Why are AI images so strange?

If you look at this image long enough, it may make you take ‘paws’ when you notice it’s not quite right…

In this image of a kitty at the computer with giant glowing eyes, you might miss an odd detail that AI was not able to create to match reality, and it’s a common failing during this early phase of AI art. Did you see it yet? Well, if you look at the paw of this image, you can see that the number of digits for this feline are a bit off from the standard and aligned a bit strangely too. This is a very common issue with early AI art right now, extra fingers, extra toes, and extra legs too.

Why are Ai Image so strange? What’s the deal with the extra limbs, tails, fingers, and toes?

AI images can appear strange because they are generated by algorithms that are trained on large amounts of data, but may not always produce results that align with human expectations. This can be due to a variety of factors, such as limitations in the data used to train the algorithm, or the specific parameters and settings used during the generation process. Additionally, some AI image generation models, such as GANs, are designed to generate novel or unexpected results, rather than realistic ones, which can also contribute to the strange or surreal appearance of the generated images.

Sports Center Website

We, at Design Web Louisville, created a custom website for Smash Zone Baseball that features their trainers and events at their location. We included a custom editable birthday invitation template for their birthday events rental pages and an easy-to-edit back end. The website allows them to sell sign-ups and connect with parents and students. The website redesign was successful and exceeded their expectations. This baseball training center website design showcases state-of-the-art facilities, experienced trainers and, personalized training programs, testimonials, a schedule of classes and camps, making it easy for players and parents to find the right option they need to get in the batting cages and start swinging.

5 Content Collaboration Tips for Small Businesses

Content collaboration stands for two things — authors collaborating on the same document and engaging with third parties to market content.

The first part of content collaboration allows employees (often content creators) to access, edit, store, and organize assets. It offers a robust technology ecosystem for small businesses to drive collaboration when creating content. This also includes adopting collaborative editing solutions that ensure everyone in the content creation department stays on the same page.

Secondly, you can create content leveraging multiple mediums and strategies to drive traffic and leads. Enabling content collaboration in your business opens up endless possibilities for productive partnerships.

This post will discuss in-team collaboration and key content collaboration tips that your small business can leverage. 

Let’s begin!

#1. Collaborate on content, planning, creation, and review

Use content collaboration tools like Trello, Google Docs, Document360, etc., to assign, review, and publish various content projects — in a single place. 

As for publishing, integrate content text with your Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress. You can import the completed documents (posts, pages, media, and more) into the CMS without losing any formatting. Even using WordPress CMS, you can use the WordPress editorial plugin

Moreover, the platform’s authors may be tasked with creating specific pieces of content within the given deadlines to keep them on track. 

Also, try integrating content drafts on CMS into the project management platform, where the author can tag the manager or editor to let them know they are done. Editorial inline comments allow the whole review process to be centralized in one place, significantly cutting review times.

#2. Expert Quote Roundups

As a small business, you’d also want to publish expert opinions. Therefore, think of creating an expert quote roundup where multiple specialists from different fields share opinions. These are then used in the content.

Connect to a small number of experts whose quotes you include in their entirety or a collection of contributors’ posts.

Again, use content collaboration tools where needed to edit and fix whose quotes you tone down are acceptable for your compilation.

You will be in charge of planning and executing the project, where experts provide quotes from which you can create content.

#3. Podcast Guest Spots

Another type of content you can create is a podcast since its consumption is growing. The number of hours spent listening to podcasts is projected to increase from 92 million in 2019 to 142 million in 2025. 


A further 20% of podcast viewers have bought something because they heard it on a podcast. The best tactic is to find podcasters whose audiences are currently small but growing and schedule guest spots on each other’s shows.

Locating such people to bring on your program is the first step toward ensuring a constant flow of worthwhile guests. There is no shortage of excellent resources for locating people to appear on podcasts. Here’s a quick list to get started.

#4. Partnership marketing

You can run partnership marketing campaigns by joining forces with other businesses where both of you put in the resources to launch campaigns. 

This involves advertisements, content marketing, distributing freebies, or a temporary set up of retail dorms. The campaign’s success depends on the business’s ability to achieve its shared objectives while sharing the associated expenditures.

As a small business, you can look up to Apple and its collaboration efforts with Nike.


Another example is Hubspot and Chatfuel’s partnership. When customers tried downloading the ebook, they got calls to action for both businesses offering complementing services.

Example of Hubspot Academy selling a chatbot course and partnering with Chatfuel 


#5. Instagram collaborations

When it comes to content collaboration, you must recognize Instagram. Instagram collaborations involve tying up with industry leaders and influencers to leverage their reach. It includes the following — 

  • Instagram takeovers are campaigns in which one company temporarily takes over the account of another and posts on behalf of another.
  • Freebies: Partnering companies will offer freebies to followers by running giveaway contests.
  • Use affiliate programs and referrals where your business may profit from selling another’s goods and services by earning a sale cut.

An example of a product shoutout is a social media post that mentions and tags another business.


Adidas partnered with allbirds for low carbon footprint pair of shoes.

When two or more companies work together to create a post, they would also leverage paid partnership labels. 


Here’s an example of how paid partnership post labels (below profile name) are assigned on Instagram.

Wrapping up

Collaboration is your best bet if you need digital marketing to increase reach. Partnering with other organizations can help drive necessary eyeballs, leverage other businesses’ reach, and acquire new audiences.

Start creating synergy for content where multiple individuals may bring in their expertise to create meaningful and engaging content. Use the right set of collaboration tools internally to bring along every team member. And outside business, connect with different groups of people and businesses to create collaborative content. 

Working together helps produce the required volume and consistency of content. This will increase the volume of visitors to your site and social media platforms.

Full Service Salon Website Design

Gentlemen’s Cuts needed an updated website for their Men’s Salon to market a range of men’s services, including haircuts, shaves, and more.

5 Top Digital Marketing Trends To Focus On This Year

Digital marketing is constantly evolving, with new tools and platforms appearing to meet the needs of digital marketers. In this article, I will highlight 5 trends that you should keep in mind so that you can stay up-to-date and competitive in your field.

Digital Marketing Trends

There are a number of digital marketing trends that businesses should focus on this year. Here are five of the most important ones:

1. Digital Transformation: As businesses become more digital, they need to change how they do their marketing in order to stay competitive. This means using technology to reach and engage customers in new ways.

2. AI & Machine Learning: As machines become smarter, marketers need to find new ways to use AI and machine learning to target customers. These technologies can help you understand customer behavior and identify trends that you may not have been able to see before.

3. 360° Marketing: With virtual reality (VR) becoming more popular, marketers are starting to use it to create immersive experiences for their customers. This allows them to connect with customers on a much deeper level than ever before.

4. Augmented Reality (AR): AR is a type of digital marketing that uses technology to merge real life with the digital world. This allows marketers to create custom experiences for their customers, which can be very effective in building trust and credibility.

5. Chatbots: Chatbots are computer programs that can convincingly simulate human conversation. They are used by businesses to automate customer service tasks and

Digital Advertising

1. Digital advertising will continue to be a key part of marketing efforts this year.

2. Digital advertising will become more targeted and personalized.

3. Digital advertising will become more interactive and engaging.

4. Digital advertising will become more social media-friendly.

5. Digital advertising will become more international.

6. According to a study by the eMarketer, global spending on digital advertising will reach $209.5 billion this year. This is an increase of 5.4% from 2017.

7. Digital advertising is becoming more and more important in the marketing world. This is because it is able to reach a wider audience than traditional advertising methods. Everyone wants to advertise their services online, but many businesses are unsure of how to do so successfully. Incrementors help all service in digital marketing You can get in touch with if you wish to market via digital advertising.

8. Digital advertising is also cost-effective, which makes it a good choice for businesses of all sizes.

There are several digital marketing trends that businesses should focus on this year. These include investing in digital advertising, using social media platforms to market their businesses, and creating content that is relevant to their target audience. By following these trends, businesses can ensure that they are doing their best to market their businesses online.

Social Media

1. Social media continues to be an important part of digital marketing campaigns. According to a study by Forrester, social media is now the number one way consumers research products and services.

2. Facebook remains the most popular social media platform, with more than two-thirds of all online Americans using it. However, other platforms are becoming more popular, such as Pinterest and Instagram.

3. It’s important to create content that is relevant to your target audience and engaging. Use images, videos, and interactive elements to keep your followers engaged.

4. Make use of social media analytics tools to track the effectiveness of your campaigns and make adjustments accordingly.

Digital marketing is constantly evolving, and this year it’s important to focus on social media. Social media platforms are becoming more important than ever as a way to connect with customers and grow your brand.

One of the most important social media platforms for digital marketers is Facebook. Facebook has over 2 billion active users, which means that there’s a lot of potential customers out there. You can use Facebook to connect with your current customers and attract new ones. You can also use Facebook to promote your products and services.

Twitter is another important social media platform for digital marketers. Twitter has almost 1 billion active users, which means that there’s a lot of potential customers out there. You can use Twitter to connect with your current customers and attract new ones. You can also use Twitter to promote your products and services.

Pinterest is another important social media platform for digital marketers. Pinterest has over 900 million active users, which means that there’s a lot of potential customers out there. You can use Pinterest to connect with your current customers and attract new ones. You can also use Pinterest to promote your products and services.

Online Branding

One of the most important trends that digital marketers should focus on this year is online branding. This is the process of creating a unique identity for a company or product online and using that identity to attract customers.

Online branding can be done in a number of ways. For example, companies can create a website that is visually appealing and easy to navigate. They can also develop a strong social media presence and use effective marketing strategies to attract new customers.

Digital marketers should focus on online branding this year in order to improve their company’s visibility and reach new customers.

Projected Increase: The data from the survey shows that digital marketing is a growing field. In fact, professionals in this area are expected to see their salaries rise by 9% over the next several years. This increase should give digital marketing provider another reason to consider this career path.


In 2017, it was clear that digital marketing was evolving at a rapid pace. The industry is constantly changing and evolving, which means that if you want to stay ahead of the curve and ensure your business is thriving in the digital age, you need to be paying attention to the latest trends. Here are five digital marketing trends to focus on this year.

Author Bio

Brack Nelson is the manager and Head of Growth of Incrementors, a company that assists clients in expanding their online businesses by bringing in more customers, Incrementors is an Award-Winning Digital Marketing Agency lead, and sales. Online marketing solutions that are specifically adapted to the demands of the clients are the Incrementors’ area of expertise.

How to Best Optimize What Factors to Increase Search Engine Rankings

Get your business ready for the search engines by optimizing your website for various factors. It’s not enough to pay lip service to SEO. You need to take action from day one and start making improvements as soon as possible.

If you’re looking to make a big impact on search engine rankings, you should know what each factor does and how it can be improved. The Internet has changed the way consumers search for almost everything. Traditional search engines that once only indexed websites have been incorporated into more advanced search engines to find content relevant to a user’s query. With the rise of AI and Machine Learning, Google is able to give users more relevant results than ever before. However, not all optimization is created equally. When it comes to improving rankings on search engine result pages (SERPs), there are various factors one needs to take into consideration. Let’s take a look at some of the most important ways you can optimize your website for SEO success.

1. Publish High-Quality Content

While many people believe that quality content is what gets them rankings, it’s not enough to just publish a bunch of articles. Your content needs to be high-quality, but it should also be optimized for search engines. You need to use the right keywords in your title, description, and on your pages. If you don’t have any content yet, you should create it as quickly as possible so you can start optimizing it.

2. Optimize Your Meta Data

Metadata is data that can be found in different places on your site. This information is used by search engine algorithms to determine the relevance of a page and its contents. It’s important that you choose the right keywords to include in meta tags if they are going to be used by search engines. You want to include at least one keyword on every page so that search engines can find relevant pages when they crawl your website.

3. Make Your Site Mobile-First

Mobile-first means that your website should be designed to work on mobile devices first. Search engines use mobile data to determine the relevance of a page. If your site isn’t optimized for a mobile device, it will not rank well on the search engine results pages. You should prioritize making your site mobile-friendly from the start. This means that you need to ensure that users can easily access content on your site, regardless of the device they are using. If your pages aren’t optimized for mobile devices, search engines will not think highly of them. Instead, they will be ranked lower than other pages that are optimized for mobile use.

4. Enhance Page Experience

Many partnership marketing platform companies believe that the best way to get a website to rank well is by creating content that appeals to people who are looking for specific content. The problem with this kind of strategy is that it’s not very effective. Instead, you need to focus on making your pages easy for users to navigate and read. You want to make sure it’s easy for people to find what they are looking for on your website so they can have a positive experience when they visit it.

5. Master Your On-Page Optimization

On-page optimization is the process of making sure that every page on your website contains the right keywords and other relevant information. If a page doesn’t contain the information that search engines are looking for, it will not rank well in SEO rankings. You need to make sure that every page on your website contains the correct keywords and other relevant information. This is where you want to use content creation software like Hubspot’s Content Creation Toolkit.

6. Internal Link Structure

Internal links are important because they help search engines determine the relevancy of a page. If relevant pages aren’t linked to one another, it will be hard for search engines to determine the relevance of a page. You need to link your pages together so that search engines can understand the relationships between them. You can use internal links to improve the ranking of your pages in search engine results pages.


In order for your website to rank well on search engine results pages, you need to focus on a few key areas. You want to make sure that your site is mobile-friendly and that you have an internal link structure that includes internal links between all of your pages. You also want to make sure that all of your content is relevant and contains the correct keywords.

Can Influencers Be The Missing Ingredient In Your Marketing Strategy?

The rise of marketing and e-commerce has been one of the most significant developments of the past decade. This has been driven by the growth of the internet, with more and more people relying on online trends and adverts for their purchasing needs. As a result, businesses invest in online marketing strategies such as social media management, email marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and many others to drive traffic and reach wider audiences. 

We know you’re working hard on establishing your brand. You’ve spent a lot of time pinning down your business goals and brainstorming ways to get ahead of your competitors. But if you’ve tried various marketing strategies and are still falling short of your expected outcomes, perhaps Influencer Marketing is the answer to boost your brand.

What is an Influencer?

An influencer is someone with an established online reputation because of their expertise on a specific topic or niche. 

Influencer Marketing Hub defined it as “someone who has the power to affect the purchasing decisions of others because of his or her authority, knowledge, position, or relationship with his or her audience”.

This can range from artists (athletes, musicians, pop-culture celebrities, etc.) to bloggers and content creators, and industry leaders and experts (journalists, academics, professional advisors, etc.). 

More businesses are employing the power of influencers to further breach communication gaps between brands and their consumers. This strategy is dubbed ‘Influencer Marketing’ and is becoming an increasingly popular way to skyrocket brand reputation and sales.

What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing focuses on using key opinion leaders to drive your brand’s message to the larger market. Rather than marketing directly to a large group of consumers, you instead focus on targeting a smaller group of influential people. 

These influencers may have a large social media following or they may be well-connected in their industry. The goal is simple: to get these influencers to share your content, do a review on your product, or promote your services to their followers, which, in turn, will reach a larger audience.

How Can Influencers Benefit Your Business?

Influencers can be a valuable asset to your marketing ventures. Social media influencers, in particular, are creative, resourceful, and can deliver content to their audience in a way that would evoke action (or reaction). How else do you think they gain a large following? 

Apart from that, consumers often trust the opinion of influencers, thus the tendency to support what they advertise, listen to what they say,  and more likely engage with your brand.

What are the Different Types of Influencer Content Campaigns?

  1. Product Seeding 

Sending free products to influencers might get you positive mentions in their posts. And honestly, there’s nothing better than having a person with high-level influence vouch for the quality of your brand. This is one of the less absolute ways to get your name out there, though, since there is no official partnership, and it fully depends on the influencer whether or not they’d share your product.

  1. Affiliate Marketing Campaigns

Businesses can give commissions for every sale generated from the influencer’s efforts to promote the product. Often this would involve discount promo codes for influencers to provide to their audience to prompt them to purchase on the brand’s online store. A win-win situation, where the influencer earns their share and your business gets its sale.

  1. Product Placements

Subtlety can be the best way to highlight something. Instagram influencers can seamlessly employ this technique by incorporating products into their content – in a manner that would appear natural and not overly emphasized or staged. In this case, the influencer is not trying to sell actively, but rather they are recommending by simply showing, mentioning, or bragging about it. 

  1. Brand ambassadorship

This is when a business hires a person of influence to be the ‘face’ of their brand. This can involve them in representing your brand in events, advertising your goods and services on their social media accounts and via other platforms, and answering questions consumers might have about the product (therefore, they should be knowledgeable about what the brand is about).

  1. Social Media Takeover

A takeover is when an influencer takes the reins to a brand’s social media page, allowing them to post what they want, when they want and however they want (with well-defined terms of the agreement, of course). Takeovers have been popular on Instagram and Snapchat, but businesses can implement them on other available social media platforms.

How do you choose the right ‘brand champions’?

More people are becoming influencers, all with distinct styles in sparking trends across the web. How do you find the perfect set of influencers to grow your brand?

  • Consider their audience size, and gauge whether it aligns with your target market. You’re aiming to reach the right people and expand your consumer base. Choosing an influencer who’s not relevant to your target demographic is unlikely to get you the results you want.
  • Observe the content they share and decide if they are a good fit for your products or services. Their content should align with your brand identity, vision, and values. Get a feel of their feeds, and see what kind of messages they’re sending to their audience. Do they spark meaningful conversation? Are they able to encourage viewers to act on something?
  • Consider their engagement levels and whether they are actively interacting with their followers. It will not hurt to check if an influencer’s audience reacts, responds, shares, or comments on their content. Apart from this, how frequently does the influencer interact with their following? 

By keeping these in mind, you can narrow your options and find the right influencer for your brand. 


Influencer marketing is something that every business should be looking into. With thorough research and testing, this marketing strategy can be the missing link to increasing the visibility of your brand. 

Importance of digital marketing in future

In the World of technology, Digital marketing has a stunning place. It is all about the link of a firm with its buyers. It is very potent in all the firms. Many techniques crisp in social media marketing for the selling of products. Techniques like SEO and PPC are very famous. It runs through Internet online technologies.

Importance of Digital Marketing in the Future:

In the future, digital marketing has a wide scope. It affects the growth of the business. Some of the noted benefits for the business All business faces money issues. But the digital marketing is not very costly.

  • Almost 80% of people use their mobile phones for their daily activities. It is easy to use. Marketing the text, ads, and emails on social media is very hard.
  • You can check the campaigns on mobile. Whether they are working well or not.
  • Smart people need a smart solution. Most of the shopping did online. With the best ranking of your website or the brand, you can do. Google Shopping Ads and Brand awareness brands help to boost your sales.
  • The buyers get the marketing stuff within a range. combine the content types like audio, video clips, and photos.
  • User-friendly link of customer and seller. You can make cutbacks, on who can comment, like, or message on your website.
  • You can track the ads and the content uploaded on your website. You can test the different methods which are effective and which are not.
  • You can connect with influential figures to gain respect.

These are some points that show the importance of Digital media marketing.

Digital Marketing Types:

Online promotion of brands has now become a trend. Everyone needs fast and quick solutions to every problem. The graco tc pro parts also use digital marketing for sales. Some of the types of Digital media marketing are… Search engine optimization, Social media marketing,

Native Advertising, Content Marketing, Affiliate. Pay Per Click, Online PR, Automation, and Email. Others are Instant Message Sponsored, Inbound, Search Engine, and Sponsored Content. Let’s discuss some of the most used types in detail:

Search Engine Optimization:

Infographics, blogs, and websites are involved in SEO. It is one of the most Main methods of ranking the website. Make your website higher in the search engine. It is all about the rise of free traffic on your website. SEO has further two types, on-page SEO & off-page SEO.

In the on-page SEO, all the work did on the page. In this type of SEO, all focus is on the content of the front page. It’s done one time . For that purpose, you have to search the keywords. With a greater search volume and lower keyword difficulty. Then adjust these Keywords in the title, detail, and content of your body.

In off-page SEO, inbound links and backlinks did. By publishing the content on the other website. You will get the do-follow link. This will also help in the ranking of your website.

Instant Messaging

Messaging platforms are one of the most used platforms for marketing. You can get good sales when you use it. Your customers feel it easy to link with you through a message on mobile or on what’s app


It is about the hype of the brand, lead generation, and traffic growth. It helps a lot for the website ranking. It is further divided into branches.

Ebooks & Whitepapers

Long-form content that gives further information to your visitors. You can share the contact information and directions that lead your firm.

Blog Posts:

Explain your services in the website blog. With this, you can generate organic traffic.

Video & Audio content:

Add some video and audio related to your services. This will get a heavy audience on the website.


In this, you can visualize your idea in the form of graphics. Website visitors seem beneficial for them.

Social Media

To promote your brand, you can play the ads on social media channels. It will help to drive traffic and brand awareness enhancement. There are many tools available on the internet. They help to connect the business with social media channels. Some of the famous social media applications are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. titan sprayer parts are one of the famous brands of paint sprayers. They also promote their products via online marketing.


In this type of digital media marketing, you’ll buy a profit by selling someone another product.

You need to post the ad for the product on social media accounts. It is a kind of influencer. If you get the right content creators then taking a digital campaign to the next level is easy.


Communicate with the audience through emails. It is used for the hype of discounts, events, and content. People are also directed toward the business through email. This campaign includes: Follow up emails, a blog newsletter, and holiday promotions

If you are going to start your digital marketing business. Then must choose the methods one of them. These all have positive results and help a lot in the growth of your business. Many software are making through which you can share the ideas with others. To get the customer’s attention. Inbound is the asset of digital marketing. This is all done online. And, digital marketing describes the tactics of all kinds of firms. It may be outbound or inbound.

The main goal of the outbound tactics is to put the marketing message in front of all the people. They did not think it is relevant or not. They upload the data. At the top of many websites, ads are showing. These companies are promoting their products through this method. Even the person who doesn’t need the product gets attracted to it. But, the inbound tactics aim to use online content to get the attention of customers. An example is a blog.

In short, digital marketing becomes a trend now. In the race of development, you have to work smart to get more sales on the product.

The Top Underrated Digital Marketing Opportunities Most Businesses Overlook

It seems as though every brand has a strong presence online. Therefore, standing out from the crowd can be highly difficult.

With social media feeds updated every second and news articles published constantly, gaining some traction is a success for most.

However, you might be thinking of other ways to boost your visibility. Rising above others is one way to get noticed, but how can you diversify your marketing efforts?

Sometimes the best way is to apply an overlooked digital marketing technique.

Here are some of the most underrated digital marketing opportunities to improve your brand awareness.

1. Featured Snippets

Many businesses often ignore the steps of claiming the prized spot of a featured snippet.

Featured snippets are relatively new to the Google results page. They are small excerpts lifted from pages. Normally, they appear near the top of the SERP (search engine results page) — and they show up in response to an information request.

Google implemented these excerpts to resolve a user’s problem without the need to load a hosted website. Featured snippets significantly enhance the user experience. Plus, it builds trust and credibility for the site source.

Take into account that featured snippets aren’t always in the first spot of the results page. Instead, it acknowledges the language and concept of the excerpt, the page’s authority, formatting — and the most relevant answer.

Take advantage of the featured snippet by optimizing your content in natural language and identifying the context of that language. You could also consider using Schema markup to help search engines understand your content and obtain a higher chance of getting featured.

2. Offline Marketing Channels

Most businesses often don’t think about creating a strong digital marketing strategy offline. They separate digital marketing from the traditional methods because they believe it’s the only way.

With traditional marketing, you might think of having a beautifully-designed sign to attract customers outside your store. Or, maybe you’d spend time sending mail-outs to promote your brand.

Yet, it’s possible to give your traditional marketing strategies a digital twist. You’ve most likely seen standard approaches like leveraging Snapchat to offer coupons. Other methods also include QR codes or app pairing — where an app brings up online reviews instantly when you tap a phone against a product plate, for example.

Plus, paper can also do wonders for your digital marketing strategy. For instance, if you’ve created a blog post you’re proud of, you could print it out and post it at local coffee shops.

Just be sure you’ve got a URL labeled clearly, so it leads back to your website or social media profiles.

3. Virtual Reality Video Content

Of course, video conquers when telling a brand story. People connect more deeply with engaging content than the posts you see on social media feeds.

However, why not give your audience something more to experience? With the tools available at the hands of businesses, most overlook the opportunity to market with VR (virtual reality) video.

360 degrees-video is an emerging technology that businesses have the potential to use for sharing brand moments and connecting with customers.

With it being available on YouTube and Facebook, businesses can expand their content to 360 degrees-video — bringing a new depth that photos can’t capture.

If your business is all about connecting with your audience, consider posting VR-compatible video content to enhance your interaction.

4. Voice Search

Voice search is one of the most recent top investments of Google and for a good reason. The rise of mobile devices largely spurs virtual assistant technology. Therefore, voice search is becoming more commonplace for users.

With that in mind, many businesses often overlook content optimization for voice search. However, it only calls for small restructuring in your content.

For instance, you’ll need to shift your keywords in favor of longer phrases and include direct answers to queries rather than simple restatements.

Consider using the “People Also Ask” section in a Google search to find keywords and phrases to improve your search engine rankings.

You may also see other changes in the future. These might include improved natural language processing where the algorithm can dissect sarcasm, background information, intonation, etc.

For instance, an intonation could deliver optimistic content versus pessimistic according to a specific topic.

Therefore, you’ll need to understand your audience more efficiently than ever to take advantage of this digital marketing opportunity.

5. Gamification

Gamification is a gaming technique used to improve customer engagement. If you’re thinking of ways to connect with more prospects, build brand awareness and increase conversions, gamification is it.

You can gamify practically any stage of the customer journey. Contests, incentives and scoring systems are a great way to interact with potential customers. Yet, it helps to consider your goal and audience interests before building an entire campaign.

Once you have those ideas in place, you can develop a gamification approach and its incentives.

Remember, it’s always best to keep things simple. Too often, you’ll see a great campaign, but too many rules and conditions apply to participation.

6. Native Advertising

The native advertising market is rapidly growing, and now is the time to take advantage of it. According to ADYOULIKE, native advertising spending will jump by 372% from 2020 and be worth over $400 billion by 2025.

Native advertising is a paid form of advertising involving a seamless ad design on the platform they appear. Unlike banner ads, native ads are less intrusive and don’t affect the user experience.

However, many businesses are missing the opportunity to improve their content output.

Native ads are typically on social feeds, below articles and eCommerce sites. While building an effective native ad campaign takes time, the effort is worth it. These ads have higher click-through rates and are often more engaged by consumers.

To optimize your native ads for the best results, ensure you establish clear goals, choose the right advertising platform — and align the campaign content with your goals.

Own Your Digital Marketing Endeavors

While these are the most underrated digital marketing opportunities, there’s also no one-size-fits-all solution to growing your brand. Often business owners use social media as their go-to digital marketing strategy.

However, you have plenty of ways to drive great results. Consider testing different approaches and running campaigns others haven’t thought of yet. Your marketing efforts won’t go unnoticed as you stand out from the crowd.

Eleanor Hecks is editor-in-chief at Designerly Magazine. Eleanor was the creative director and occasional blog writer at a prominent digital marketing agency before becoming her own boss in 2018. She lives in Philadelphia with her husband and dog, Bear.

6 SEO Trends That are Bound to Rule the Coming Decade

Optimizing and ranking your website pre-2010 era was pretty easy. You’d just have to follow simple steps like getting your website up, throwing in a bunch of keywords, writing a bit about the topic, and Voila! Google would start ranking your website on top.

However, that’s not the case anymore. Also, due to the internet revolution, the number of websites that compete with each other to rank higher exploded. Due to these reasons, it started getting difficult for search engines to crawl and index the massive database of the internet.

Today, the Google search index contains hundreds of billions of web pages and is well over 100,000,000 gigabytes. Thus, it needs a formidable way to evaluate and rank each page.

The evolution of Search Engine Optimization as seen in the last decade that ended with 2020 was, if described in one word, stellar.

Search Engines, especially Google have improved their quality and user experience by shifting their focus from keyword-oriented to quality-oriented results. And as the days pass by, SEO will keep getting evolved as and when new trends emerge.

Meanwhile, let’s see some of the SEO trends that are bound to rule the coming decade.

6 SEO Trends That Will Dominate the SERP Ranking for Coming Decade

1. Content Quality & User Intent

Yes, content quality has long been here and affects significantly on the SERP rankings. However, many websites haven’t adopted this as their SEO mantra. They are still focused on short-term SEO gains through building backlinks, optimizing technical SEO, or doing digital PR.

However, these are not suitable for long-term SEO gains. Also, due to the massive size of the database, the Google algorithm will only rank pages that offer remarkable quality on a consistent basis.

Websites creating generic content will have lower chances of ranking than the ones that publish unique, quality content on topics not covered by others previously.

One way to adopt this in your competitive content marketing strategy is by researching well for the user intent of your target audiences to scour unique topics. Now, organize and prioritize these notions by relevance and cover them one by one.

The quality content doesn’t necessarily have to be SEO-friendly but it must fulfill the users’ intent and their expectations. And if the industry leaders are to be believed, Google has long been working to detect the intent behind every search users make.

Thus, considering the value of content quality and user intent it encapsulates, this trend is bound to rule the coming years as a SERP ranking signal.

2. SEO Automation

From admin workflows to IT services and marketing, automation has proven its effectiveness. SEO practices such as website audits, competitor analysis, search intent detection, and many others have already been automated. And from 2022 onwards, it’ll become more widespread as more SEO professionals around the world increasingly adopt automation with open arms.

Driven by AI and machine learning, SEO automation can intelligently do technical audits to scour issues by content type. Also, many SEO experts utilize SEO automation as quality assurance for their SEO services.

Moreover, AI-powered automation tools monitor potential SEO issues in real-time and warn as soon as possible to eliminate and resolve them beforehand. The SEO automation trend is continually picking up the pace. And it has gone from ‘nice to have’ to necessary when dealing with larger and more complex sites.

3. Mobile & Page Experience

Not so recently, Google had announced the mobile-first indexing for the whole web. And recently, it has started implementing a page experience update that aims to rank sites with better user experience scores for both mobile and web.

Thanks to this update, the entirety of the mobile and web, from the discovery phase to engagement, everything will correlate and be in sync to offer the best possible page experience.

The ripple effects of mobile-first indexing and page experience updates will cause a massive re-organization in the SERP ranking that we all can witness in the coming years. Thus, brands should start preparing their website from the onwards to not lose any significant SERP rankings.

4. SERP Localization

As per Brightlocal’s Consumer Survey, consumers that use Google for local business evaluation increased from 63% in 2020 to 81% in 2021. Also, the following graph shows that 21% of consumers use the internet every day to find information about local businesses and 99% have done so in the last year.

(Image Source)

From these statistics, we can idealize that Google will focus more on presenting localized content in the SERP results over the next few years. Already, the location-specific pages or content is outranking those who ranked at the top and focused more on global reach.

This will keep on picking up and become more obvious in the coming decade. Thus, websites with global target audiences will have to necessarily form a local presence to rank higher on localized SERP.

5. Metaverse Marketing

Metaverse marketing may seem like a new trend in the marketing sphere that’s thought to fade away with time. However, it has come a long way from being just another buzzword to a revolutionary strategy for marketers.

Metaverse can be conceptualized as the successor of the internet that we enjoy today. It brings the capabilities of the internet, virtual reality, and augmented reality together. As per Statista, there will be around a billion AR active users in 2022, which is supposed to cross the 1.7 billion mark in 2024.

Just like how brands optimize their web presence to get found on the current internet, they’ll have to find different ways to optimize their presence on the next generation of the internet i.e. Metaverse. A visual content strategy will play an important role in getting found on the Metaverse.

Audit your content strategy to find and optimize it with new content types and can implement AR, VR, and 3D experiences to leverage Metaverse marketing.

6. Voice & Visual Search

As mentioned in the previous point, visual as well as voice search will take precedence over the normal search approach.

As per one report, more than one-third of Americans use a voice search feature while 71% of consumers prefer making a voice search over typing. Another report projects that Google Smart Speaker Sales will hit 140 million in 2025.

This foreshadows that Google will prioritize the sites optimized for voice search and will feature them in the snippet results or show/speak when searched using smart assistants.

The same will apply for the visual search. After the introduction of Google Lens, the search engine giant is becoming better at interpreting SEO-optimized images day by day. The image recognition software will enable users to search for products and other things on the web.

Also, Google Discover uses images for tailored results. Thus, it’s predicted that normal search may start to resemble a lot more like Discover results filled with visuals.


Trends are known for their quick appeal when they appear first in the market. Many of those trends become obsolete after a certain period or when they are no longer relevant to the market. However, the above-mentioned SEO trends have been here for a few years now and we believe they’ll continue to be relevant in the coming years.

As more research and development are being conducted in the same direction, many of the trends listed in this article will go mainstream and rule the coming decade. Thus, brands need to sharpen their knowledge horns to drive sustainable and meaningful growth in the near future.

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