Best Plagiarism Checkers for Online Content

Plagiarism checking has become the primary need of every business nowadays as there is lots of content available online. This is no doubt true that many plagiarism checker tools are also available for users’ comforts, but many of them are either not accurate or are useless. Most of the writers or bloggers tend to save their time and paste copied content on their blogs. As a result, Google penalizes their content or blog and in some cases, advertising halts on their platforms resulting in revenue ceasing issues.

To overcome such issues, numerous plagiarism checker tools are being developed, which check the legality and uniqueness of the content. You now should not worry about the content originality as these tools are good to clear all of your doubts. The smart web tools and applications make the best use of advanced technologies and considering user needs to provide accurate results.

How Plagiarism Checker Tools Work

Plagiarism tools are best for students and teachers as numerous academic assignments are found copied, and most of them claim that they did not copy anything intentionally.  You can avoid making any plagiarism by using one of these plagiarism checker tools. These advanced copyright checker tools are guaranteed to provide the best results. They analyze your results line by line properly. These plagiarism software tools are comprised of additional features including word count, along with character counts, length reading, spell checks, and a lot more.

Online plagiarism checker by provides users with numerous plans, i.e. basis, business, corporate, enterprise, and exclusive ones ( They charge for each plan and features for each plan vary as per user needs. Most of the users prefer basic plans as it offers search options, file uploads, URL scanning, 24-hour support, and much more. It costs $10 just and is highly affordable. Some big companies or corporations may use corporate or enterprise plans by PlagiarismSoftware.NET/Plans, but most usage falls within the basic plan, as it suits almost everyone.

How Plagiarism Software Tool Works

The Plagiarism Software Tool lets the user enter raw text in a big text box given at the top of tool User copies his text and paste in the text area provided. If any of the users don’t feel comfortable with this, they can also put the file in this plagiarism checker tool. They can just upload the file by choosing from source director or by giving the path and scanning will automatically start.

One more option of URL posting is also there. This refers to the online or direct URL checking for the content, which is already live. The same matches each line one by one and as a result, the marked or copied lines appear in red marks.

The tool makes the use of two types of text, i.e., source and query texts. The query text is where the user enters a query and the smart algorithms of the plagiarism tool performs in-depth and proper analysis of the content provided against billions and trillions of databases including books, sources, journals, live URLs, academic papers, articles, papers, and a lot more. The other plagiarism checker text is the source text. The PlagBot process where the exact query is matched with text and it marks all of it as RED and provides the users with source link too. If any citations are provided or any keywords are to be omitted in checking, there is a checkbox, which one has to choose in the beginning.

Plagiarism Checker by Plagiarism Software is the best and the most effective tool, which helps a lot for duplication testing and scanning overcoming all copied content issues, especially for the bloggers and professionals leading newbies and startups.

Core Features

Many features are offered to users by the said tools, but few of them include:

  • Direct copy-paste of text files in plagiarism checker to check plagiarism
  • A complete content analysis guide for users in order to serve them better
  • All details and data about the content you provide to the plagiarism checker tool
  • Word counter, time stats, keyword stats, keyword dentistry metrics, grammar checks, spell checks, and much more features as per tool version you use
  • All of them are beautifully and flawlessly designed, and most are near-to-perfection tools