Why Every Business Needs SEO? – 5 Ultimate Reasons

Over the last few years, the digital marketing world has expanded exponentially. Currently, every business is rushing to rank higher in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPS). Think of the last strings of words you Googled last – it might have been for service, information, or a planned purchase. There’s a greater chance you went for the top results for your search query.

Search engines like Google scour through the web to bring you what they believe to be the best, as per your query. It’s what search engine optimization – SEO is all about. With 81% of people searching online to find products or services according to data from the Global Web Index through Datareportal, soon, you might need to optimize your site using a solid SEO strategy.

Your business can snowball with exposure and generate more leads with an SEO strategy when managed and implemented correctly. Besides this, there are various reasons businesses need SEO. But, in the following sections of this article, we’ll look at the five ultimate reasons every business needs SEO. So, let’s begin.

SEO Leads to Increased Visibility

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To attract more customers to your business, you must ensure that they find you. As stated above, more and more online users search for services, products, and companies before purchasing. According to a Google study, 70% of smartphone users used their devices to do online research before making an in-store purchase. Therefore, even if your primary plan is to drive traffic and acquisitions for your marijuana business, an excellent digital presence is still vital in helping you reach your goal.

So, how can SEO increase your online visibility and help your CBD or Marijuana business connect to a larger audience of potential customers? SEO includes various ways of accomplishing one goal-improving your business ranking in the SERPS. When potential customers seek products or services like yours by entering specific search queries into the search engine, you’d want your business to rank as high as possible for the keywords. You’re more likely to receive more traffic the higher you rank.

SEO Improves Your Site’s User Experience

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Imagine walking into a fast-food joint. Once you get seated, the servers ignore you for over five minutes, and once they do, they hand you a 20-page menu that looks disorganized. There’s a greater chance you’ll get up and walk away, never to come back. You then find a more organized and welcoming place.

If your potential customers come to your site and have to wait over ten seconds for it to load, the site isn’t readable on a smartphone, or you have to click over five pages to find your service page, they will leave your website and look somewhere else.

Search engines favor delightful and valuable websites like the ideal customer-fast loading websites that are easy to navigate on any device. If you create effective SEO strategies for your site like weedsmart.co , you’ll provide your visitors with an excellent user experience. It will lead to them trusting, liking, and choosing to do business with you over the less SEO savvy competition.

SEO Offers Higher ROI and Conversions

Every business aims to maximize its ROI and conversions. As organic search traffic is free, it provides greater volume for a significantly smaller investment in contrast to paid search campaigns where you’d have to pay for every click. Your business doesn’t have to seek funds for monthly ad spending. All it requires is time.

This time commitment might include building an SEO strategy, researching its basics, or creating optimized content. It directly contributes to higher ROI, but the benefits don’t end there. It also offers a higher conversion rate, established trust, and ease of discovery.

SEO Supports Other Marketing Channels

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Online marketing works best when there is a connection. For instance, if your social marketing campaign supports your SEO initiatives, you poise your business for success. So, both channels claim this advantage.

You can use organic search to complement several other marketing strategies, including:

  • Paid
  • Social
  • Video
  • Email

If your company launches an informative blog series, you can reuse that content on social media. A Facebook post, for example, could include a pull quote accompanied by an eye-catching statistic that will pique users’ interest and direct them to your article.

You should align these marketing channels. Hence, if one team member runs your social media campaigns and another executes your content marketing efforts, they must collaborate so that your campaigns are as effective as possible.

SEO Builds Loyal, Engaged Audiences

Relationships with customers should not end after a sale – instead, it’s best to keep them for a lifetime. Your goal is to keep your customers loyal, buy more products from you, and tell their friends about you.

You can accomplish this through SEO. You create a sense of value by sharing helpful, customer-centric content and keep customers coming back to you.


One excellent way of improving consumers’ user experience is through SEO. You can place your business as an authority within your respective industry through SEO for various reasons like building a loyal, engaged audience, getting higher ROI, and conversions, among other reasons mentioned. These are the ultimate reasons every business needs SEO.


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