Boost Your Local Marketing With Yelp, Google+ Local and Foursquare

With the advent of social media, we have seen a drastic transformation in the way businesses operate. Small and medium businesses need to keep their eyes peeled for changing trends and should be able to adapt and cash in on the newest and best techniques. A strong virtual presence is essential for any business to taste success. From building an attractive and functional website, to fortifying bonds with customers through social media marketing, many techniques can be adopted to further sales and business. Yelp, Google+, Foursquare, and similar sites are fantastic for small businesses to attract new, local customers while sustaining relationships with the existing ones. Here are few pointers on utilizing these sites for your advantage.

Stamp Your Presence

The primary focus is for you to stamp your virtual presence. Google+ is pretty much mandatory for its 250 million odd users. It serves as a great platform to showcase your business. From creating an alluring about us page and posting videos, photographs and links of your products and business achievements to adding content that is SEO friendly to show up on Google searches, a lot can be accomplished with your Google+ profile page.

Similarly Foursquare is a great avenue to attract local customers. A simple listing on its site with relevant business profile and product or service descriptions, contact details and web links along with product pictures and value additions that make your business unique can serve to attract not only local customers but also guests and visitors from other locations.

Ensure Your Audience Hears Your Yelp!

Yelp is a great platform to obtain customer feedback. Check for existing feedback from present customers. If you already have entries on your profile, you can work with social media mentors to continue and improve your online marketing strategy. If there are minimal or no entries, it is time to rethink your strategy. You can have a company, like Design Web, manage your social media profiles for you if all this is too much. If you intend to use Yelp, then ensure that your target audience is on board. If so, claim your profile and add requisite information and profile details to enhance customer interaction.

Connecting And Monitoring

Google+ is a great way to bond with your customers and launch special events and promotional campaigns directly. This will not only ensure their active participation but will also help you gather your impact and popularity among the public.

Yelp reviews will certainly help you monitor the progress and success of your products and campaigns. Positive reviews can be factored in to direct resources to specific areas while negative reviews will help you change track before it is too late.

Watch Competition

To succeed in business, you need to know what your competitors are up to at all times. The best way to gather accurate information is to constantly monitor their activities in these sites while changing your strategies to race ahead of them.

Providing back links to drive site traffic, optimizing your content for SEO, updating content to reflect trends, and responding to positive and negative comments with care and sincerity is sure to give your business an extra boost. The team at Design Web in Louisville, with our multi-dimensional approach to web design and media profile development, is equipped to give our business just that!

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