The Insider’s Guide to Modern Web Design for Startups

Today, one of the first things that people for when searching for products or services, is the business website. If you think about it, web design can influence consumer perception significantly. A user-friendly and responsive web page can make people stay on the page and explore the products or services. By focusing on modern web design elements, you can keep people on the page for a longer time and attract a wider audience too.

This can include interactive visuals, background video, and a hamburger menu that directs people to the relevant landing pages. These are just a few factors that you need to pay attention to when working on the website. To help you create a good one, here is the insider’s guide to modern web design for startups.

  • Bold Typography and Font Styles

It is something that can draw attention from the first look. With clear and bold headlines on the home page, you can tell people what your business is about immediately. This is one element that can send out the right message to the visitors to the website. The font styles also represent your brand and can be used to highlight your industry or expertise. For instance, a clear-cut and modern typeface could create the perception that the business is associated with technology, home décor, or fashion.

You can add clean and bold headlines on hero images or anywhere above the fold to give people an idea of the product or service. Make sure that you pick out relevant styles that are similar to the brand name. If you want, you can also use the same font as the logo design. It can help maintain consistency and boost recognition as well. It’s a good idea to create your brand symbol for the website beforehand or have a clear idea of it.

As a startup owner, deciding on the best DIY logo maker tool to design for your brand or hiring a graphic designer can be confusing. However, at the end of the day, you have to keep your budget and business goals in mind.

  • Increase White Space

For modern web design, you need to reduce the clutter on the pages and make the website easy to navigate. This can happen when you include ample white space and remove any unnecessary elements in the layout. You might have seen websites that have a one or two header images with less content on the home page. This allows people to easily scroll down until the end and find relevant details such as contact information and social media links.

With more white space, you can also create a responsive website that is easily accessible on different devices. It also keeps the attention on the images or animation that shows people what the product is or how it works.

  • Dynamic Header

There are quite a few websites that have a dynamic header image that instantly draws attention. It could even be just a headline and a brief explanation that appears on the screen slowly. This can make your website unique and convince the visitor to scroll down immediately. You can also add a GIF or graphics that highlight production methods or the work environment. A dynamic header can help provide a good user experience to potential customers as well.

It makes your website appear interactive and conveys relevant information from the first look. By adding this to the page, you could generate interest within the audience and convince them to make a purchasing decision too.

  • Include Geometric Shapes

This is another modern design element that could help attract more traffic to the website. Geometric shapes and borders can make it easier for people to focus on the important details and visuals. It can also help you divide the pages and highlight different sections. So, you can add geometric shapes with images or text to simplify the navigation and add to the appeal of the website.

The objects can also make your website look organized and minimalistic. Instead of cluttering the page with visuals or different elements that slow down the loading speed, you can include two or three geometric shapes. This allows you to create a website that is modern and requires minimal upgrades over time.

To Sum Up

This is the insider’s guide to modern web design for startups. It is a good idea to follow some of the useful ways mentioned above to create a platform or business page that converts higher leads. In this day and age, you need to focus on designing a website that works well on any mobile device and represents the brand closely.