Is a Human Web Developer Better Than a DIY Generator?

Is your business in need of a website, but you don’t want to pay a ton of money for someone to help you build it? Do you think you can develop your own website that can help leverage your business successfully? You could try to build one yourself using an online DIY generator or you could hire a human web developer. Just remember, there are criteria that you need to look at when searching for either a web developer or generator.

  • Ease and Convenience of Use – The learning curve of the website creation and the technical knowledge associated in maintaining the visibility of your website tracks up sharply the more attractive and functional you want your website to be. It is easy to make a simple website, but it takes time, training, and experience to create an amazing website that will wow your customers. You should also think about how easy and convenient it is to update the site in the future. With a custom web backend, created by a web developer, you can easily manipulate content and add new information to your visitors.

  • Customization – Not all website generators can offer you the specific website customization you want. Many website generators use the same design over and over. Using a human web developer is one way to assure that you are different from all the other websites, even if you are offering the same products and services. Using a human web developer also allows for the specific customization of the site that you want.

  • Portability – How simple it is for you to hire a professional web developer that can offer some custom changes in your website? Do you want to choose another platform right after noticing your website not working out? You need to choose a website developer or generator that offers you with a portable website. Many website generators allow you to port your website out to other generators, but it might be difficult to export your site to your own hosting. Using a web developer who uses the latest coding standards, as well as open-source platforms, will ensure that another developer can work on the site later down the road.

  • Cost – While customization and value features are evident, a website developer might be more expensive than a DIY website generator. Looking into the fine print, you may see that many website generators charge monthly for their services. Over time, you may be paying more for that outdated and overused website template than you would with a custom website designed and developed by a human web developer.

These are just some of the common issues that you need to look into when selecting how you want your website built. This will help you to decide whether you want to hire a professional web developer rather than choosing do-it-yourself web generators.

Some of the other factors on why you should choose a human web developer over a DIY site generator:

  • Saves Time, Money and Effort

If you will carry out the website development all by yourself, then you might spending all your time, money and effort on it, but you might still be dissatisfied with the design of your website. With a web developer, you are assured that your website design will be done by a professional. All you have to do is to just sit back, relax and wait. They will be the ones responsible in creating and designing your website depending on your demand. This may save you a lot of time, money and effort since you will no longer need to spend all your time on web development and design.

  • User-Friendly Systems

Making edits and changing designs on your website is still difficult on do-it-yourself web generators, in spite of their touted “ease-of-use.” If you want to change some colors, fonts and images, web developers will just apply some of the necessary changes in just a simple click. At Design Web, we try to build user-friendly custom backends as well in order to allow for users to make changes and post content on their own. This is something you may not find on DIY website generators.

  • In House Support and Features

Web developers can offer in-person training, as well as quick support in the event of an emergency. Try calling up one of the DIY websites for help when your site goes down. You might be on hold for a while. Having a person to go to, with a personal phone number or email, is definitely the way to go if you need ongoing support.

  • Unique and Highly Visible Website

If you want something that is extremely different from all other websites found in the web, then you will need the service of a web developer. DIY Generators only offer templates of sites that may be identical to yours. You will definitely need a human web developer when you want something that is more complex than what DIY web generators can offer.

  • Solid Knowledge and Skills About the Internet

If you find email, Facebook or other social media accounts confusing or hard to manage, then turning to do-it-yourself web generators is simply not the best option for you. Switching to professional web developers for their basic skills and knowledge regarding the internet will help you learn more about the process as well. You will be able to ask a human web developer questions about their expertise and learn more about how web sites are built and managed. Human web developers can also work directly with you to make sure that your website is search engine optimized so your website will be visible on search engines. This is important for business owners who want to market their products and services on Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Professional Web Developers Can Offer More

Business owners should not rely on the traditional way of marketing and advertising. With more and more people using the internet to research businesses, you want to make sure that you establish a foothold with a custom website. You might be missing some of the most profitable leads for your business by not having a website.

Despite of the fact that do-it-yourself web generators are cheap and simple, professional web developers still have a big edge over them. So, if you want your website to become more visible and more appealing to all, then don’t hesitate contacting a professional web developer, like the guys at Design Web! We can help make sure you have the best design, best development, and best SEO, and that your site stands out from your competitors.

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