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How to apply to the 2020 Design Web Digital and Interactive Art division of the Kentucky State Fair Fine Arts and Crafts competition

The Kentucky State Fair competitions have been postponed until 2021 due to COVID-19. Please disregard the information on this page for 2020. We will return with this competition for the 2021 Kentucky State Fair.

New Digital and Interactive Art Coming to the Fine Arts and Crafts Kentucky State Fair Competitions

The Design Web Digital and Interactive Art categories are returning to the Kentucky State Fair Fine Arts and Crafts competitions for the 2020 show.

This year’s division for the Digital and Interactive Art category (Division 4008)

1.  Student Game Design (Number tbd) – This category encompasses any game: board games, website-based video games, interactive toy games, card games, puzzles or game design.
Prizes: First Place Ribbon and $40, Second Place Ribbon and $20, Honorable Mention Ribbon

3. Student Digital Art and Graphic Design (Number tbd) – This category includes all graphic design and digital art or manipulated photography.  Any image drawn, created or edited using a program or an electronic device like an iPad, Wacom, or computer design programs such as Adobe, AutoDesk Sketchbook or Gimp.
Prizes: First Place Ribbon and $40, Second Place Ribbon and $20, Honorable Mention Ribbon

Sign up to Participate in the 2020 Kentucky State Fair Digital Art Division

    You can upload files to google drive or dropbox and share a public link here or you can post your work online (instagram/flickr/website/portfolio/etc) and paste a link to where we can find your work. If your work is in print or for display please also plan to drop off your work during the drop off dates in August. You may also use this space to ask any questions you have.

    More information about the 2020 Design Web Digital and Interactive Art division of the Kentucky State Fair Fine Arts and Crafts competition:

    Find the application form online here –

    Submit your application to join the Kentucky State Fair competition before the deadline as stated on the Kentucky State Fair Website. (end of May)

    USPS Mail: KENTUCKY STATE FAIR ENTRY DEPARTMENT, P.O. Box 37130, Louisville, KY 40233-7130
    Phone: (502) 367-5190
    Fax: (502) 367-5198

    “How do I know I got in?” You will receive a letter in the mail confirming your application has been received and approved by the Kentucky State Fair. The letter will include tags for all the categories you have signed up to compete in. TAPE THE TAGS TO YOUR WORK WHEN YOU DROP IT OFF.  Save the letter.  If you don’t have the tags and letter you can not claim a prize for winning.  You can also use it to enter the Kentucky State Fair Grounds before the opening of the fair to drop off your work. 

    Drop off or send in your work. The deadline to submit your work for 2020 is May 25th. You can send it in by email or drop it off in person. If you drop off a small drive or CD it will not be returned unless you turn it in with return envelope.

    SEND BY EMAIL If you are submitting a file, game on an app, digital work, or a link to a website you can  send your submission directly to jael@designweblouisville.comAll links and files sent to this address will receive a confirmation of receipt within 24 hours. If you do not receive a confirmation of receipt please resend or call 502-755-2633 for assistance. 

    REQUEST SPACE FOR ITEMS THAT NEED FLOOR SPACE OR ELECTRIC. Got a kiosk? Need electric? If you are submitting a unique piece of equipment please send a detailed description of the work and what you need to set up to — Electricity is also available on request.

    SEND A PROMOTIONAL VIDEO, IMAGES OR PROPS. You may submit a promotional video, to be displayed on our main looping display screen. You may also display supporting props or other visual aids to feature your work.

    You may demonstrate your work on site during the fair.  Presentation space is limited and will be assigned on request. Please make sure you can attend all dates you sign up to attend. Send requests to set up to

    Pick up of work. Please plan to be available to pick up your work on the deadline noted in the Kentucky State Fair competition book for the fine art division. Pick up is usually the day after the last day of the fair. Ribbons and prizes can also be collected at this time

    Previous submissions:

    You can see some of the entries from the 2018-2019 Kentucky State Fair below including a compilation of video clips including gameplay from a selection of last years submissions and winners.

    • Pull Pals – Two Scoop Games (app game)
    • Kentucky Dash – Super Soul (video game)
    • Flewberry – Alex Garbus (app game)
    • Centenntable – Amanda Hudgins (arcade game)
    • 4 Buttons Tone Generator – Jared McNeil
    • Pig Eat Ball – John Meister (video game)
    • Kick Bot – Alex Bezuska (app game)
    • Roaring Cat Games’s Carkour – Loi LeMix

    Check out last years booth at the Kentucky State Fair!

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