Stats Summary: An Impact Of COVID-19 On Digital Marketing

It has been more than twenty months since the COVID-19 outbreak, and the destruction it has brought is already massive. To curb the spread of this deadly disease, the whole world is under strict lockdown, and everything is on a shutdown, whether schools or workplaces.

This, in the history of humankind, is the first time when more than 85% of the first world and third world countries are observing lockdowns together and winding up.

Most businesses have gone into crisis in such time, and almost every company is working hard, thriving to sail in the ocean.

In this new normal, remote working has evolved. All duties performed at the office are now taking place at home, and new methods and processes are taking place as the world after COVID has completely changed. Things have altered, and there are new standards for every application.

This outspread of COVID-19 has affected everything on the planet and has bought severe turmoil to the worldwide economy. The modes of earning and the styles of marketing have entirely transformed too.

The businesses that were earlier completely reliant on traditional marketing techniques are now moving towards digital marketing trends. Almost all brick and mortar businesses are shifting online, making it essential for marketers to be on their toes to generate innovative ideas for moving these companies to audiences during this closure time.

COVID Pandemic Has Made Digital Marketing Essential To Survive The Lockdown

The way COVID-19 has gripped the world, it’s evident that things are not going back to normal anytime soon.

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Departments and businesses are moving online, due to which digital marketing has welcomed tremendous momentum. According to resources, from March 2019, there has been witnessed a 73% surge to online businesses, and the fraction of new businesses is much less than that of off-screen companies turning onscreen.

Turning to online platform demands utilizing all the modern digital marketing trends that can help the company reach an audience, nurture leads and generate conversions. The more people visit your website or page, the better the sales and return on investment will be.

Today, when buying patterns have changed, and all physical stores are in lockdown, people head towards online channels to make their purchases. A report reveals that after the COVID outbreak, there are now more than 4 billion people using the internet daily. At least 45% depend on online stores to make purchasing decisions, and it’s massive.

Digital marketing today is helping companies identify and pitch their target audience so they can produce better and generate more.

Following are the ways COVID-19 is driving novel changes in digital marketing.

2.Ad Spend Has Risen To 31%

Due to the ongoing effects of COVID-19, a study by eMarketer revealed that advertising growth has finally exceeded that of offline than prior expectations for the first time and now accounted for half of the overall ad spending.

In reflection, the same study anticipated that by 2023 the ad spend would surge for two-thirds of total universal ad spend, making it a market appraised to be worth $333.25.

An infographic by Mediaocean proposes that ad spends within a group of top marketplaces and social media has risen up to 31% in 2021, which is the highest since January 2020.

Given these statistics, we can see that a significant jump throughout 2021 will be a positive sign of ramp-up improvement, and covid-19 will be a prominent factor behind this change.

3.PPC Is Proving More Yielding

Pay per click during the COVID pandemic is proven to be more returning for marketers. Believe it or not but this statement is absolutely true.

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Since we know that stock of produces is inadequate, there are scarcer numbers of Ads on leading marketing networks such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, YouTube Ads, Twitter Ads, etc.

Due to this inadequacy, the searches and traffic both are high, and so is the competition. And this is why the rate of paid ads has seized a sinking drift. The cost per click provides your brand with an excellent opportunity to increase the limelight and boost sales and traffic.

4.Online Sales Are Becoming More Active

According to Assignment Assistance UK, there are now 4.6 billion active internet users worldwide, which is almost 59.5% of the global population.

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Due to this increasing number of people turning to online channels for their purchasing decisions, online sales are becoming more active than ever. More traditional companies are pivoting to digital space daily, contributing to expanding online sales.

Only at the start of 2020, a few months after the covid-19 outbreak, there was a growth of 18 percent in online sales, making it a remarkable feat for the first time in digital history.

The traffic growth dramatically surged, and digital commerce continues to climb the ladder till today. This is unusual but widespread in today’s environment, and experts see no falling off.

5.Email Marketing Has Seen A Substantial Surge

Being steady and reliable, email marketing is one of the most increasing trends of digital marketing during this COVID pandemic.

The traffic this vogue is yielding is high, and so is the engagement. According to the acoustic study, the open rates have seen a boost of 4.7 percent points during this COVID times and are anticipated to surge even more if businesses remain shut down.

In this stressful time, emails have become one of the best ways for companies to be in contact with their audience. Be it about the precautions people should take, health measures they should not ignore to stay safe and healthy, or shop goods online that they can’t get in person, companies significantly leverage this digital marketing trend.

As a result, the revenue this practice is generating is pretty high relatively.

6.Social Media Influencers Have Become The Need Of Hour

You must have seen social media influencers taking over the throne of celebrities during this COVID-19 pandemic. This is because the content these stars create resonate with the audience, and more than 60% of followers make their purchasing decision based on an influencer review.

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This form of marketing today has become one of the most yielding formulas for brands to market their product, and more than 45% of companies are utilizing it to promote their brand to a larger audience.

Influencer marketing is cheap, quick and simple, and companies rather than sponsorships are looking forward to partner with these influencers for the long run so they can increase their legitimacy and authenticity for better sales.

Digital Marketing Post Pandemic

Digital marketing is the fastest-growing medium and has become an essential part of online businesses today.

Since people are gravitating more towards online shopping due to the push towards offline shopping, it is anticipated that digital marketing will mature at a compound yearly growth rate of 17.4% from twenty-nineteen to twenty-twenty seven to reach USD 151.8 billion by the year 2027.

As rendered by experts, this form of marketing is preferred mainly by startups and small businesses because it is cost-effective and don’t pinch in the pockets to meet their advertising needs.

Today and in future, progressively more channels will be created for digital marketing to help brands bring leads to their business and maximize their return on investments.


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Amanda Jerelyn is currently working as a Content Executive at Crowd Writer, one of those platforms that provide the best assignment writing service UK. Amanda is also a marketing expert, which is why you will see most of her articles on the same subject.

Digital Marketing is Changing the Approach to Translation

With the advancement in technology, the ways of business dealing are getting better. People get awareness to deal with other persons. Its vision of accepting things broadened. There are different strategies introduced by the product owners. The translation is one of them. There is a Translation Company in Dubai that works as an affiliate with brands. They work digitally and help in increasing the revenue of the organization.

What is Marketing?

In today’s world, online marketing is getting popular than offline. It is becoming an effective way to shop online. The true meaning of marketing is to find the connection. It takes time but, once you locate them, it will give you benefits. You have to value your brand and give it a chance to do better.

What is Digital Marketing?

The method to digitalize the process of branding is known as digital marketing. It is by using electronic based equipment. Internet is the source of online marketing. It provides varieties in choice. There are different channels like social media, email, websites, and search engines that connect the customers with the owners. There are related websites that can be used as a help to get information on the latest trends.

Importance of Digital Marketing:

The chance of socializing gets advanced. There are varieties of the audience with targeted goals. You have to deal with them in their way. It is a cost effective method that gives you success and failure at the spot. You have to be quick and responsive towards your clients. They have choices, might get bored, and find another way. The marketers find it interesting to sell their products with a new style.

Benefits of Digital Marketing:

Some of the benefits that we get from it are the following:

  • Target Specific Audience: 

It is the rule of digital marketing that you have to focus on the target audience that approaches your product or brand. You can send marketing messages to that specific person.

  • It is Cost-Effective:

You can do campaigns relating to different channels. It will reduce the amount of money that is spending on various consumers. 

  • Outranking Bigger Players:

By uploading high quality content, you can make opportunities for players that once cannot get fame. They have a different initiative that is by the digital marketing platform. They form the content that resonates with the people.

  • It is Measurable:

There is a concise start to finish end in it. It includes views, clicks, and impressions on the page. You can measure the amount of audience that sees your product.

Types of Digital Marketing:

There are the following types of it:

  • Affiliate marketing.
  • Email marketing.
  • Inbound marketing.
  • Pay per click.
  • Content marketing.
  • Blogging.
  • Social media marketing.
  • Search engine optimization.
  • Online PR.

Services of Digital Marketing Regarding Translation:

They are the following:

  • International SEO:

There are multilingual services offered that give excellent results. It is for an international campaign for a website. It has translators that use the mother tongue. They are professional in their work.

  • International PPC:

The choice of perfect keywords is necessary for it. These are for the target audiences. The translators use specific keywords and change them into the target language. The choice of these right keywords protects from wastage of money.

  • International Email Marketing:

Email is a new method of communication. It is to advertise your product to large audiences. The marketers implement strategies of email programmes as a tool. It is also necessary in today’s modern world.

  • Multilingual Social Media:

It is a technique that uses social media as a preference for digital marketing. It advances the process of monitoring and management. There are various platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and WhatsApp. Some companies are involved in it to advertise their products.

Digital Marketing and Translation:

The translation is the method of exchanging one specific language into the target language. It plays a role in the process of digital marketing. The process of advertisement is by translating the content. Experienced translators use the complete expression of it and exchange ideas and information to complete conversation. It has various types to attract the targeted audience. Like, the use of social media tools to get customers. There are paid advertising campaigns with reasonable rates. You can hire people to commercialize your product and charge money. The translators help in a way that they provide correct information to the right audience. It builds an emotional and personal relationship between customer and owner.

Video Translations:

It is a form of translation. It is an effective and inexpensive yet interesting technique. YouTube is a popular translation site among all. Blogging is a famous way to express your feelings about a product. It works for both either client or the owner of the product.

Author Bio:

Arslan Haider is author of the above blog. He is a Senior SEO Expert at MediaHicon (deals in SEO services). Apart from that, he loves to post blogs having valuable content.

5 Tips on Online Marketing with Web Design for Small Businesses

There are billions of searches that search engines like Google and Bing get on a daily basis from consumers across the world. According to research, around 97 percent of consumers research their required products or services online to find local options or to check reviews. As a small business owner, you should know that your website is likely one of the first things that most consumers will notice about it.

On the basis of its design and features, a lot of people will form opinions and decide whether to make a purchase or leave. Think of your web page as a promotional tool or platform through which you can create brand awareness and experience growth.

If you want to achieve the desired results with online marketing, you need to focus on the web design and invest in it. Here are some tips that could be useful for increasing the reach of your small business.

  1. Reduce Loading Time and Friction

When you are involved in the designing process of the website, it is important to keep in mind that visitors judge your brand through your website. Make sure you have your logo plastered on every page, which you can easily get from a professional logo design website.

Moreover, the loading speed of your website should be within seconds. Large image files, lots of videos or animations and flashy design elements can slow down the web page and take longer to appear. This could result in visitors closing it and moving away to a competitor.

Your website only needs to have relevant content and visuals which include your brand logo, portfolio of work or product images, and interactive call-to-actions. This way, there is minimal clutter and you can reduce any friction which can prevent consumers from navigating to another link or category. The audience today has many options and an attention span that lasts about 8 seconds.

In order to make sure that they remain on your page and market your products or services to them, you should optimize the website for less loading time. It is also crucial to get rid of elements which cause friction so it’s easier for people to interact and take the required action.

  1. Use Clear and Original Images

The product catalog and imagery on your website is one of the most critical factors in web design. As a small business owner, you need to attract the attention of the visitors with the images on your website. It’s how you can market what you have to offer effectively and convince people of your authenticity as well.

One of the best ways that you can make the most of your web page is by using clear and original pictures of products or your work. While there is nothing wrong with picking stock images and using them, original photos go a long way in online marketing. They can set your business apart from the others and highlight its unique factor to the audiences.

With stock pictures, you may end up appearing similar to the others as another website might have the same one. To avoid this, you can use a small part of your marketing budget to hire a professional photographer and use those images for the catalog or the main page.

  1. Add Home Page Scrolling

While you want to keep all the information compact and make it easier for the website to load faster, you can still create an interactive home page. Previously, WordPress expert designers and brand owners paid a lot of attention to engaging consumers above the fold. Now, it is actually considered good web design when people can easily scroll down and find relevant information and options beyond the first two folds of the web page.

By adding home page scrolling to your website, you can include more CTAs (call-to-actions), images and contact information to help visitors find what they want. There are a lot of websites of small businesses such as Birchbox which have an attractive home page design going below the fold.

  1. Incorporate Social Sharing Buttons

This is actually very important and can boost the credibility of a website and create awareness as well. Incorporating the share link or blog feature on social media networks such as Twitter, Instagram or Facebook is always a good idea for online marketing. This way, you can make it easier for people to post your blog or promote a particular product to their followers or friends.

If you take the example of Soko Glam, you will see how the Korean Skincare brand has used this to their advantage. In their web design, the company has included an option to share their blogs in ‘The Klog’ section and within their product listings as well.

  1. Have an FAQ Section

There are a number of people who go through the FAQ section of a website before sending in queries or contacting the company. By including the section in your web design, you can provide a good user experience to the consumers and give them the answer to the basic questions related to pricing, shipping or brands.

Nowadays, almost all big and small websites feature an FAQ section in the menu bar or within the footer. This helps people find it quickly and go through the relevant information.

To Sum Up

These are some of the tips for online marketing with web design that could help take your small business to the next level. If you apply them and make improvements in your website, you could generate higher traffic and boost conversions as well. While designing a web page, it is a good idea to keep a few of these in mind so that your website can compete with bigger brands in the digital world.

Author Profile

David Anderson is a business graduate with a marketing major. He specializes in communication design and has helped many brands achieve their goals in marketing communication. Now he writes for freelance clients on topics related to brand design, visual communication, and marketing.

Hey, Google: How Voice Search is Changing the SEO Game

It may be a meme by now, but “Alexa, play Despacito” is such a good example of how sophisticated voice search has become. Whether you’re using Google Assistant, Siri, or Alexa, you probably have talked to your phone at least once and asked it to search something for you. Through all this, what we can be sure is that voice is definitely affecting our approach to technology and the internet.

Read on to find out how voice search can affect the already ever-changing sphere of digital marketing and SEO and how you can capitalize on it:

Who’s Using Voice Search?

The first question that most digital marketers might ask is who’s using voice queries? After all, back in 2013, 85% of iOS users weren’t using Siri. Today, however, voice search seems to be taking over with 20% of mobile searches being voice queries. Not only that, but 66% of Americans have smart speakers which they can use to ask questions using their voice. In fact, these figures from 2019 show how voice searches and digital assistants matter are here to stay.

What’s the Big Difference When You Talk?

The biggest difference between typing your query and actually talking to your phone is the way people expect their queries to be answered. Think of voice queries as actual questions from your friends. When they ask you a question, they’re not expecting you to answer with links. They’re expecting you to answer directly! As such, when you’re faced with people using voice search, expect that they want a direct answer as well.

The biggest thing about this is how spoken language actually affects SEO! For example, voice queries focus on natural language and semantic context rather than the keyword placement. Another thing to note is how voice queries focus more on SERPs rather than links. After all, you’re not expecting long search results, you want direct answers.

How Do You Keep Up with the Conversation?

With the shift towards voice queries, SEO specialists need to keep up with the changes brought by digital assistants. Here are just some of the ways voice search has been transforming SEO and some of the ways you can adapt:

Content Optimization

Although digital marketing and SEO has long moved on from content that just focuses on the number of keywords, voice queries take us one step further away from the dark ages of keyword stuffing. With voice searches, your content should prioritize answering user-intent and their questions, rather than inserting keywords. With voice queries, it’s all about the semantic search and context to answer the user’s question.

Long-tail Keywords

Although user-intent remains the same, people tend to type and speak queries differently. For example, you might use “Boston weather” when typing your query into Google, but you will be asking “What’s the weather in Boston today?” when you use Siri, Alexa, or Google Assistant. It should also be noted that when you’re using voice search, you tend to use the WH questions more than you would if you were typing. This shift towards a more natural and conversational lexicon should be noted, especially if you want your content to rank for certain keywords.


This isn’t really something new, since Google has revealed that they do consider mobile-friendliness when ranking pages. However, if your page still isn’t mobile friendly, then you’re going to be losing out. Since people who utilize voice search are more often than not on their mobile devices, it’ll be a huge loss for you to not optimize your site for mobile. At the very least, your website should have accomplished these key considerations to be acknowledged as mobile-friendly:

  • Improved loading time;
  • Redesigned pop-ups for mobile
  • Resized buttons for mobile


When you ask Google, Alexa, or Siri to look for the Top 10 Italian Restaurants in your area, they won’t answer you with a list of all the links on the first Google page. Rather, they’ll be relaying the information that’s found on the snippets. The idea here is that Google wants to give you the shortest answer possible, similar to how you would answer a friend asking you a question. Create content that would be easier for Google to read by using H-tags and bullet points.

Go Local (or How Google will Emphasize Local SEO)

Almost 22% of voice queries seek out local content. It is because of this that it’s necessary to have a good local SEO strategy if you want to rank for voice queries. Local business and establishments should also take advantage of this opportunity, as this can ultimately drive traffic and boost your sales. Consider the following when optimizing your local SEO:

  • Have you created, updated, and optimized your Google My Business account?
  • Do you use location specific keywords in your pages, especially in your About Us?
  • Do you interact with customers and community?
  • Do you use local keywords in your content?

If your answer is no, then you might want to talk to your social media marketing agency to help you with that.

Raise Your Voice!

In this fast-paced, ever-changing industry, it’s not entirely surprising to see voice queries and AI become important factors in SEO ranking. Although there are predictions about voice search here and there, nothing is set in stone yet. That being said, there’s absolutely nothing wrong in experimenting and trying to optimize your content for voice search. After all, it’s uncharted territory and could be the start of other opportunities.

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Jerry Little

I’m still hoping to have a nephew named Stuart, because how fun would that be? I’m a digital marketing professional and freelance writer, and my interests range from the hottest chili in the world to the ergonomics of a good office chair.

6 Resources Your Visitors Actually Want from Your B2C Website

What are people looking for when they visit your business to consumer (B2C) website? A significant part of your success relies on interpreting customer expectations and exceeding them.

You’ve likely heard to scale back the features on your site, but you also want to engage users and offer enough information to drive them into your sales funnel. Finding the perfect mix is challenging.

According to Statista, retail e-commerce will reach $6.388 billion by 2024. Charts show a steady rise in numbers over the next three years. There are more than ample opportunities for companies wanting to grow their online sales.

Although there are dozens of features you could add to your site, it’s best to focus on the features users truly need and desire. Here are our top six for engaging visitors and creating a loyal customer base.

1. Contact Information

Customers tell researchers time and again that they want to know how to contact you and prefer multiple channels of communication. Not only should you include a toll-free number, but an email and possibly live chat features.

Consumers want to know if something goes wrong they can get in touch and quickly resolve the issue. They are also used to seeing the contact button on the upper right portion of the website, so make sure you stick with a place familiar to users.

Sparkle in Pink adds their contact information directly in their header. You can see multiple ways to contact them the second you land on their homepage.

2. Share Your Story

You might wonder if an About Us page is truly an important part of your B2C website design. The history of your company shows users a pattern and what you stand for. They can see if you support the causes they care about.

Although it might seem like a waste of space, storytelling connects you to the customer. People love a good tale, so share yours. Highlight your challenges and triumphs.

3. Calculators

People love a good tool to help them make a decision. Think about the features that might allow your customers to make a decision about whether or not to buy your product or service.

If you understand your target audience’s pain points, it’s much easier to come up with tools to solve their problems.

RefiJet offers an auto refinance calculator. You can punch in how much your balance is and your current loan details to see how much you might save. They understand their audience comes to their site looking for a way to save money on car payments, so they present the tool offering insight into the solution.

4. Reviews

Consumers are much more likely to believe what their peers say about your products than what you say. Adding reviews to your website shows the advantages of buying from you. They get details such as how something fits or the quality from people they trust.

You can also use testimonials to show how you’ve helped other customers. Testimonials might highlight your fast shipping speed, your excellent customer service or the reason those people buy from you again and again.

While reviews should always be the customer’s honest impression, it’s fine to ask your regular customers if they’ll share a review on a social media site or your own webpage. You can incorporate reviews from Google and Facebook onto your page.

Approach a few regular customers about becoming brand ambassadors. Send them the newest releases and ask them to share their experience on social media. By pulling in micro influencers, you expand your reach and create word-of-mouth buzz.

5. Filtering

Shopping online presents unique challenges users don’t have in a brick-and-mortar store. Offering filtering allows your buyers to narrow their search and find only the items pertaining to their needs.

They can shop by size, color, features and many other options. There are numerous ways to offer filtering, often starting with categories within the navigational hierarchy. At some point, they should be able to toggle options on and off to make the results even more personalized.

Kirkland’s creates categories in their nav bar such as furniture. When you click on any category, you’re presented with additional options. If you choose “accent chairs,” you can further narrow the options by material, color, price, ratings and more.

6. Unique Value Proposition (UVP)

What is the UVP of your business that makes you stand out from all the competition? Take time to figure out what other brands in your industry claim as their biggest benefit. What do you do that’s different?

Your UVP should be something that benefits the customer. Some examples include excellent customer service, fast delivery and 100% satisfaction guarantees. Think about your UVP through the lens of what your clients see and you’ll find something they care about.

Adding More Resources

The six resources above helps your customers feel they are part of your business. They can get to know you through your story, feel secure if you offer live chat and even see what the benefit is to shopping with you.

However, there are many other tools you can add that enhance the customer experience. Survey your audience about what they’d like to see. Add new features from time to time and conduct split testing to see how well they’re received. Creating an excellent B2C website is an ongoing process that takes time.

Eleanor Hecks is editor-in-chief at Designerly Magazine. Eleanor was the creative director and occasional blog writer at a prominent digital marketing agency before becoming her own boss in 2018. She lives in Philadelphia with her husband and dog, Bear.

Best Twitter Marketing Strategies To Boost Your Business

Using social media is one of the powerful strategies to expand your business in terms of brand visibility and revenue. One such social media is Twitter where more than 400 million tweets are generated every day on the site.

Twitter is one of the best ways to build relationships with prospects and this is the most important part in order to improve your business revenue in 2021. You need to understand that your brand is not so powerful that customers will come to you automatically.

This is one of the best platforms in the world that is worth visiting and spending time for your business. Social media presence (I am talking about Twitter) will bring you value in the form of revenue and this is how this platform is going to help your business.

How Twitter Can Help You To Improve Your Business Revenue?

According to the latest statistics of 2021, Twitter has around 192 million daily active users. This is truly a huge number to show you its worth and this is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world.

With just a little attention and hard work, you can turn your Twitter profile into a lead-generating powerhouse. Moreover, you cannot afford to ignore this social media platform for your business because its benefits are truly huge. Now, let’s not make you wait any further, here are the top ways how Twitter can help you to improve your business revenue in 2021.

1. Increases Brand Awareness

Twitter is one of the best social media platforms where you can increase your brand awareness among your target audience. Once you get successful in doing this, your investment returns in a business will rise rapidly.

At the same time, brand authority is important for your business. You can also use this as a medium to generate guest post opportunities for your loyal customers. This can help to build your business authority in the eyes of the audience as well as search engines.

2. Builds A Community/ Engagement

Another way how Twitter can help you to grow your business is by building a community/engagement. By using Twitter constantly, you can create a community among your current and potential customers.

On the other hand, you will get to know who your customers are and how to create stronger relationships with them. Thus, this will help you to earn a good source of revenue for your business.

3. Generate Publicity

Yes, Twitter helps to generate publicity, and this will be beneficial for your business in return. You can consider this as a long-term strategy for your business to grow a large number of Twitter followers.

Growing your Twitter followers is very important for your business and you can consider this as a traditional approach for your campaigns. These can be the best tricks for using Twitter for your business and you must focus on this.

4. Builds Relationships With Prospects

The Twitter platform can help to build relationships with prospects and this is very important for every entrepreneur. There are various tools on Twitter that you can include in your strategy to measure your results and thus, this will help to grow your followers on the same platforms.

If you become successful in building relationships with prospects, you can improve your business revenue. This will also help to generate traffic to your business profile.

5. Drive Traffic

Now, another way Twitter can help to improve business revenue is by generating large traffic to your brand. This is an important consideration that you need to make in order to improve your business revenue in 2021.

Traffic and leads are very important for any brand or business because, without traffic, your brand will not grow. To improve your business investment returns, you need to grow your social media followers with your creative and effective posts.

Closing Thoughts

If you are willing to know how to use Twitter for business marketing, then you can follow the above listed best ways to promote your business on this social platform in order to improve your business revenue to a great extent. Thus, follow the above listed ways to grow your business on the Twitter platform.

Author Bio:

Jais Frank is a freelance content writer and enthusiastic blogger. He is the co-founder of Essay Writing Guides. He contributes to many authority blogs such as Dream and Travel and Rslonline.

The Future of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is changing the trends and is evolving with time. It all started with an advertisement on television years ago. And now is trending in the form of shoppable posts and mini influencers. Digital marketing is now in the hand of people because of social media and its power. Social media is one of the biggest platforms with millions of users. Everybody is now a social media user whether they have an account on Facebook or Instagram. To cash social media power, digital marketers have approached social media influencers as their voice. They have a huge fan following, and because of this digital marketers are approaching them for their purposes. Their single post can address millions of people at one time.

Therefore, approaching digital influencers is like building your castle in digital media. Many other trends are going to be adopted in the future, and digital marketers are working on them. People are making different assumptions about digital marketing and its future. Some people are thinking about chatbots, while others are looking for voice research. In this way, the future of digital marketing is predicted, and the predictions are made based on the current situation. Here is a list of changes that are going to be seen in the future if digital marketing and, they include

Use of social media channels:

Now you see that Facebook and Twitter are giving optimistic growth to digital marketing. They are one of the biggest social media platforms, and people are using them to market their business. Now, other social media handles are also going to be a part of digital marketing.

Social media handles like Snapchat, Medium and Pinterest are also going to be a part of digital marketing. Now people are using them, and their users are increasing with time.

The shift of power is occurring, and now the small social media platforms are becoming big with time. Because of this, it is going to help a lot in digital marketing. It is not bad to show interest in small platforms because most of the time they help you in reaching your targeted audience.

AI and Automation:

AI is artificial intelligence and is a part of digital marketing at present. It has changed the approach of people and digital marketers as well.

It has taken the job of many but benefited business companies a lot. It is an easy way of keeping a check on marketing and everything happening with your business.

With the help of artificial intelligence, you can find your targeted population and potential customers. It is a cost-effective method as all the tasks are performed automatically. And you do not have to pay for extra staff when you are using automation or artificial intelligence. You can start your marketing campaign with it at any time.

It is up to you to decide when to use a machine and when to use marketing strategies. Sometimes you are not able to afford the cost of staff, so you end up using artificial intelligence.


The influencers have changed the game of marketing. People approach them because of their following. They also need marketing companies for their work and earning. So, when both the marketing companies and the influencers go hand in hand they benefit each other.

When you hire bloggers with the fan following millions it means you have to spend more money on them. And when you approach macro bloggers with few thousand you can use them for digital marketing at a low cost. They also need you, and you can cash this moment by hiring them for your campaigns.

The future of digital marketing is going to be a part of the future because it is a great way to market your business with the help of trustworthy people. It is an expensive market strategy, but it is very successful.

In future, the digital marketers will approach medium-sized influencers that are popular enough to be significant. They have better engagement and have a more targeted audience in their account.

When you have more followers it means different people are together at one point. And that time the influencers are not able to pay attention to every follower. But when you have fewer people in your account you can interact with them in a better way.

They dedicate more of their time to their followers and generate content relevant to the audience. If you want to target a particular group of people you can seek the help of macro-influencers for your digital marketing business.


Vloggers have a direct connection with the audience. People see and listen to them, and they have a great influence on society. Now all type of businesses is approaching video bloggers for their marketing and content creation purposes.

Vlogging is getting popular with time and because it has a direct and personal connection with the audience. Now people can relate to them and because of this, the future of digital marketing is also connecting with it.

People love vloggers because they bring their life on screen, and people can relate to them. In this way, whatever they post people will trust them, so in this case, you can catch up on them for digital marketing.

In the future, digital marketers will connect with vloggers to get direct access to an audience. And there are no doubt vloggers will be a part of future digital marketing campaigns.

Neuro Marketing:

It is a type of marketing in which the brain activity of a person is determined. All type of content engagement is checked to see what kind of ads should be used on their feed. It is the best way of marketing your business through content engagement.

People have little idea of neuro marketing but in near future, it is going to be a part of digital marketing. Different types of marketing material will be used to generate content for making digital marketing more effective. All the software houses in Pakistan are looking forward to neuro marketing as they believe in experimenting with new techniques.

Startup Digital Marketing Strategies to Double Your Sales

Assuming you are maintaining a business over the web, there should be amazing advertising systems. Here we will talk about a couple of the tips for improved online deals.

Deals Cycle:

It is smarter to plan a business cycle for the item. The business cycle is the system to pitch your item to a client. It includes every one of the means to sell the item. Characterize the business pattern of your item since it will decide the stage where you ought to do publicizing for your item. So, all showcasing systems depend on the business pattern of an item. Research do as well and testing for deciding the ideal deals cycle.

Checkout Measure:

It is prescribed to improve the checkout cycle for your item. This is the most dismissed showcasing procedure in a business. You try sincerely and contribute a ton to arrive at expected clients, so don’t leave space for the client to forsake the truck relinquishment. Build up the checkout cycle simple, smooth, and intelligent with the goal that clients may not face trouble. It is the best methodology for keeping your clients unblemished. On the off chance that there are a few pages for shopping the item, build up an advancement bar so clients realize the means to be taken further or have taken as of now.

Item Portrayals:

Clients consistently search for item portrayals, so it is strongly prescribed to add the item depiction. You can likewise give an item direct having each insight regarding the item. It adds believability to your item in the event that you incorporate client criticism or surveys. These surveys give a gauge to clients to buy your item. It is obligatory to add a different page for regularly posed inquiries. It is prescribed to compose portrayals alongside catchphrases. It will improve the SEO of your site. It is smarter to upgrade the representations that will in the end expand the positioning of the site, and your business will get obvious, prompting more deals. Along these lines, item portrayals assume a focal part in moving your business higher than previously.

Transportation Costs:

For better client experience, it is prescribed to show the transportation expenses of an item. It is seen that organizations frequently don’t show the delivery cost and lose the clients since clients become more acquainted with the transportation subtleties toward the finish of the cycle. Show dispatching subtleties at the corner where the client begins entering his/her data. Clients don’t feel better in the event that they begin filling in the delivery data without having the expense shown over the screen. Make your clients of each minor insight concerning the item and the installment. It will carry more clients to your business.

Continue to Shop:

It is prescribed to put the alternative of ‘continue to shop’ close to the ‘proceed with checkout’ so clients can without much of a stretch discover it on the page. In internet business, such alternatives are not difficult to fuse in the checkout cycle.

Types of Installment:

To carry believability to your item and site, it is prescribed to add the logos of various types of installment that your business is tolerating. You can add real and well-known security instruments to acquire the trust of the client. The security logo will make clients agreeable recorded as a hard copy their charge card data decisively.


Retargeting is the best advertising methodology. This system becomes effective when guests leave the site of your business without purchasing anything. Retargeting is a well-known strategy to catch the crowd for most extreme deals. You can put your items on the sites which are visited by the clients. Thusly, clients will see your items. Email showcasing is another helpful instrument to publicize your business. Send special messages to the guests of your site. This will expand traffic on your site, in the end prompting expanded deals.


Email showcasing is more viable than web-based media crusades. Gather the messages of the guest through web-based media missions and make an email list. Mechanization is important for the email promoting methodology. Set up the email computerization like invite email, request booking email, checkout email, truck surrender email, and so forth

Update Your Site:

It is prescribed to refresh your site every now and again. More established sites are an obvious objective for spammers. So in the event that you have as of late built up your business over the web, consider making a refreshed site. Clients additionally feel good when they visit the site with similar pith as other business sites; in any case, there comes a sensation of suspiciousness.

Web-Based Media:

Web-based media is one of the developing and famous discussions across the globe. Try to have a record on each web-based media stage, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and so on It is additionally important to consistently post the material about your business, yet a savvy technique is to construct productive showcasing efforts to develop your business. You can likewise remember recordings for your showcasing efforts and post the video on all web-based media stages.

Assume you are selling the lash tweezers over the web, at that point make a video using the lash tweezers. You can transfer recordings of grill utilizing your item. This will build the commitment of clients with your business.

Author Bio:

Arslan Haider is author of the above blog. He is a Senior SEO Expert at MediaHicon (deals in SEO services). Apart from that, he loves to post blogs with valuable content.

How to Utilize Customer Reviews to Improve Your Site Design

You have just a few short seconds to capture the interest of site visitors. Every element on your page must work together to engage and entice them to hang around. The look of your design as well as the content on your page has a significant impact.

Internet Live Stats estimates there are 1.85 billion websites. The number changes constantly and not all are active at the same time, but no matter how you look at the numbers, you have a lot of things competing for consumer attention.

One thing that is customized to your business is reviews from happy customers. You can implement feedback into your site design to grab attention and drive users to the next step in the buyer’s journey. Let’s look at some of the ways to best utilize reviews and a couple of examples of brands doing it right.

1. Add Testimonials

When you receive a really great review, you may want to get in touch with your customer and ask to add it to your website under testimonials. People who land on your page have no reason to trust you. They are much more likely to listen to what their peers think.

You could also contact those leaving great reviews and ask if they’ll write a testimonial for you. You could use a video testimonial or a written one.

Stio utilizes people who already love their products as brand ambassadors. They’ll share quotes from each person about why they love the products, images of them using various equipment and the ambassadors tell others about the company.

2. Answer Questions

You can also use reviews to answer common questions customers have. Analyze calls and live chat topics. What are the top questions your audience has before making a purchase? Can you answer any of those questions by highlighting certain reviews.

One example might be a clothing site where people often ask if things run true to size. You can answer this question through reviews where the customer states how the item fits.

3. Share Your Rating

If you have a number of reviews under your belt, you can show a pattern of great customer service and consistency with your overall rating. If you have 4.5 out of 5 stars, share that information with people who land on your page.

Use visuals, such as colored-in stars to highlight your achievement. You could also add a link so people can read some of the reviews.

Dataforma shares that they have an average 4.5 out of 5 stars via more than 100 reviews on two different websites. This shows a clear pattern of excellence. New leads can see they deliver on what they promise and have many happy clients. Just under the average rating, they share some awards they’ve won.

4. Engage with Customers

Feedback is your opportunity to engage with customers. If someone leaves you a great review on Facebook, thank them and let them know you appreciate their patronage. When you get a negative review, take the time to reach out and try to fix the problem. This also shows others that you take the customer experience seriously and want to make things right.

Think of reviews as a chance to have a conversation with your customer base. Some interactions might start negative, but the goal is to create a positive outcome.

5. Ask for Reviews

Don’t be afraid to ask your customers for reviews. Email them after a purchase and ask if they’ll leave an honest review. You can even offer a discount on their next order when they leave one.

Add a button on your site making it easy for clients to add their thoughts. Don’t create too many steps. Let them share their rating, a few words and their name. You do want to make sure they are actually customers as some unscrupulous competitors may leave negative reviews just to make you look bad.

If you want to learn how to seek reviews, take a course on Udemy and you’ll learn a lot. Throughout the course, the instructor asks for reviews. When you log into the platform, you’ll see an invitation to leave a rating on each course. Many instructors also send out a message halfway through and at the end of a class asking if you’ll review them.

6. Highlight in the Header

Use a hero shot of a product and then highlight a review in the header. You can swap out the feedback to match items you’d like to promote. If you get a new item in, wait for a few of the first reviews or ask your ambassadors to rate ahead of time.

7. Place on Product Pages

Another way to use reviews is by placing them directly on product pages. This gives potential customers an idea of what others think of the item. If they need more details, they can click to expand the ratings and read the actual reviews.

The Horse places a star rating on each product page along with the number of reviews. Click on the stars or scroll to the bottom of the page to expand the selection and read what others think of the item.

Use as a Trust Factor

The best reviews help build name recognition and trust in your brand. Take the time to read through feedback from your customers. Highlight the words that make you want to buy the item. Think through the questions users likely have and answer them by sharing detailed reviews. You can encourage buyers to take the next step by providing as much information as possible.

Eleanor Hecks is editor-in-chief at Designerly Magazine. Eleanor was the creative director and occasional blog writer at a prominent digital marketing agency before becoming her own boss in 2018. She lives in Philadelphia with her husband and dog, Bear.

5 Biggest SEO Blunders You Should Avoid


Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, as we commonly refer to, is one of the most effective tools that is a necessity for online marketing. In the digital marketing sector, it is one of the highest demanded strategies. It is one of the best ways that you can try to elevate your marketing goals and eventually generate more revenue. 

However, in order to make the best out of it, you must have a fair knowledge and learn about the techniques related to SEO. If you aren’t well acquainted with such hacks, it might lead you to create a lot of mistakes. This is ultimately going to affect your marketing goals. Hence, here we will discuss some of the biggest blunders that people usually commit but which should be avoided. 

What Is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is basically a strategy in the field of internet marketing that is used to gain more traffic to a website or webpage by ameliorating the quality of the website through optimized content. 

If your content is well-optimized, it is bound to rank higher on the search engines. The rankings on a search engine will, however, depend on the number of searches made for a particular keyword by users. You can also take the help of blogger outreach services for more visibility. 

What Is The Importance Of SEO?

To understand the importance of SEO, you must go through the study of the various elements involved in it and how they operate. SEO is an inbound marketing strategy that increases the visibility and prominence of a website. 

It also enhances the user experience by making it easier to navigate. For a business website, SEO tactics can help to draw in better traffic and create more opportunities to gain prospective customers in the long run. This will eventually lead the organization to make higher profits. 

What Are The Blunders You Should Avoid From Committing?

While everything remained low since the pandemic, the digital marketing sector witnessed a boom. Consequently, people started realizing its importance. With such an expanding market, the demands and opportunities for SEO are also growing. 

However, due to changes in consumer behavior and search engine developments, the techniques of SEO are constantly evolving. Thus, it is not an easy task, and mistakes could lead to serious consequences. Here, I have compiled some of the biggest SEO blunders that you must avoid committing:

  1. Publishing Wrong Type Of Content

While considering SEO services, publishing the wrong type of content for your users could be the biggest blunder you commit. You must consider your audience’s preferences before submitting content on your site. 

If you think about copying quality content from some other higher ranked website, it will be considered plagiarized and will only lead to the degradation of your own site. 

  1. Not Using Meta Description, Title Tags, And Enough Headings

Another big blunder that you must be careful about and avoid is skipping on the meta descriptions and title tags. Your focus keyword is not the only thing that matters. Search engines tend to consider such optimizing aspects very severely. 

When these are not included in your content, it might lead to serious consequences for your website. Using frequent and distinctive headings makes it easier for users to understand the topic better.  

  1. Not Using Varying Keyword Phrasings

Using enough keywords for your content is extremely important. However, sometimes there are several users who tend to search for a lesser common phrasing.  Thus, when you are indulging a lot of keywords per page, you can consider making a few variations to the texts wherever possible. 

This will allow both kinds of users, the ones who search for normal keywords and the others who search for a similar keyword with different phrasing, to avail your content.  

  1. Missing Quality Links

Link building services are one of the essential factors of SEO. If you are injecting a higher quantity of external links rather than focusing on their quality, you are just committing a big blunder. 

Hence, you must look into adding links from websites that are well-reputed and boasts a higher rank on the search engine. 

  1. Not Using Analytics 

Generating traffic is not the only aspect that you should focus on in SEO. What is more important is tracking the progress of your efforts. If you do not utilize your analytics package, it is just another blunder that you are making. 

Your optimization results will majorly depend on setup and regular review of the analytics. Tools such as Google Search Console and Google Analytics can majorly track the performance of any website. 

Final Thoughts

SEO is a very important element that you must focus on if you want to be a successful digital marketer. It is something that must not be taken lightly. Therefore, you cannot afford to commit any blunders when working with such a tool. 

I hope I was able to make you aware of all the mistakes that people usually make but which should definitely be avoided. 

Author Bio,

Shane Brown is a passionate blogger and chief blogging officer at BloggerOutreach  Viacon  seogrowthengine, RedhatMediaiDreamAgency  Sbnewsroom ,smartbusinessdaily ,Okeymagazine, Gossipment .He is the man behind Search Engine Magazine, a well-known SEO Magazine. Shane specializes in inbound marketing and creative sales copy.