Fundamentals Of Social Media Marketing Strategy To Be Followed In 2020

Social Media Marketing has become vital in the present scenario. Social platforms, which were once regarded as just another entertainment medium, have evolved into commercial platforms. Brands are pumping in a huge sum of money into social platforms to take their business to a new level. Unlike traditional marketing, social media marketing undergoes changes consistently. The characteristic of every social platform differs from the other. Hence, marketing specialists should keep themselves updated to derive an efficient social media marketing strategy.

Craft Dynamic Content With AI:

The arrival of AI has lessened the burden of marketers in framing an effective marketing strategy. Social platforms are home to millions of people who surf through them every day. Delivering eloquent content is the only way to earn customers on these platforms. Multiple factors and processes should be carried out to craft persuasive content right from spotting the target audience to understanding their behavior and characteristics until coming to a conclusion about them. As the user base of social platforms is increasing consistently, marketers are baffled in assessing their target audience accurately.

The advent of AI is immensely beneficial to marketers by helping them deliver more relevant content to the target audience. The AI tools process the large chunk of online data such as demographics, purchasing patterns, social behavior, interactions, and identifies the people who could most possibly turn into your customers. It also delivers insights to craft relevant content that could interest your target audience. Collecting all the data about the prospects and analyzing them efficiently is both a pivotal and tedious factor in framing a strategy. But AI has facilitated these tasks for marketers. So, make use of AI tools, which benefits you primarily in framing a stellar strategy.

Tell Stories To Sell Your Brand:

Inculcate the art of storytelling, which builds trust about your brand among people. You may think that what is the use of telling stories here? Am I selling my brand to kids? At first, the misconception about storytelling has to be broken. Many believe that stories are meant only for kids. But, the reality is people of all age groups are fond of stories. The movie stars whom we worship as our idols are part of the stories in which they play their role. Through this, you can understand the potential of stories in driving people towards it. All the major social platforms have become video-centric, take advantage of it, and promote your brand to people through visual stories. As stories can stay in the minds of people for a longer period of time, brands believe that they could sustain their customers with this art.

Take a characteristic of your product that must be both unique, and your target audience could easily relate. Build a visual story around it and roll-out in the social platform of your choice. A larger number of social platforms that get added to the play store and app store are video-centric. Hence, once you have produced a convincing visual story for your brand, you can use it across various social platforms.

Marketers have opined that micro-videos works will be a perfect fit to generate leads. These videos can be utilized in the stories section of Facebook and Instagram. A recent study by marketers has revealed that Instagram stories have a 4x higher engagement rate than standard feed posts. Thus, creating micro-videos that could convey a story for your brand is one of the efficient measures to enhance your brand awareness. So, don’t forget to add storytelling as part of the marketing strategy, regardless of the platform you choose to promote your business. Trollishly is a renowned service that is known for generating leads for all sorts of business.

Reap The Benefit Of Paid Ads:

Today social platforms are flooded with brands and businesses looking to maximize their social sales. Moreover, with the increase in the user base, they have become more competitive to generate leads. As millions of people are using social platforms, organic posts may end up reaching people irrelevant to your business. The reach of organic posts has also declined drastically due to factors such as changes in the algorithm. So, you have to rely on paid-ads to find your prospects and reach them in a short time. As paid-ads is the only way to generate a maximum number of leads, go with the platform that enables you to get in touch with your target audience at ease.

For instance, TikTok has tailor-made features for paid-ads that promote your ad based on your objective. The ‘conversion’ feature of TikTok will make your ad appear in the feed of people who are more likely to turn into your customer. Thus, TikTok itself evaluates and identifies the people who match with your brand. Another notable feature in TikTok is ‘traffic.’ This works best to increase your brand awareness. Once you avail of this feature, it will take your ad to the view of a large number of people and drive traffic to your page. Hence, choose the platform that helps you to reach your target audience at ease.

Befriend Your Customers:

You can read the minds of your customers only if you talk with them. This is the reason behind conversational marketing becoming vital in 2020. People are more likely to pour their hearts out with whom they feel comfortable. The same way it works for marketing. Try to initiate a conversation with your target audience through DMs, responding to the stories, and answering to their queries. Frame your marketing strategy in the way you could initiate a conversation with your audience.

Chatbots can also be used as an effective conversational tool. Integration chatbots into Messenger is an ideal measure to enhance your conversion rate. Many top brands, including H&M and Burger King, have their very own chatbots configured with Messenger that sort out the queries of the customers. Bots are also regarded as ‘conversation starters.’ You can automate the basic conversations you usually carry out initially with a customer. For instance, you can configure messages like ‘Hi, Kindly check our new arrivals’ with embedding the newly arrived products’ images. The chatbot will drop the message to your prospects. In a survey, 65% of people have revealed that they were pleased by the chatbots’ conversation tone. As more research is underway to equip chatbots further, it can be utilized as an efficient, conversational tool.

Bottom Line:

Social platforms have evolved into an inevitable medium for all sorts of businesses. Right from start-ups to global brands have their presence on social platforms to generate leads. Subsequently, achieving higher conversion rates have also become challenging in recent times. The insights we have given above will ease the process of spotting your target audience and maximize the conversion rate.

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