5 Apps to Help Your Digital Marketing Strategy

We live in an era where everything requires an edge to stay ahead of the game. This competitive nature has led to a lot of innovation and pushed application developers to exploit their creativity further in making critical marketing tools and strategies. After application development, mobile app marketing has been able to create awareness and spread the word of innovation and brands much more straightforward.

With 60 -75% of the world’s population depending on mobile internet due to its convenience, creating awareness through such channels will help spread brand sensitization and maintain retention throughout the user’s journey. Marketing apps aim to target specific audiences or users, communicate the value of your products, and convert them to leads.

For one to achieve this, you need the right marketing tools. From corporate institutions to marketing for small businesses, all use various marketing methods in social media and applications. Like all other viable marketing plans, you need a proper strategy to cover all loopholes necessary.

The best Marketing Strategies

For you to be dominant in your field, you have to show it in your marketing plan before engaging a consumer. Marketing helps reach customers without straining.

The following are various ways of marketing your business.

  • Blogging

Blogging is not just about posting promotional articles related to your business but creating value on some of the solutions you’re bringing to a specific problem.

  • Use of Influencers

Influencers are people with brands on the internet; they possess a broad marketing knowledge that could help you reach masses. Finding the right influencer is essential. Some influencers will charge a fee to feature your business on their platforms, while others will do it for free.

  • Use of Social Media

Every brand and service provider is trying to leverage everything they have to tap these magical grounds. Social media is about reaching the masses and educating them on some of the products, services, or principles you offer that would be of great value to them. Marketing your small business on social media will help you get loyal followers and potential clients and help you connect with like-minded individuals for growth and mentorship.

Mobile Applications to Help you in Marketing

With more consumers turning to smartphones, demand for more user-defined applications has been on the rise. Every aspect of a business strategy always has an outreach channel that covers mobile users from business conferences held on mobile apps to a mobile casino where you can have fun and generate some wealth.

It is therefore essential to set up a marketing strategy around the following applications:

1. WordPress

Well known as a blogger’s paradise, the WordPress app helps you manage your content and market your services. With WordPress, you can create, publish, and edit information concerning your brand’s core value prepositions. It also provides comments sections where you can receive and moderate feedback from people. The advantages of the WordPress app are:

  • It is user friendly
  • Plugins extend functionality
  • It is a mobile responsive
  • WordPress community support each other
  • WordPress sites rank high

2. Skype

You could be trying to cross borders with no funding or financial cushion to aid that. This application helps you virtually reach anyone at any time of the day or night. Skype can help with your marketing strategy, mainly when dispatching your team in areas where you’d need constant communication and feedback from them. Benefits of Skype in business include:

  • Reduces costs on travels
  • Enhances communication and productivity
  • Helps track expenditures
  • It has a high-level security authentication
  • Cross-platform – makes communication easy through different devices

3. Anchor

The anchor is a content creation marketing app that aids you in creating beautiful videos from audio clips. It automatically helps in generating word by word transcriptions that perfectly sync with the audios. You can use this platform to upload videos on your service, provide a brand, and spread awareness and sensitization to podcasts.

Benefits of Anchor include:

  • Gives you straightforward analytics
  • You can build episodes from it
  • You can record from anywhere
  • Helps in the provision of creation tools and guidelines

4. Overcast

Overcast is one of the most dominant and popular podcasts around. It helps you browse and search for podcasts and serve as the perfect application to post your content for proper public viewing. It provides an excellent site for listening to business and marketing podcasts and could help you sensitize the public on the services you provide. All you need is valuable content.

5. Facebook

Almost everyone knows Facebook. Almost three-quarters of the world’s population use this social media platform. It provides all the features needed on the mobile version as well as its web platform. With Facebook, you’re able to connect and communicate with potential clients and like-minded service providers.

With Facebook in your mobile device, it becomes much easier to track activity, manage your businesses, and receive feedback and comments through the option of liking, sharing, and commenting. Why should you use the Facebook app in your marketing strategy?

  • You can reach a vast customer base
  • Facebook lowers your marketing expenses
  • You’re able to track audiences by interests, demographics, and location
  • Get an insight into your audiences
  • Increase website traffic by sharing links to relevant pages
  • Enhanced and boosted SEO


With more than enough marketing apps available, marketing online has become more natural and effective. Instead of trading on all platforms, it’s wise to use a few to the full extent and exploit the potential they provide.

If you have any comments or ideas on how marketing works and the best marketing apps, please feel free to share.


Author’s Bio: Ellen Royce is a well-known web designer. She has developed immense interest in this field and helps several minds like her to excel in web designing. She has designed many outstanding website pages. In this article, she has tried her best to help out those who are willing to try their hands in web design.