How to Boost Your Sales with a Smart Web Design

There’s no question about it. Websites are a must for businesses who want to reach out to their target audience. With almost every modern business having an online presence, it may be more difficult to set yourself apart from the competition and lead your target audience to your website, which makes it even more important to have a smart web design. You spent so much effort and resources to drive traffic to your site, so don’t let your website visitors cut their session short just because of a slow and outdated web design!

3 Main Benefits Smart Web Design

First impression

For most users, your website will be their first introduction to your business. They can already have an impression of your company from the first few seconds on your website, so make sure to put your best foot forward with a smart web design. Dysfunctional or slow websites can turn off potential customers, while a smart web design can increase engagement, drive leads, and boost sales.

Build credibility

A smart web design will not only help you create a good first impression, but having a well-functioning website that looks good and is easy to navigate adds to your company’s legitimacy. If your site is difficult to load with outdated design, clients might be hesitant to trust your business with their hard-earned money.

Better conversion

An improved web design will lead to better engagement with your clients and, eventually, successful sales for your products or services. The key here is to make the visit easy end-to-end: from navigating the page to adding to the cart and the entire checkout flow. Achieving this will help you turn a visitor into an actual customer.

Smart Web Design Tips to Help Boost Your Sales

  1. Don’t make customers wait; improve your page loading speed.

Don’t keep potential customers waiting just to see what your website looks like. You may have a great, aesthetically pleasing website, but your target audience may not have the patience or time to wait too long to see it; they could even switch to your competitor’s site instead. To make sure your customers don’t have to wait too long, ensure that the photos on your website are minimized or compressed while still maintaining good quality. Additionally, you can consider minimizing third-party plug-ins or even moving your website to a better host. In today’s fast-paced world, you need not only a good-looking website but also one that is functional and fast.

  1. Make your website look good and function well on all types of devices.

Your web design must load fast and look good on all types of devices, from desktops to tablets to mobile phones. It’s always good to remember that most people do make purchases from their phones, but it’s also important to continue to optimize your website for various devices because a one-size-fits-all approach is already outdated, including for web design.

  1. Embrace the white space and avoid a too-busy web design.

While it can be so tempting to jam-pack information and elements in your web design just to communicate everything to your customer, it can backfire. Try to embrace white space to create more balance in your web design. It can also help your website visitors navigate the site better and direct them to the elements that you really want to highlight, like a featured product or call-to-action (CTA).

  1. Easier navigation and clear CTAs can improve the customer experience and increase conversions.

To make their visit even easier, consider implementing sticky navigation for users. This way, your navigation bar and perhaps even your main CTA are always available to the user while scrolling through a page on your website. Utilizing contrasting colors to make your navigation bar easier to spot and click can also make a big difference in your visitor’s website experience.

When adding CTAs, it’s important to know where your client is on your page and in their customer journey. Additionally, you should also try to create urgency and make CTAs brief.

  1. Feedback from actual users can add confidence in your products.

Include client reviews of your products or services. While you might be the one that knows your product in and out, feedback from actual customers can help potential ones make the purchase. This can apply not only to your web design but also to your marketing strategies like email marketing to target those with abandoned carts or through social media efforts.

Because technology trends are ever-changing, you should also keep up by continuously improving your web design. Just because it works well now, it may not be what you need in the future when you want to scale your business. It’s important to religiously measure customer experience and maybe invest in ways to make your web design better for customers. Ideally, your website should also have strong cyber security and sustainability measures in place, creating a truly smart web design.

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