What does 2014 hold for web design?

The internet has seen a few massive changes in 2013, especially the world of web design. Websites have become more powerful than ever before, and as we enter into 2014, there is likely to be as many changes again this year. Think about it, we have never had the power that we do today – mobile devices, super-fast internet connections, new web design tools – and 2014 looks like it’s going to be an even more exciting year for both web designers and those looking to have a website made.

Here are just some of the trends that we expect to see as we enter 2014:

More Responsive Layouts
If there is one thing that is becoming a commonplace factor in any respectable website, then that is a responsive design for your page. A responsive website is like a chameleon – it blends to fit the environment it is being viewed upon. If you look at it on your PC, it will look a lot different to if you look at it on your Smartphone.
As we enter the year where Google predicted we would have more internet users on mobile devices than PCs, it’s no surprise to see these one-size-fits-all style of websites becoming more common place. Web designers have the tools to adapt their websites to any environment, and this looks to be the first port of call now.

HTML5 is finally here, and web designers across the glove are enjoying the new power it has put in their hands. Better support, stronger web standards and CSS3 integration, you can create outstanding animations and elements that take no toll on the websites space or loading time. As we get deeper into 2014, expect animations that actually load when the page opens to become common place. Flash is dead. Long live Flash!

Ajax Becomes Stronger
The power of Ajax, added to the power of HTML5 is going to create shockwaves across the online community. You can now change the URL of your browser without having to reload the page! A simple yet massively powerful tool, this allows you to create a website that loads faster and easier than ever before. This cuts back on HTTP request, and allows websites to run with much less cutter in the background.

It is these coding changes and design edits – the move from big buttons to hover menus, for example – that is going to make the real difference this year. If web standards stay the same, then these new techniques are going to make the world of web design more powerful then you could possibly imagine.
If you are looking to shatter the online world with your presence, there has never been a better time to get a friendly, cool and reactive website that will last you for many years. In the past, web pages have lasted only months before they needed a new lick of paint – these new designs could be here for the longest of terms.

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