Why Your Web Pages Take Forever To Load

You may have one of the most visually-stunning websites ever made. Its content may be of the highest quality. The website optimization work may be impeccable. However, all of them will be in vain if its pages take a long time to load.

Given the seemingly shorter attention span of Internet users these days, a slow-loading website will not be doing your business any favors. You really can’t stop visitors from leaving your site if your pages take more than two seconds to load. That may not sound that slow for some people, but it appears to be the norm these days, especially with the ever-growing number of mobile users who are always on the go. You need to address your page speed issues, starting by identifying what is causing them in the first place.

There’s always the possibility that all you need to do is switch to a better web hosting company because some web hosts are simply better than others. It could also be something with your web design. If your site is visually-stunning, then it’s very likely that it’s quite heavy on the graphics. You may also be using a lot of custom fonts. Elaborate graphics and custom fonts, without a doubt, help your site look amazing. However, using them too much could slow any site down. Ease up on their use, and you could speed things up.

If you use plenty of high-quality photographs on your pages, then that is a possible reason why your pages take a long time to load. If you want to increase your page load speed, you might want to optimize your images to make their file sizes smaller without sacrificing image quality. These are just some of the possible reasons for your slow-loading pages. Find out what’s slowing your site down because you need to address them immediately.

Check out the infographic below to find out why.

About the Author
Shawn Byrne is the founder and CEO of SEOPhoenix.net. Shawn started his career in I.T. troubleshooting workstations, servers and networks, then went on to doing SEO as a side project and quickly found success in ranking websites. It was easy for him to grasp not only the algorithms but also the technical side which most SEO strategists miss and neglect because of its complexities. SEO Phoenix then grew based on its own rankings and referrals.