E-commerce Franchise Website Design

The team at Design Web put together an ecommerce website for Waste Brothers to allow people to rent dumpsters for their residential, industrial, or commercial construction projects. This involved many different moving parts since this wasn’t your typical e-commerce site. Instead of buy it once and ship it, we had to set up the site to account for rental of the products, incorporating different rental periods and other aspects of dumpster rental. We put together a bright and modern design for Waste Brothers that incorporated their existing branding.

The other side of the site was to incorporate franchise opportunities for those who were interested in setting up franchises in other cities besides Louisville, KY. We were able to incorporate mapping and individual franchisee information so that the site would default to certain franchise locations depending on GPS location of the client. This was an exciting and fun project to work on!!

International Finance Website Design

ClipperData is an international company that has been featured in Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, and CNBC. They provide data to traders and investors, so we had to make sure the site was functional and looked fantastic. We were able to put together a great looking website that provided easy navigation to the data. We did a lot of research and design work to improve user satisfaction and increase conversions and leads. We are very proud of this website and all the time and work that went into it.

Automation Company Website Design

Nationwide Services, LLC works with moving large machinery and entire factories, as well as dealing in scrap and other industrial services. We put together a website that would help boost their search presence and increase their reach to clients. Not only did we help Nationwide Services with a website, but we also helped conduct an SEO campaign that increased search ranking and their business online.

Our campaign is helping to increase the search ranking of the website, as well as increasing the position zero, metadata positions, and other business information for the business.

B2B Industrial Supply Website

PSC Industries came to Design Web needing an entire branding plan. We took their multiple brands (Falls City Machine Technology, Graham Hydraulics, Allstate Packaging, and others) and developed a cohesive style to bring them all together.

We also worked with PSC, traveling to their many locations in the midwest, to put together multiple videos to feature their products and machines.