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How much should my graphic design cost?

The answer depends on what you need, but we have many no nonsense upfront prices listed below for print and digital marketing to help you make the right choice. We even offer quick easy quotes for special projects by phone, text, messenger or email.

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We don’t hide our prices.

We just offer honest upfront services at a fair cost that we are proud to share with everyone.

Logo Design Package Rates

How much is a custom affordable graphic design package with logo design and everything I need to start my business?

    • Basic Logo Design

    • $100

    • Versatile solid color design for print or digital as:
    • Trademark or Service mark Logo
    • Abstract or Symbol Logo
    • Word mark or Monogram
    • Custom Drawn Pictorial or Mascot Logo
    • Multiple options and revisions included
    • Order a Custom Logo
    • Logo Package

    • $300

    • Everything from Basic Plus:
    • Full color and animated versions
    • Vertical and horizontal logo layouts
    • Logo Sizes for Website, Social Media, Print
    • Icon and Favicon Design
    • Design Files and all needed file formats, color schemes included
    • Order a Logo Package
    • Branding Package

    • $500

    • Everything from Logo Package Plus:
    • Business Cards and Brochures
    • Envelopes and Letterhead
    • Package Design or Newsletter Templates
    • Mailers, Rack Cards or Greeting Cards
    • Custom Tags, Labels and Stickers
    • Order a Business Logo Package
    • Complete Design Package

    • $800

    • Everything from Branding Plus:
    • Custom Promotional Item Design
    • Signage, Billboard and Banners
    • Custom Product Packaging Design
    • Gift Card and Membership Card Design
    • Sales Books and Sell Sheets
    • Order a Custom Sales Package

Individually Priced Graphic Design Products

How much can I get for an hour of graphic design work?

Just need a few designs? Want to know how much you can get and how much to pay for a business card or graphic design project?

No one likes not knowing what they are going to be billed for something, so we have put together this great chart to help you better navigate how much you should expect to pay for the services you need. Graphic design is charged either by the hour or as a flat rate package, but because we know every project has unique needs and unique budgets we offer no hassle pricing on our most popular services. We hope you find these base prices helpful while planning your project with us but please keep in mind we also offer custom quotes for everything we offer.

    • Digital Graphic Design

    • $45/ hr

    • A great logo design or redesign takes about 4 hours and costs about $100
    • E-bast, email templates and e-newsletter or email ads take between 2 and 6 hours and starts at $50
    • Digital billboard design takes between 2 and 6 hours and starts at $50
    • Custom social media banner design sets take 2 hours and costs about $50
    • Product design photos and photo editing takes 1 to 6 hours per set
    • Custom Digital ads take about 3 hours and costs about $75
    • Order a Design
    • 1 on 1 Design & Editing

    • $125/ hr

    • Live Design Assistance by phone, screen, or in-person
    • Work directly with the artist to create your design in real-time.
    • Direct the art-making process to achieve your vision.
    • Consult with a professional designer over every detail
    • Synchronous development of your creative concept from mock-up to finished product
    • Maintain full control over the creative process
    • Schedule an Artist
    • Brand Management

    • $45/ hr

    • Create a cohesive brand guideline document usually take between 4 and 8 hours.
    • Crafting a solid brand strategy document usually take between 3 and 6 hours.
    • Audit all platforms and establish a cohesive visual identity usually takes between 6 and 10 hours.
    • Advertising Design Consultation by the hour on the phone or Zoom
    • Set a retainer for shaping, developing and overseeing production on creative projects.
    • Collaborating with project managers, artists and suppliers such as copywriters, photographers, illustrators and animators to achieve commercial success.
    • Schedule a Brand Design
    • Print Design Pricing

    • $45 / hr

    • Custom Product Packaging Design usually take between 1 and 6 hours.
    • Signage, Billboard and Banners take between 4 and 8 hours.
    • Business card design takes 2 hours and costs about $50
    • Custom Envelopes and Letterhead design takes 2 hours and costs about $50
    • Package Design or Newsletter Templates usually take between 1 and 6 hours.
    • Custom Mailers, Rack Cards or Greeting Cards take about 3 hours and costs about $75
    • Order Print Service

Social Media Design

How much is a social media graphic campaign? Can you help me reach more people and gain more followers?

Need a complete cohesive social media campaign? Want to get a Pinterest quality Instagram? Need to get your Pinterest on point?

If you are looking to up your game to the kind of consistent designs and quality of social graphics found on the top results of the trends you’re going to need some help from a pro. We offer 4 campaign packages with deep discounts when you buy in bulk.

    • Single post Campaign

    • $55

    • Up to 10 matching slider images for Instagram and Facebook
    • 2 Twitter images optimized for post and fleet format
    • Design sponsored ads that drive conversions
    • Targeted Keywords and hashtags for increased engagement
    • Includes optimized animation, captions and links
    • Includes up to 2 hours of design work and post scheduling
    • Order Now
    • Account Set Up and Audit

    • $500

    • Establish accounts on all pertinent social platforms:
    • Facebook Accounts, Pages, Groups & Teams
    • Twitter Tweets, Polls & Fleets
    • Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn Pages and Profiles
    • YouTube, TikTok and many more
    • Google My Business, Listing & Maps
    • Get Launched Now
    • 30 Day Content Campaign

    • $750

    • 30 days of daily postings on multiple platforms for a full month
    • Includes everything from the Single post campaign each day plus:
    • Save over 50% when you contract monthly Social Media Strategy Plan
    • Monthly performance reports included
    • Targeting your brand to top potential customers
    • Copy-writing and image sourcing included
    • Start your Campaign
    • Media Ad Design

    • Ad+ 20%

    • Create and Manage Social Media Ad Accounts
    • Create Digital Graphics and Ads
    • Develop Custom Multiplatform Campaigns
    • Increase Page Followers and Engagement
    • Product Listing & Catalog Tools
    • Advanced Custom Ad Data Tracking
    • Purchase your Ad

Our Pricing

We believe in offering clear upfront prices and reasonable rates for our website design and digital marketing.

There are many marketing agencies that won’t offer you this kind of transparency because they want to size you up and see how much you can afford to spend before they offer you a quote. They can hide behind a volume of reasons but at the end of the day any good marketing company worth investing in knows their bid process well enough to be able to give you a clear price answer without the run around.

Here at design web we won’t require you to attend a meeting, sign-up for an email list or even schedule a phone call before we give you the exact detailed information you need to make an informed selection that best fits your business.

We believe your time is valuable so to assist you through this process we will always have a local sales assistant available for your calls, meetings and questions, as well as a public list of our services and packages that include our price points. With over a decade of experience in digital marketing we know what it takes to build the best custom websites that will meet all of your marketing needs, and we know exactly what it will cost and how many hours it will take to build out, and we are not afraid to share that information with you directly.

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