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About the Magic Firm: The magic firm is a full-service magic consulting company. They offer consulting on all aspects of magic creation, development, and performance. Brent has a dumbfoundingly awesome ability to entertain and connect with an audience. Brent creates IMPOSSIBLE magic and knows how to put it into a context that makes people care. Brent Braun is consistently regarded as one of the top creators working today and has created some of the top selling magic of the last two decades.

Digital Marketing Case Study: The Magic Firm, Entertainment Consulting Website Design

We were excited to work with The Magic Firm on this project. They needed a new website, digital marketing services and general marketing consultation. Our team collaborated with them on their goals and enjoyed going above and beyond expectations on this project.

Case Study Goals:

In our initial discovery meeting with The Magic Firm we determined that the primary goals for this project included: reporting measurable increases in search engine traffic, increasing the number and rank of keywords on the website, create a website with a modern design, applying custom design using inspiration from the client, increasing website security, updating and repairing the website, and to complete this project within the limits of a set deadline and budget.

Case Study Process and Highlights:

Brent had a great aesthetic but needed a better foundation. We converted his website to a Wordpress platform where he could easily manage maintain and edit the site as needed to keep up with his rapidly evolving consulting career in entertainment and magic. After the project launched, they began being ranked for a significant number of keywords, and continue to experience excellent growth in their niche. During our post public launch review, we found that this project continues to meet and exceed the client's needs, and we are proud to call it a successful collaboration. We like to consider ourselves a valuable partner to The Magic Firm, working together on this project to meet all of thier objectives, aligning goals and finding unique solutions to their challenges.

Case Study Results:

We are happy to report this successful project resulted in not only a happy client but also verifiably meeting all the project goals, including these points of accomplishment: money-saving benefits, were pleased with our fast, responsive customer service, appreciated having a great aesthetic design that met their style and brand objectives, expanded to new markets, built a custom site to meet exact design requests, reached more clients, easily updating and added new content, found it easier for visitors to access information and enjoyed our unique personal touch and custom sales process. These were precisely the results The Magic Firm was looking for, and we are committed to remaining a trusted digital partner in support of The Magic Firm's objectives.

Professional Entertainment Consulting Company Website Home Page Design

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