40 Free SEO Tips For Small Business – PART IV

Our final installment of SEO tips will go into more advanced keyword and development SEO. These are things that may require professional help, which Design Web is proud to provide!

  1. Add a blog to your website. Regularly adding new pages of content to your site is a snap when you have a blog, and the more quality content you can add to your site the better. You can rank for the subject you focus your posts on very easily.
  2. Create, collaborate and share with other websites and blogs. Once again, it is key to connect with real people who are interested in the same thing as you. Associating with sister sites, bloggers, or content creaters is always good for helping branch out your reach to potential visitors.
  3. Don’t forget to marketing content. Don’t make people will struggle to find you. If they can’t find it, they can’t enjoy it, link to it, or share it.
  4. Write a unique title for every page. Keep it to about 55 characters. Make the topic of a page clear to both humans and search engines and avoid using symbols. Automatic titles are never as good as a custom title.
  5. Write descriptive meta descriptions for every page. Keep it down to bewteen 150 and 160 characters. Clearly describe the topic of a page and be sure to use your keyword if you have one. Write in a natural way that entices someone to want to read more. Never keyword-stuff… ever. Try not to use symbols or “stop words.”
  6. Research keywords. Do your homework. Work smart. Spend your time wisely. If you choose the wrong keywords, you are just wasting your time, or worse yet, you might associate yourself with something that could hurt your business.
  7. Use Google’s Keyword Tool. It can help you to expand on phrases related to the keyword ideas that you enter into it.
  8. Outsource keyword ideas. Customers, suppliers, partners, friends, etc. can see your business differently. While you may be thinking in industry specific terminology and buzz words you are familiar with, the people you are targeting are may associate different words and phrases based on what they want to accomplish.
  9. Focus on your most relevant keywords.
  10. The more relevant your keywords are, the better your search samples will be. If your keywords are all over the place, you may not achieve any real ranking for any of them. There is nothing wrong with variety but you always want to be sure your pages are well organized and fit your theme and when a visitor arrives to your page they find quality information about the subject they were looking for.

  11. Keep commercial intent in focus. You want visitors who are ready to spend money delivered directly to the products or services they are looking for and you want to deliver those who are just looking for information to arrive where they can get everything they need.

We hope that these tips can help you with your website. If you still feel that you need some expert help, including an SEO scan and report on your existing site, contact us today. Make sure to like us on Facebook and stay up-to-date on the latest news and information.

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