Introducing… Budget Business Package

The first website to be launched this year by Design Web is to promote our new service – The Budget Business Package( BBP is a new product offering: quick and accessible websites for small businesses. This product is made specifically for small businesses and individuals who want a professional look and feel, but do not need all the bells and whistles. At Design Web, we have launched over 100 websites, so we have been able to put together all the best aspects of a website in this package, which allows you to get online and become a part of the digital world. Most websites can be launched in less than 2 days. This is also a great option for larger businesses who need a “landing” site up as quickly as possible.

For $500, you get a modern, attractive website with 4 pages, a contact form, SEO setup, and hosting for one year. Check us out at If you’re on a tight budget, then our Budget Business Package might be right for you. You get the same great quality and support, but at a lower price. Your site will even be mobile and tablet friendly.

Budget Business Package is not for everyone. Many businesses still need something a bit more custom. If you are looking for specific features for your website, we excel at creating amazing custom designs for you. Contact us today at (800)767-1038.