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Digital Marketing and Website Discovery Phase Questions

Let's get started! You can fill this out or just look it over to prepare for our first meeting.

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    The discovery phase is when we get a deeper understanding of your project needs so we can best help achieve your goals and get started on a design that meets your expectations. Here is a selection of the questions that will help us to determine your design and project needs. Please fill this out to the best of your knowledge. The more details we receive in this phase, the more accurate our initial designs can be. All of these questions are optional and are designed to help you get started thinking about where you want to get started and to ensure we don't miss anything important when we kick off our first design and planning meeting.

    Sales? Sharing Information? Providing a Service? Other?

    What products/services/elements need to be prominently featured?

    What is your top SEO (Search Engine Optimization) goal?
    Who would you like to find your website? What do you want them to find?

    Do you have an outline of things you need or want on your website? What are the websites of your most successful partners or competitors?
    How would you like to compare? What do you like or not like about their websites?

    Please tell us if you have preferred fonts, colors, or styles you wish to use.

    Provide a short, essential description for your public profile pages.

    Tell us about your social media needs and where we can find your current pages if that is applicable.

    Should anyone be CC’d on the emails or approval requests? Do you have any deadlines or vetting processes to follow?

    Tell us about your current or past pages and issues that are important to this project. What would you like to keep? What would you like to change?

    When this project is complete, how would you like to quantify the quality of our results? What can we do to guarantee you are happy with our services?

    Do you need to meet specific ADA requirements, or do you need a unique tool, function, or integration?

    Do you have any additional questions or technical requests we can add to our discovery phase meeting?

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