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Why are AI images so strange?

If you look at this image long enough, it may make you take ‘paws’ when you notice it’s not quite right…

In this image of a kitty at the computer with giant glowing eyes, you might miss an odd detail that AI was not able to create to match reality, and it’s a common failing during this early phase of AI art.

Why Customization Matters Greatly to Your Business

In the business world, there are several ways to get ahead of your competition.

How to Create Longevity Within Your Design Firm

Design and marketing firms tend to have ups and downs.

How to Show off Great Testimonials On My Website

Driving traffic to your website requires dedication, time and money.

6 Simple Ways to Generate More Leads Through Your Website

Your website is often the first experience a potential client has with your business.

How to Create a Captivating Project Gallery Potential Customers Want to See

If you create anything from beautiful home decor to websites, you’ll want to showcase your work so potential clients can see the possibilities.

UI Trends That Will Not Be Going Away Any Time Soon

Your user interface (UI) can make or break your website or app.

What New Businesses Need to Know About Salesforce

Starting a new business requires rising up the learning curve on a lot of different topics at one time.

How the Latest Apple Event Impacted Designers

The latest Apple event brought the expected announcement of a new iPhone and all the details about what it offers.

Packaging Options Your E-Commerce Business Should Consider

The packaging needs of an e-commerce store vary from those of a brick-and-mortar one.

How Offline Visual Trends Impact Web Design

Design has always been impacted by other trends, such as fashion, interior design and what’s popular with people at any given time.

What Risks Phishing Poses to Small Businesses

Phishing is one of the most common ways cybercriminals attack small businesses.

How the Right Display Greatly Impacts a Customer’s Experience

Have you ever walked into a store and been instantly drawn into the overall feel and experience of being there?

Why Ongoing Learning Programs Should Be Offered at All Design Agencies

Like every other business, design constantly evolves and most designers seek continuing education courses to remain sharp and competitive.

How to Encourage Repeat Work through Strong Customer Service

Every business wants to make more profits. However, getting the first sale from a new customer can be challenging.

What Small Businesses Should Know About Consumers’ Privacy

Consumer privacy is a hot button topic. People are often reluctant to share personal details because they’ve had their data compromised in the past.

The Top Underrated Digital Marketing Opportunities Most Businesses Overlook

It seems as though every brand has a strong presence online.

How the Live Stream Industry Impacted Web Design (for the Better)

Video content has significantly grown in popularity within the last few years.

4 Great CTAs We’ve Seen on Landing Pages this Year

Calls to action (CTAs) are arguably the most important component on a landing page.

How to Get More Engagement for Your Infographic

The purpose behind creating infographics is to present complex information in fun and interesting ways.

Web Design Tips to Lead Visitors Through the Buyer Journey

The buyer’s journey isn’t always a straight path. Site visitors might start later in the process than you’d expect, jump around, skip steps and take a winding trek along the way.

9 Reasons Why Now Is an Excellent Time to Better Optimize Your Site Filters

One of the biggest advantages of online shopping for customers is the huge selection of items available. However, sorting through everything can be time-consuming, even in a digital environment.

How to Optimize Images for SEO

Search Engine Optimization is a critical part of designing a website. With a great SEO strategy, your website will attract organic traffic and position well on the search engine rankings.

6 Tips to Boost Your Website Conversion Rate Utilizing Images

Images are one of the most important aspects of any website. They make a webpage more aesthetically appealing and break up the text.

7 Ways Coding Can Help Your SEO

many webmasters, search engine optimization (SEO) is about boosting specific on-page variables to maximize the chances of being ranked for keywords or soliciting backlinks from qualified sources to strengthen off-page SEO.

How To Make Your Images SEO-Friendly

Every business owner should define what strategy they’ll follow to promote their products among the users, engage more customers, and promote the website’s ranking on search engine rates.

Guide to All Different Types of Videos

Should all marketing videos need to be professional productions to convert consumers?

The Ultimate Guide to Creating Location Pages

he internet changes rapidly, so what works for location pages this year may not in the next. Be open to trying new things and testing your pages to see how ranking changes and what your users respond best to.

Clear Reasons Why You Need Digital Marketing

Your company is more than likely already aware of the various benefits of having a strong online presence.

Which Links Are Best Not to Use for SEO

Link-building is a crucial skill for every SEO marketer. In addition to boosting search engine rankings, it determines your relationship with your readers and other websites. Read on to know the SEO links to leave out of your content marketing strategy.

5 New Types of Content for 2022

The success of your business depends on a properly structured marketing strategy.

What Is SSL and Why You Must Have It

In the modern world, online security should be on the list of everyone’s top priorities.

The Benefits of Technical SEO

Nowadays, having a fully functional website is of the utmost importance.

Google is slowing down your life

This is of course absurd with all the speed of search and efficiencies Google has brought to our modern lives, but is it?

How to Conduct a Content Marketing Competitive Analysis

Widen your knowledge about the necessity and importance of content marketing competitive analysis for your business promotion and growth.

How to Connect Woocommerce With Your Facebook Shop

It is very easy to integrate WooCommerce into the Facebook shop.

5 Ways Blockchain Improve Digital Marketing and Advertising

Read the article and initiate using blockchain technology to enhance advertising and digital marketing for your business. This can be of help in case you are planning for a startup.

What Are Some Simple Ways to Showcase Your Business’s Work?

The best online marketing can convince customers that the product or service you are selling is high-quality or likely to solve their problem.

Why Every Business Needs SEO? – 5 Ultimate Reasons

Over the last few years, the digital marketing world has expanded exponentially.

What Is the Impact of Design on Web Development?

Web configuration is the visual look and usefulness according to a client’s viewpoint.

Features & Trends of Web Based ERP Software in 2022

ERP software is installed in a variety of industries , including manufacturing, retail, e-commerce and non-profit organisations, government institutions and many more.

Best Practices to Create a Social Media Calendar

There’s no way you can maintain a consistent social media presence without a dated plan.

Do Your Brand Colors Help or Hinder Your Web Design?

If you’re like most brands, you’ve probably spent a lot of time studying who your customers are and what they prefer.

Optimize Your Website To Drive Growth Now

Are you interested in growing your company? You should be.

Why is technology important for small businesses?

The limitations of owning a small business were significant two decades ago.

Schema – What It Is, Benefits, Types, How to Do Using Plugins and Without Plugins

The schema is a lightweight structured data format that can be added automatically to your word press sites.

How To Start An E-Commerce Business Using 5 Easy Steps

Starting an e-commerce business may seem a daunting task at first. Hence, to help you out, we have provided some tips in this aspect. So, do check them out!

Creating a Digital Marketing Strategy for Your Moving Company

The rapid growth of technology has changed this world into a global village.

What You Need to Know Before You Hire AI Designers

AI has impacted the international economy in a multitude of ways that range from transportation to foodservice and everything between.

Top 5 Things to Know Before Hiring a Video Agency

Right now, almost every business is moving towards video marketing to get their brand known among consumers.

The 10 Best Real Estate CRMs in 2022

When there is a high demand for real estate professionals and a bloom in the housing market, you’re landing clients left, right, and center; the last thing you want to do is go through paperwork and spreadsheets to track client data or search for past interactions.

4 Digital Marketing Tips to Increase Your Brand’s Growth Online and to Stay Ahead of Your Competitors

A brand growth strategy, in its most basic form, is a long-term plan to raise brand equity and market share.

Simple Ways to Make Your E-Commerce Site Festive

Even if you sell the same products year-round, during the holiday season, you want your site to appear more festive than normal.

Tips for Creating a Great Website for Your Small Business

Do you run a small business or want to start one?

Digital Marketing In 2022 – Top 3 Reasons Why Small Business Need It

Digital Marketing in 2022 – Top 3 Reasons Why Small Business Need It

When starting a small business, the focus is often on how to reach your first customers.

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