Building A Strong Presence On Twitter: A Simple 7 Step Guide

Twitter has the primary purpose of social media networks that help people share their thoughts with the crowd. Experts say Twitter is an example of American microblogging. Some of them with deep conversation and some people getting busy with their business profit on twitter; Now you will do one thing that grabs their attention first and turn their look to see you. Find the correct time to tweet about your business to get engagement from followers. We will start to see here, Seven magic steps to increase twitter engagement up to 100 percent.

Use Twitter Button On Blog

To get more traffic for your business, use a twitter account; you can share your content on all social media, but Twitter provides an easy way to post possible content. Spread your encouraging message to your audience through twitter. Here a few reasons to use the twitter button there are:

  • A possible way to increase your social shares
  • You can connect with who read your tweets
  • Throw your account name to the huge audience while using twitter button

How to optimize the “tweet” button? You can see the twitter share button on a blog post, and it is a useful button to share your content for people’s engagement. And you need to know the simple formula for before you post. “Title + by @author + link + via@ your brand” that is called a premade tweet. Add the “tweet this” button on your blog posts and share tweetable content before making a tweet button—one of the most incredible ways to get more tweets and mention some twitter experts. Use “clicktotweet” on your blog to create a short link to share content on twitter.

Tracking your Tweets

The tracking method helps to track who shares your tweets. And also, you can find who shares your content without mentioning you. Build a new relationship when you track them, and also you can track feedback directly about your brands. Easy to find when you get a notification while they mention your name. And the next, they mention your brand is not your name or share your tweet directly from your link; it is not necessary to mention brand keywords. Quick to find a loyal audience from the crowd, and it gives better results than enforceable followers.

Reply And Engage With Them

Create Q&A sessions on your tweets or retweets; Find out who comments to your questions. Reply to comments and thank them for sharing your content. Use some smileys and memes or GIFs to invite them to follow you. In this way, you can build brand advocates and grab new audience’s attention to drive website traffic with Twitter retweets by posting prompt replies. Followers like you when they follow or like your brand; it’s all online relationships. Use some tricks to approach them to start a conversation like in real life. Write some “reply” or “thank” templates to interact with people and pin it to save your valuable time. For example, you can thank people for giving you a lot of twitter retweets and post sweet words as comments.

If you are a global company, you need to know different languages to reply to them or collect some important templates and translate them to pin it. One most significant point is if you respond to their comments using the “@” symbol to mention a specific person or few persons. It helps to keep your followers with you.

Try To Boost Your Tweets

You should optimize your content to stand out your brand from the crowd feeds. To increase your credibility when you post the right content, and you can build a trustable relationship. Influencers will surely notice your optimized content, and they follow you to more engagement. Experts say your content should include headlines up to 50 characters, author name, website link, hashtags, and clear images. Most people like to see visual content on social media platforms, so give some importance to tweets with niche images.

Formula format : “Headline + author name + link + @domain name + any 2 hashtags + images”

Add # Hashtags

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To increase your tweet’s visibility, add relevant hashtags on tweets, so people search easily for your tweets to their business. People quickly analyze your posts when you organize your tweets’ topics. Famous hashtags help to monitor your tweets from the crowd, and it increases your reach. First, make a list of keywords brand-oriented and use competitor tools to shortlist them. Create a tweet with relevant keywords, and you can add up to 10 hashtags, but 2-3 hashtags are best forever. Use “#” symbol before you start.

Each Day Follow Up To 100 People

One smart way to increase your networks when you follow the right people; you can connect with the audience. And in this way helps to build authority with a huge audience. If you have 15 minutes per day, you can follow up with 100+ new people every day. Every Twitter account can follow up to 400 accounts per day, and if you have verified accounts, you can follow up to 1000 accounts per day. This limit depends on ratios, and it will be different for each account.

Visit Live Events On Twitter

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If you attend live events, you have real-time conversations on twitter with lots of people. Live programs build a strong relationship with industry, and twitter chat is always best to grow your audience. You can start a Twitter chat for unique conversations and some brands having their own twitter topics about their brand, but they already choose these chat topics. You always need to update about what time and date the chat is. Hashtags help to connect all tweets to make them ready for the conversation. Check the results when you finish your live twitter chats.


Trying these steps to build a strong presence on Twitter. Remember, short and sweet rules for while tweeting:

  • Repeat tweets, but don’t repeat the same type of content
  • Calculate ratio before tweets
  • Don’t confuse your followers
  • Write a good bio for impressions
  • Tweets not only promote yourself
  • Ignore the spammers, but don’t ignore any people
  • Follow the organization, if you are interesting
  • Stay positive with people

If you use these awesome steps on your tweets, get more engagement from twitter’s retweets.

Author Bio

Kaira Ralph works at Rousesocial as a social media strategist and a content writer. She contributes a lot of articles focusing on the latest social media trends to many blogs across the web. Her passions involve reading, painting, and traveling.