Home Health Care Website Design

Trilogy Health Services, a prominent home health care provider, was in urgent need of a comprehensive overhaul of its online presence to accommodate its vast network of over 100 unique locations. Each location required its own individualized webpage, demanding a robust and user-friendly website management system. The client’s primary goals were rapid migration, manual file management, and a complete website management system tailored to their specific needs.

Project Overview:

The project kicked off with an extensive planning phase, where the specific needs and characteristics of each location were analyzed. Trilogy Health Services emphasized the importance of a quick yet accurate redesign, as their outdated website was hindering their online visibility and user engagement.

The team decided on a phased approach, starting with the most critical locations and progressively working through the entire network. The website was built on a flexible content management system (CMS) that allowed for easy updates and management of content across all unique location pages.

Highlights and Challenges:

One of the major challenges faced during this project was the need for rapid migration and manual file management. The client had a vast amount of data that needed to be carefully transferred to the new system, ensuring no crucial information was lost in the process. The team implemented automated scripts where possible, but a significant portion of the work required meticulous manual effort.

Despite the challenges, the team managed to complete the redesign and migration in just a few months, much to the client’s satisfaction. The new website now boasts a streamlined design, enhanced functionality, and a robust management system that allows Trilogy Health Services to easily update and manage content across all location pages.

Results and Impact:

The impact of the new website was immediately apparent, with increased user engagement, improved online visibility, and positive feedback from both the client and the end-users. Trilogy Health Services now has a solid online foundation that accurately represents their brand and caters to the unique needs of each location.

The success of this project can be attributed to the team’s dedication, the strategic phased approach, and the choice of a versatile CMS. Trilogy Health Services now enjoys a website that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional and easy to manage, allowing them to continue providing top-notch home health care services across all their locations.


This case study highlights the importance of understanding client needs, meticulous planning, and choosing the right tools for the job. The Trilogy Health Services website redesign and management project showcases how a well-executed plan, combined with a skilled team, can lead to outstanding results, even under tight deadlines and complex requirements.