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Are you ready for your business to enter the realm of social media? Design Web can set up your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or other social media account.

Now what? We can develop a brand strategy, posting schedule, or generate content for you to post on your account. Sound a bit too complicated? Well, we can take over and manage your social media on your behalf. We don't mind surfing Facebook all day for you!

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Developing online strategies

for your business or organization

You might have a large team of employees, and each of those team members might have an account linked to yours on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or another social media network. How do you develop a strategy that protects your brand while allowing your team members to have open and free social media accounts? The key is to set expectations and have a roadmap in the form of a social media policy. We can craft a social media policies, unique to your business, that will secure your brand reputation while also giving your employees freedom.

Our social media policies can also include diagrams on what can and can not be posted across company-owned social media accounts as well. This will work to create a brand social media identity. Want to be cool and edgy like Denny's, Taco Bell, or Wendy's? We'll lay out plans that say what is appropriate while maintaining personality.

Just a few of our other services include:

  • Open Graph / Schema Optimization
  • Social Media Account Creation
  • Social Media Account Management
  • Content Generation
  • Social Media Policy

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