Top ten places to go sledding in Louisville and Southern Indiana

Happy Snow Day Louisville! Pull on your snow boots, yank a few sweaters over your head and pack some mittens. Time for things to go down hill fast… sledding style.

The best parks with hills for sledding in Louisville:

  1. Dog hill in Cherokee Park aka, 745 Cochran Hill Rd.
    Parking is tight but it is so worth the hike for a clear shot down a massive 45% hill. Be fore warned though this is a black diamond level hill and it gets very popular with the adult crowd.
  2. George Rogers Clark Park 1024 Thruston Ave.
    George Rogers has some great hills but there are a lot of trees so be careful. The good news is the hospital is literally across the street if you have an arboreal accident. The second bonus, both the park and the hospital have great parking.
  3. Tyler Park 1501 Castlewood Ave
    Tyler Park, for good but gentle hills in the highlands check out the tennis courts side of the park. They are pretty good and mostly tree free but be considerate when you park since this is a residential park area.
  4. Joe Creason Park 1297 Trevillian Way
    Joe Creason hills by the Zoo. This hill is another nice big hill sloping down the back of the Louisville Metro Parks Department The terrain can be iffy in places and there are lots of trees but there is still plenty of slope for slipping. Parking is decent but be prepared to do some walking to get to the hill if things get busy.
  5. McNeely Lake Park 6900 Cooper Chapel Road
    McNeely Lake Park, I’ve never been but I hear there are hills to be had. Check it out and report back!
  6. Charlie Vettiner Park 5550 Charlie Vettiner Park Rd.
    Charlie Vettiner Park, this one has been vetted by Louisville metro parks as a great place to go sledding in Louisville.
  7. New Albany Riverfront Park New Albany. IN
    Sledding at New Albany Riverfront Park at the levee. It is easily accessed via Pearl Street or Water Street in New Albany. Lots of great parking and good slope but be careful to avoid sliding into road ways. Bonus pretty view and snow selfie opportunity in front of the lower Ohio River below the McAlpine Dam and Lock system.
  8. Paoli Peaks Paoli, IN
    If you want to get serious with your sledding game you can always head over to the paid hills. Bonus- you get to skip hiking up that hill after you go down. If you are a couch potato by nature this could be the perfect option.
  9. Creasey Mahan Nature Preserve 12501 Harmony Landing Rd, Goshen, KY
    Support a great public charity organization while you sled!
  10. Hounz Lane Park 2300 Hounz Ln
    Hounz Lane Park is a great hidden little park with a few good hills. Worth putting on your radar!

    Where do I get those awesome inflated tire inner tubes for sledding in Louisville?

    As of right now:

    Big O Tire in Lagrange on KY 53 has them ready to go and so does the one in J-town on Taylorsville Road.

    The best inner tubes are the giant tractor tire sizes but any tire inner tube can work if you are ok with a larger inner hole. Just call around to your nearest tire dealer and ask if they will sell you an inflated inner tube. Expect to pay anywhere from $25 to $50 each. It sounds pricey but real rubber inner tubes are very durable and can last many many winters to come so as well as being a blast for river tubing in the summer.

    Louisville Metro Parks has some great information to share about sledding in Louisville- Here are the highlights:



    • Sledding is permitted on designated sledding hills when the “Sledding Hill Open” sign is displayed.
    • Sledding hills will be open daily from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. as long as there is adequate snow to protect slopes; all sledding hills will close at 11 p.m.
    • Park vehicles only in regular parking areas to protect your car from damage.
    • No vehicles are permitted off the pavement in any park.
    • No alcoholic beverages are permitted at any time.
    • Those who use the designated sledding hills are doing so at their own risk. Bonfires will not be permitted at Metro Parks’ sites, and sledders are urged to carry a cell phone in the event of an emergency.


    • Only use devices designed for sledding.
    • Wear appropriate clothing – loose ends or flaps can easily get caught.
    • Sleds should contain a number of riders appropriate for the designated device during each descent.
    • Dress in layers, so you can remove one layer without risking frostbite. Several thin layers are warmer than one bulky layer.
    • Make sure you’re with someone who knows your name and can contact family in an emergency; parents should remain with their children.
    • Don’t drink alcohol before sledding – it impairs your ability to use good judgment and causes the body to lose heat more rapidly.
    • Check your path for trees and other objects before starting your descent.
    • Don’t sled head-first or standing up. Good visibility is necessary during your descent. Don’t face backwards, and make sure your vision isn’t obscured by hats and scarves.
    • When climbing the hill, stay to the sides. Don’t climb in the sledding path. It’s important to remember that slopes can become very crowded during peak times.

    Be safe and have fun!

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