Artists Portfolio Website Design

An art portfolio website is essential to making sure that you maximize all opportunities to gain and increase an audience for your artwork. Art portfolio websites connect your natural ability to your target clients and what they are looking for. An art portfolio website usually represents some or all of a carefully curated collection of art and example work, and it’s a great place to explore the critiques of the art pieces and movements. We loved having the opportunity to work with Valerie to create a style, look, feel and function for her artist website that really complemented and highlighted her diverse portfolio of styles and let her work really stand out.

About TIMMONS ART: Valerie Timmons is a Louisville-based artist whose genre-spanning work includes landscape, portraiture, still life, minimalism, and geometric abstraction. While her paintings may vary wildly in style and even mood, their unifying tonal element is a rich emotional resonance that finds as much beauty in the turbulence of a non-representational tempest of form and color as it does in the clean-lined serenity of a still life.

Festival Vendor Website Design

We worked with Paul and Donna to create a custom website for their toy soldier business to help them share information about the custom art they sell and the to share information about the next shows they will be attending. They were wonderful to work with and we enjoyed seeing all of the hand-painted figures as we set up the e-commerce website for them.

About Handheld Warrior: Handheld Warriors was founded by Paul & Donna Amody in 2013.
We are a family-owned business located 20 miles from Louisville, Kentucky. Paul has been around the Toy Soldier circuit since 1989 painting and selling Russian miniatures at the Toy Soldier shows. ‚ÄčOur mission is to import connoisseur quality military miniatures, historical figures and dioramas from St. Petersburg, Russia and sell the miniatures at a reasonable price.