean-lined serenity of a still life.

Wholesale Website Design

About Falls City Lumber: Falls City Lumber is a full service specialty wholesale lumber company providing quality products from quality suppliers since 1985. We pride ourselves on our incomparable ability to offer quality lumber and specialty products at a very competitive price.

Festival Ad Designs

We have been a proud sponsor of the Big four Art Festival for seven years, and we love to see how the community has embraced and supported local arts. From the very first year, when we had the most highly attended event recorded at the Big Four Bridge lawn through a few rainstorms and even COVID, it has started strong and grown to be the highlight event we look forward to kicking off festival season every year.

Homeowners Association Website

A great HOA website design connects neighbors, board members, and management teams through user-friendly, proven, and collaborative website tools for enhanced community living. A well-built HOA website allows you to meet and connect with your neighbors, manage resident and admin accounts, and share information about the resources you share in your community.

About the Woodlake Homeowners Association: Woodlake is a growing subdivision that is located one mile west of Bardstown Road on Highway 44 in Mt. Washington. It is comprised of 8 sections, including Single-Family Homes, Patio Homes, Condominiums (also called Garden Homes), and Inspirations of Mount Washington, A Grace Management Community. There are two private lakes, a waterfall, a clubhouse, and a pool. Any resident who owns property in Woodlake belongs to the Homeowner’s Association as well as their respective association.

HVAC Website Design

Working with KCC, a local employee-owned heating, and cooling company, we were able to focus our marketing efforts on boosting the company’s brand and attracting more engaged customers with a brand-new website. The target market for HVAC is homeowners and commercial buildings, and the best way to reach that audience when they are ready to invest in a new HVAC system is to have an excellent online presence. An excellent website can significantly increase leads and sales with passive HVAC digital marketing and advertising, which is the most affordable way to increase leads for heating and cooling services and sales.

About KCC: KCC is an employee-owned company (ESOP) dedicated to providing complete design, installation, and service for commercial and residential heating.

Theater Event Space Website

New Albany Magic needed a new website for their local magic shop and intimate magic show theater. We were excited to work with Brent and his team to capture the fun they create at the theater and distill it into an exciting, inviting and unforgettable website experience and marketing tool for their retail magic shop.

About J & B Magic Shop and Theater at New Albany Magic: J & B Theater is a 30 seat immersive, close-up magic theater in New Albany, IN. It is 10 Minutes from downtown Louisville. The J&B Magic Theater gives the opportunity to see some of the best performers in the world up close for a night you will never forget.

Distillery Marketing, Website, and Graphic Design

We helped develop a new website as well as create a new logo, videography, photography, and a complete distillery campaign consisting of great graphics, messaging, blog content, landing pages, and social assets. Kentucky Artisan Distillery is one of the few distilleries that produce bourbon and spirits literally from the roots to the bottle, all by hand. They are our neighbor here in Crestwood and Oldham County’s first distillery since Prohibition.

About the Distillery:

In 2012 three men came together with a unique idea. Ultimately, Kentucky Artisan Distillery was born. Several years later, the distillery is producing thousands of barrels a year and is serving as the home to the third-largest super premium bourbon in the world. From farm to bottle, Kentucky Artisan Distillery mashes roughly 75 bushels of grain each day from the 700 acres of our neighboring partner, Waldeck Farm. Over 35 barrels a week of Kentucky spirits are produced from grains grown and malted right here in Crestwood, Kentucky.

Distillery Website Features:

  • Brand Gallery
  • Distillery Gift Shop
  • Bourbon Shop
  • Tour Booking
  • Distillery Blog and News
  • Distillery Event Promotions
  • Farm to Bottle Infographics
  • Wayfinding Maps and Navigation

White-Label Website Design

Sorry for the blur but we can’t advertise our white-label work to the public. One of our favorite things to do is take on the technical heavy lifting or overflow work for other marketing firms locally and all over the nation. We work with everyone from fortune 100 companies to local designers to bring life to complex web development projects, and we let the project lead take all the credit. Why? Because we love to code, and we love to create white-label website design work.

What is “white label” website design? White-label website design is something we specialize in. We provide services or products, usually websites, produced or developed by our talented team and branded to be sold by other marketing firms for a profit. Why does white-label web development work for us? We love to code and we have a low overhead. We love to design, and create and build the best website in the world, but sales isn’t something we are passionate about so we leave that to organizations that are dedicated to it. Fortunately for us, our work stands on it’s own, and we can afford to offer prices that leave room for a very decent profit on project management. It’s a win-win situation for everyone. The client gets a great website for a great price, our developers get to do what they love and our sales partners get to sell world-class website products to our local community. We are putting Louisville on the map one website at a time, and we are doing it together. What could be better?

Industrial B2b Consultant Website

Hydro Solutions needed a website design to feature their management system for wet air scrubbers, as well as a line of products for fugitive odor treatment.

About Hydro Solutions: Hydro Solutions, Inc. is a turnkey operation for professionals in the air and water treatment industries.