The Best Aerial Drone Footage of Louisville

Guest author Katherine McKay takes over our blog to discuss drone footage in Louisville.

Unmanned aerial vehicles, known as drones, are one of the best resources to use when it comes to gaining aerial footage. Drones with cameras are becoming a staple for hobbyists and industries alike. It’s incredibly easy to find camera drones to use for the purpose of gaining some of the best footage you’ll ever take, which can now be done from the sky.

There are a number of ways to discover which camera drone suits your budget and can offer the best footage based on what you’re looking for. Dronethusiast, for example, has a wide variety of reviews that showcase the best drones, what they’re purpose is, and much more.

DJI Phantom 4 – Louisville Sunrise

The DJI Phantom 4 in this video has shot an amazing sunrise while flying through the skies of Louisville, Kentucky. You can see downtown and all the action taking place early in the morning.

Louisville, Kentucky Labor Day Weekend

Sky’s The Limit Dronography has shot an epic video that showcases Labor Day Weekend in Louisville, Kentucky. This video is from the 2016 weekend, in particular. You can see the Hike, Bike and Paddle Event, The Kentucky Derby, Kentucky’s Colonel, Louisville Slugger, the KFC Center, and so much more – all from an aerial view.

Drone Video – Phantom 4 Professional – Louisville, KY

Using a Phantom 4 Professional, you can get an aerial view of Kentucky while hearing the theme to Stranger Things, the hit show, in the background. We can see the Mercer, which has a very unique, eye-catching design that’s best viewed at night from an aerial perspective. Something you can’t see without a drone.

Drone Footage Across the Rail Bridge

Using a drone, this video showcases footage that spans across the rail bridge and the dam that’s located on the Ohio River in Louisville, Kentucky. This video gives you an aerial perspective from all sides and angles, giving you the perfect view of the bridge, the dam, and everything that goes on there.

Using a Drone for the Best Footage Possible

It’s easy to see why people, both hobbyists and those looking to incorporate them into their businesses, are so interested in the aerial footage that can be gained from using one. Drones offer us a new, fresh perspective that you can’t get unless you’re in a helicopter. Even then, drones allow us to get close and personal with what we’re looking to shoot.