Is Your Site using UI and UX?

The design of a website is an influential part of navigating and using the site. If the design catches our eye, we will be more apt to return for a future visit. When trying to attract someone to your web site, it is important to have a design that not only catches the attention of the people, but is also easy to use. When the flow of the design is flawless, customers will keep coming back. If your design is lackluster, you will not have the traffic you desire. The layout of your design may have to be restructured in order to get the flow you need. Technological advances can ensure that the best web design is created. It is important for the flow of the design to evolve as the needs of the consumer evolves. By using the latest standards of user interaction (UI) and user experience (UX), we can ensure that visitors will get the information they need.

Web Design and Development

It is important to have a clear set of goals in mind before setting your design in motion. Developing the right structure will help to guide the visitor directly to your goal. The basic structure of the design is an essential element in its overall success. It is important to enlist the help of a UX/UI designer to overhaul the initial design and create a flowchart of user movement through the site. Every new design will always have some flaws. When choosing a UI/UX developer, it is important for them to have a clear understanding of what you are trying to get accomplished. Developing the right design structure depends on many different elements. The designer has to identify what elements need to be developed and in what order they should be placed for your website to have an effective design. Size, demographics, operating practices, and essentially the audience it is meant for may influence the structure of the design. It is important for the designer to keep these in mind when developing the outline of the design. Never give up on an idea that will enhance the lives of others.

For example, one of the sites that we worked on,, has larger buttons, easier flow, larger fonts, and more accessibility to allow for seniors to use the site more easily.

Design and Technology

Technology is always changing and also plays a huge part in many aspects of design. Utilizing technological innovations may ensure a well developed design. Instructional design and technology are tools that could potentially enhance how well your design is developed. Pairing them with the PDCA cycle (Plan-Do-Check-Act) will give designers the tools to ensure the design survives in the 21st century. As the content of the design evolves, the trends and structure of the design will evolve with it. There is always going to be room for many improvements. Implementing new and innovative ideas into the design will essentially contribute to the design’s success.

We mentioned User Interaction and User Experience earlier. Making sure that the right UI and UX is completed on the site takes a lot of research. If you have an existing site with any sort of analytics, it can be used to gather more information about how current users interact with the site. Using this information, a professional UI/UX designer can put together a great design that helps direct users through your site and directly to your goal.

No matter what the structure of a web design may be, there will always be room for improvement. Many different elements influence the direction the design should follow. It is essentially up to the business owner to determine the direction of the design. It is also important to know whom the design is designed for. When you know your audience, it is relatively easy to develop the design around their needs. Aligning all the aspects of the design with innovative ideas and technology will give the deign a chance to evolve and be successful.

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