Best Twitter Marketing Strategies To Boost Your Business

Using social media is one of the powerful strategies to expand your business in terms of brand visibility and revenue. One such social media is Twitter where more than 400 million tweets are generated every day on the site.

Twitter is one of the best ways to build relationships with prospects and this is the most important part in order to improve your business revenue in 2021. You need to understand that your brand is not so powerful that customers will come to you automatically.

This is one of the best platforms in the world that is worth visiting and spending time for your business. Social media presence (I am talking about Twitter) will bring you value in the form of revenue and this is how this platform is going to help your business.

How Twitter Can Help You To Improve Your Business Revenue?

According to the latest statistics of 2021, Twitter has around 192 million daily active users. This is truly a huge number to show you its worth and this is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world.

With just a little attention and hard work, you can turn your Twitter profile into a lead-generating powerhouse. Moreover, you cannot afford to ignore this social media platform for your business because its benefits are truly huge. Now, let’s not make you wait any further, here are the top ways how Twitter can help you to improve your business revenue in 2021.

1. Increases Brand Awareness

Twitter is one of the best social media platforms where you can increase your brand awareness among your target audience. Once you get successful in doing this, your investment returns in a business will rise rapidly.

At the same time, brand authority is important for your business. You can also use this as a medium to generate guest post opportunities for your loyal customers. This can help to build your business authority in the eyes of the audience as well as search engines.

2. Builds A Community/ Engagement

Another way how Twitter can help you to grow your business is by building a community/engagement. By using Twitter constantly, you can create a community among your current and potential customers.

On the other hand, you will get to know who your customers are and how to create stronger relationships with them. Thus, this will help you to earn a good source of revenue for your business.

3. Generate Publicity

Yes, Twitter helps to generate publicity, and this will be beneficial for your business in return. You can consider this as a long-term strategy for your business to grow a large number of Twitter followers.

Growing your Twitter followers is very important for your business and you can consider this as a traditional approach for your campaigns. These can be the best tricks for using Twitter for your business and you must focus on this.

4. Builds Relationships With Prospects

The Twitter platform can help to build relationships with prospects and this is very important for every entrepreneur. There are various tools on Twitter that you can include in your strategy to measure your results and thus, this will help to grow your followers on the same platforms.

If you become successful in building relationships with prospects, you can improve your business revenue. This will also help to generate traffic to your business profile.

5. Drive Traffic

Now, another way Twitter can help to improve business revenue is by generating large traffic to your brand. This is an important consideration that you need to make in order to improve your business revenue in 2021.

Traffic and leads are very important for any brand or business because, without traffic, your brand will not grow. To improve your business investment returns, you need to grow your social media followers with your creative and effective posts.

Closing Thoughts

If you are willing to know how to use Twitter for business marketing, then you can follow the above listed best ways to promote your business on this social platform in order to improve your business revenue to a great extent. Thus, follow the above listed ways to grow your business on the Twitter platform.

Author Bio:

Jais Frank is a freelance content writer and enthusiastic blogger. He is the co-founder of Essay Writing Guides. He contributes to many authority blogs such as Dream and Travel and Rslonline.

The Future of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is changing the trends and is evolving with time. It all started with an advertisement on television years ago. And now is trending in the form of shoppable posts and mini influencers. Digital marketing is now in the hand of people because of social media and its power. Social media is one of the biggest platforms with millions of users. Everybody is now a social media user whether they have an account on Facebook or Instagram. To cash social media power, digital marketers have approached social media influencers as their voice. They have a huge fan following, and because of this digital marketers are approaching them for their purposes. Their single post can address millions of people at one time.

Therefore, approaching digital influencers is like building your castle in digital media. Many other trends are going to be adopted in the future, and digital marketers are working on them. People are making different assumptions about digital marketing and its future. Some people are thinking about chatbots, while others are looking for voice research. In this way, the future of digital marketing is predicted, and the predictions are made based on the current situation. Here is a list of changes that are going to be seen in the future if digital marketing and, they include

Use of social media channels:

Now you see that Facebook and Twitter are giving optimistic growth to digital marketing. They are one of the biggest social media platforms, and people are using them to market their business. Now, other social media handles are also going to be a part of digital marketing.

Social media handles like Snapchat, Medium and Pinterest are also going to be a part of digital marketing. Now people are using them, and their users are increasing with time.

The shift of power is occurring, and now the small social media platforms are becoming big with time. Because of this, it is going to help a lot in digital marketing. It is not bad to show interest in small platforms because most of the time they help you in reaching your targeted audience.

AI and Automation:

AI is artificial intelligence and is a part of digital marketing at present. It has changed the approach of people and digital marketers as well.

It has taken the job of many but benefited business companies a lot. It is an easy way of keeping a check on marketing and everything happening with your business.

With the help of artificial intelligence, you can find your targeted population and potential customers. It is a cost-effective method as all the tasks are performed automatically. And you do not have to pay for extra staff when you are using automation or artificial intelligence. You can start your marketing campaign with it at any time.

It is up to you to decide when to use a machine and when to use marketing strategies. Sometimes you are not able to afford the cost of staff, so you end up using artificial intelligence.


The influencers have changed the game of marketing. People approach them because of their following. They also need marketing companies for their work and earning. So, when both the marketing companies and the influencers go hand in hand they benefit each other.

When you hire bloggers with the fan following millions it means you have to spend more money on them. And when you approach macro bloggers with few thousand you can use them for digital marketing at a low cost. They also need you, and you can cash this moment by hiring them for your campaigns.

The future of digital marketing is going to be a part of the future because it is a great way to market your business with the help of trustworthy people. It is an expensive market strategy, but it is very successful.

In future, the digital marketers will approach medium-sized influencers that are popular enough to be significant. They have better engagement and have a more targeted audience in their account.

When you have more followers it means different people are together at one point. And that time the influencers are not able to pay attention to every follower. But when you have fewer people in your account you can interact with them in a better way.

They dedicate more of their time to their followers and generate content relevant to the audience. If you want to target a particular group of people you can seek the help of macro-influencers for your digital marketing business.


Vloggers have a direct connection with the audience. People see and listen to them, and they have a great influence on society. Now all type of businesses is approaching video bloggers for their marketing and content creation purposes.

Vlogging is getting popular with time and because it has a direct and personal connection with the audience. Now people can relate to them and because of this, the future of digital marketing is also connecting with it.

People love vloggers because they bring their life on screen, and people can relate to them. In this way, whatever they post people will trust them, so in this case, you can catch up on them for digital marketing.

In the future, digital marketers will connect with vloggers to get direct access to an audience. And there are no doubt vloggers will be a part of future digital marketing campaigns.

Neuro Marketing:

It is a type of marketing in which the brain activity of a person is determined. All type of content engagement is checked to see what kind of ads should be used on their feed. It is the best way of marketing your business through content engagement.

People have little idea of neuro marketing but in near future, it is going to be a part of digital marketing. Different types of marketing material will be used to generate content for making digital marketing more effective. All the software houses in Pakistan are looking forward to neuro marketing as they believe in experimenting with new techniques.

6 Writing Tips to Build an Email List for Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing seems like the ideal opportunity to earn money the unconventional way, without doing the standard 9 to 5 job. All you have to do is find the right audience, find the right products, advertise them properly, get people to trust you… Wait, it isn’t that simple after all, is it? The truth is, there’s a lot of work to be done if you want to be successful at affiliate marketing. And, one of the tools you should use to make your effort more successful is email marketing.

Building a strong email list is essential for having a successful email marketing campaign. If you’re not sure how to do it, we’ve got you covered. Below, you’ll find our ultimate guide with 6 writing tips to help you build an email list for affiliate marketing.

Let’s take a closer look.

  1. Create Strong Opt-in Forms

The first step you need to make in building an email list for affiliate marketing is to create an opt-in form that will help you get people to subscribe. In theory, opt-in forms are supposed to ask your potential subscribers whether they want to subscribe to your email list or not.

But, in reality, opt-in forms are supposed to convince people to subscribe.

This is why you need to write an optimized and clever opt-in form. Here’s what we suggest:

  • place them all over your website, from your Home page to your blog
  • allow people to personalize choosing to receive emails only about specific things
  • let them know they can opt-out easily
  • allow for easy subscription e.g. via Facebook, Gmail, etc.
  • only ask for an email address
  • include a call-to-action (CTA)

For example, an opt-in form can pop-up when your website visitor reaches for the exit button. You can ask them:

  • Leaving already? Receive weekly updates, tips, and content about a healthy lifestyle! Subscribe now!

Think about the best places to put your opt-in forms, and make them interesting, informative, and clear. Let people know what they’re agreeing to exactly.

  1. Create Segmented Email Lists

Once your subscribers’ list starts to grow, you’ll need to create separate segmented lists based on their preferences, interest, and online behavior. You shouldn’t send the same emails to all your subscribers, since there’s no way they’ll all equally enjoy them.

So, divide your subscribers into groups based on:

  • the type of content they like to read
  • demographics
  • the products they’ve already bought
  • the links they clicked in your previous emails

Your email content should be aimed at specific groups of people, catering to their needs, interests, and preferences.

  1. Provide True Value

Once you get people to subscribe to your list, you can start dropping affiliate links to their inboxes. You’ll just make them unsubscribe. Instead, you need to slowly build up to it.

So, you first need to think about providing true value to your subscribers so that they start loving your emails. You should create emails campaigns sharing:

  • educational and useful content from your blog
  • invites to your webinars
  • your e-books
  • useful niche-related information
  • news

The content you’re sending needs to show that you’re professional, know what you’re talking about, and they can trust you. In case you need help, there are academic writing services that can help you improve your email scripts and write better email copies.

  1. Don’t Sell But Help

When you’re doing affiliate marketing, you must know the products or services you’re promoting. Just agreeing to promote anything that comes to your hands is not a good tactic. It will show you as someone who’s only trying to earn, instead of actually help.

So, once you choose the right things to promote, you’ll have to build the right email content around it. It’s not enough for you to just send the link and ask people to check it out and buy it.

So, make sure that you’re:

  • creating content related to the product you’re promoting
  • naturally inserting the affiliate link in the content
  • providing helpful advice to your target audience
  • recommending something they could truly benefit from

So, if you’re a beauty blogger, and you’re doing affiliate marketing for a natural cosmetics brand, you should create the content that explains:

  • the benefits of natural cosmetics
  • how it’s made
  • how to choose the right products
  • who should use them
  • etc.

Then, add an affiliate link to a product you chose or believe your target group will like.

  1. Recognize Pain Points

Your target audience, or the segmented groups you’ve made, all have the pain points that led them to you. Either they’re looking for a way to solve a problem, need advice, or information.

By recognizing these pain points, you’ll be able to:

  • address them in their emails
  • suggest how to solve them
  • provide help
  • suggest the affiliate product as one of the solutions

Make sure you make this affiliate link relevant, helpful and explain why you’re including it.

  1. Be Honest About Affiliating

Honesty is the key to any trusting relationship, including the one between you and your target audience. So, you need to clearly state that the link you’re sharing is a part of your affiliate marketing campaign.

Tell them:

  • they get a discount for using your promo code or following your link
  • you earn a commission from every sale done this way

Still, make sure to reinforce the message of trusting this brand and recommending it based on your personal experience, and not because you’re earning from it.

Final Thoughts

Building an email list for affiliate marketing means building trust and strong relationships. After having people subscribe to your email list, you have to constantly give them valuable content, useful information, and relevant facts.

Hopefully, the 6 writing tips provided above will help you build a stronger email list and boost your affiliate marketing success.

Author’s bio. Jessica Fender is a copywriter and blogger at GetGoodGrade with a background in marketing and sales. She enjoys sharing her experience with like-minded professionals who aim to provide customers with high-quality services.

Ways to Make Your Digital Marketing More Effective in 2021

Digital marketing has emerged as the most effective advertising medium in the recent decade. Marketing has become easy due to digitization and everybody is incorporating digital marketing in their businesses. Also digital marketing has far wider reach than traditional marketing. It is economical as compared to other forms of marketing. The trends have been continuously changing with time. COVID-19 has transformed the entire dynamics of business. Due to marketing has gained more relevance and everyone is opting it as a mean to survive in the recent situation. It has been observed that companies have started investing more in digital marketing. Every year comes with a different theme and trend shift so companies have prepared themselves to come up with more effective digital marketing strategies in 2021.Here we shall discuss a few of the ways that you can take up for effective digital marketing strategy in 2021.

Social Media:

It is recommended to drive your digital marketing in the field of social media. Invest maximum in designing social media strategies. Research suggests that due to COVID-19, a lot of people shifted online and started buying their products and services through social media. Same strategy is working for 2021. A strong social media strategy will lead to customer retention and will generate more leads. You should post regular content in order to engage maximum customers. You can create a poll in order to drive customer reviews. So it is important to design a proper content plan and schedule the posts with respect to days. Keep your customers engaged. Through regular updates about your product.

Micro Influencers:

Micro influencers are the people who have good following on social media and they have a say in the people’s life. Their opinions and views are seriously considered by the people. It is because they know the art of writing a relevant content and a right timing to say it. These micro influencers can be start of any social media forum including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, etc. People use to trust their views and relate to them. You may connect with the influencers of social media in order to launch your product and to maximize the reach of your brand. In this way, wider audience get to know about your product. Research suggests that 2021 has seen a massive incorporation of influencer marketing in digital marketing. Every company is taking influencers on board. This is because this type marketing costs less and benefits more. So you can bring in influences on board if you want to aware maximum people about your brand.

Interactive Marketing:

It is recommended to do interactive marketing with your customers on website and social media. You can add any personalize feature on your website and social media pages in order to engage the customers. In this way, customers will feel connected to your product. It is recommended to research more about the people who are following your product and use the date for putting up an interactive system on your site and social media platforms.

Mobile Marketing:

Nowadays people use mobile phones for every online work. Everything is handled on a small mobile screen. It is recommended to create and optimize the content and website keeping in view the customers that use mobile because mobile marketing leads to instant results. You can get instant feedback about your brand or product if you have incorporated mobile marketing well.

Personalized Content:

Content personalization has become an effective marketing tool.202 has seen massive traffic on website due to the personalized content. There must be different strategy that needs to be put up regarding content personalization in 2021.It has been said that content personalization will now incorporate artificial intelligence to get the real time data in order to create an effective and efficient content. So it is recommended to invest in AI based software so that you can get and analyze the data eventually leading to increased customers.


Chatbots usually has AI induced in them. Due to AI, chatbot will drive a relevant data and references. Also AI and chatbot will immensely improve the content creation strategy of the company. So it is recommended to incorporate AI based chatbots on your site.

Voice Search:

With the massive use of mobile phones, voice search is becoming more relevant. People are switching to voice search instead of text based search. Though search engines have not developed a particular algorithm for voice search, it is a possible innovation or improvement in 2021.It is recommended to optimize your content on the basis of voice search because soon people are switching to vice search.

Novel Content:

The content you create for the promotion of your product must be of quality and it must be unique. It is recommended to write an interactive content that readily engages the audience.

Video Content:

Research suggests that video content drives maximum traffic to the site and social media platforms. In fact video content is considered as the goldmine for digital marketers. Therefore it is recommended to incorporate quality video content that depicts the mission and values of your brand and describe your niche in particular. People get more inclination towards dynamic video as compared to the static content. Video must leave an impact on the viewer otherwise it will not be of any benefit so make an effort to make it memorable for viewer. Suppose you are promoting kontorsstädning I Stockholm (office cleaning in Stockholm), then there must be certain images and a specific content with quality voice over so that you can engage maximum people through relevancy of the video.

Author Bio:

Arslan Haider is author of the above blog. He has done his Bachelor in Computer Science from University of Wah. He is a professional Guest Blogger at Mediahicon and loves to post blogs with valuable content.

5 Key Benefits of Digital Marketing Over Traditional Marketing

Finding out the right strategy that would work most efficiently for your business purposes is one of the toughest and most serious jobs for any business. You can say, one of the main pillars of business success. 

With the change of time, the marketing patterns have also changed a lot. Strategies are being made that would be both cost-effective and efficient. And this in turn lit up the never-ending debate of Digital marketing vs Traditional marketing.

So, in today’s era, when technology has witnessed massive advancement and the competition is getting tougher every day, every business should understand the basic differences between digital marketing and traditional marketing, and understand which one is better for your business.

What is Traditional Marketing 

Traditional marketing includes those marketing strategies that can be done without the help of the internet. And this can be executed in several ways.

The ads we see on TV, banners, leaflets, posters, or hear on radio, fall under this category. Traditional ways also include references from other users. 

So, any sort of marketing that is executed without the internet is traditional marketing.

What is Digital Marketing

You have already understood from the above-mentioned paragraphs. Digital marketing is all of those marketing strategies that involve internet platforms. Any campaign that is done with the help of the internet is digital marketing.

There are many categories of digital marketing. There are several facets of digital marketing, like SEO, social media promotions, YouTube marketing, email marketing, influencer marketing, and many more.

You can see ads on web pages, social media magazines, community channels, websites, etc. These all come under the roof of digital marketing.

Now, there are many people who still believe in traditional marketing, whereas many business giants have seriously taken digital strategies into account. Even there are many famous entrepreneurs around the globe who have thrived their businesses through digital strategies.

There are many pros and cons of both digital and traditional marketing, but here we are going to discuss some of the major advantages of digital marketing over traditional marketing. 

Benefits of Digital Marketing over Traditional Marketing –

  1. Better Reach

Where traditional marketing is limited to a certain spread, digital marketing has its reach around the globe. Internet is used by billions of people around the world, so you can understand that having a website that gives you an online presence on the internet is actually reachable to billions of people.

Creating a website is also very tough nowadays, there are several free builders available on the internet with attractive themes. You can also create one in just one day. Check out Shopify reviews.

  1. Cost-effective

Where creating a website doesn’t include too much amount of money, performing digital strategies also can be done at a very low cost. Performing SEO strategies can be done absolutely free, promoting on social media also doesn’t require any money, just create a social media page and maintaining your content.

Social media ads also can be done at a very low cost. Other strategies like email marketing, YouTube promotions, are also easygoing. So digital marketing is pocket-friendly as well. 

  1. Better Result

Where traditional marketing needs a lot of money to invest and that too limited to a certain reach, digital marketing has a higher reach with lesser money to invest. So, it automatically gives you an efficient result.

Moreover, when you can target global audiences through digital strategies, the chances are much higher of having more sales and generating more revenues for your business.

  1. Better Tracking

In traditional marketing, you cannot perfectly track the results of your campaigns. You don’t know how many people even saw your ads in the newspaper or leaflets or banners. 

On the other hand, you can track your digital campaign result much efficiently. You can use several tools for tracking and that too also free. You can check their location, timings, sometimes you can track the email ids, etc. 

It helps you to have an in-depth insight into your campaigns and to reshape it if needed.

  1. Faster Execution 

Traditional marketing may take a long time to give you results. It may take even weeks or months. So, it is a very time-consuming, and slow process.

Whereas, in digital marketing, the results come very fast. You can gain leads in no time. Your business gets instant publicity. You can even chat one-on-one with your consumers in real-time. You even get to know the campaigns that are not working for you and can go for plan-b.


Though there are many differences between both of the marketing strategies, both have some advantages over the other. The above-mentioned are the most basic advantages that digital marketing has over traditional marketing. Hope you now have a brief idea.

Author Bio –
Mashum Mollah is a tech entrepreneur by profession and passionate blogger by heart. He is on a mission to help small businesses grow online. He shares his journey, insights, and experiences at Social Media Magazine & Search Engine Magazine. If you are an entrepreneur, digital marketing professional, or simply an info-holic, then this blog is for you.

Web Based Business – Digital Marketing Tips to Increase Online Sales

In the event that you are maintaining a business over web, at that point there should be intense showcasing techniques. Here we will talk about some of the tips that can improve online deals.

Deals cycle:

It is smarter to plan a business cycle for the item. Deals cycle is the technique to pitch your item to a client. It incorporates all the means to sell the item. Characterize the business pattern of your item since it will decide the stage where should you do promoting for your item. To put it plainly, all promoting methodologies depend on the business pattern of an item. Research do as well and testing for deciding the ideal deals cycle.

Checkout measure:

It is prescribed to improve the checkout cycle for your item. This is the most ignored promoting technique in a business. You try sincerely and contribute a great deal to arrive at the possible clients so don’t leave a space for client to relinquish the truck surrender. Build up the checkout cycle simple, smooth and intuitive with the goal that clients may not face trouble. It is the best methodology for keeping your clients flawless. On the off chance that there are a few pages for shopping the item, build up an advancement bar so clients realize the means to be taken further or have taken as of now.

Item depictions:

Clients consistently search for item depiction so it is strongly prescribed to add the item portrayal. You can likewise give an item control having each insight concerning the item. It adds believability to your item in the event that you incorporate client input or audits. These audits give a gauge to clients to buying your item. It is obligatory to add a different page for habitually posed inquiries. It is prescribed to compose depictions alongside catchphrases. It will improve the SEO of your site. It is smarter to streamline the depictions that will at last expand the positioning of site and your business will get noticeable prompting more deals. Along these lines, item depictions assume a focal job in moving your business higher than previously.

Transportation costs:

For better client experience, it is prescribed to show the transportation expenses of an item. It is noticed regularly organizations don’t show the transportation cost and lose the clients in light of the fact that toward the finish of the cycle, clients become acquainted with the delivery subtleties. Show delivering subtleties at the corner where client begins entering his/her data. Clients don’t feel better on the off chance that they begin filling the data of delivery without having the expense shown over the screen. Make your clients of each minor insight regarding the item and the installment. It will carry more clients to your business.

Continue to shop:

It is prescribed to put the alternative of ‘continue to shop’ close to the ‘proceed with checkout’ so clients can without much of a stretch discover it on the page. In web based business, such alternatives are anything but difficult to join in the checkout cycle.

Types of installment:

To carry validity to your item and site, it is prescribed to add the logos of various types of installment which your business is tolerating. You can add the true and mainstream security instruments to acquire the trust of the client. Security logo will make clients agreeable recorded as a hard copy their charge card data decisively.


Retargeting is the best showcasing technique. This system become effective when guests leave the site of your business without purchasing anything. Retargeting is the mainstream strategy to catch the crowd for greatest deal. You can put your items on the sites which are visited by the clients. Thusly, clients will see your items. Email showcasing is another powerful instrument to promote your business. Send special messages to the guests of your site. This will build traffic on your site ultimately prompting expanded deals.


Email showcasing is more compelling than the online media tools. Gather the messages of guest through online media and make an email list. Computerization is the piece of email showcasing procedure. Set up the email robotizations like, welcome email, request booking email, checkout email, truck surrender email and so on

Update your site:

It is prescribed to refresh your site every now and again. More established sites are obvious objective for spammers. So on the off chance that you have as of late built up your business over web, think about building up a refreshed site. Clients likewise feel good when they visit the site with similar pith as other business sites in any case there comes a sensation of suspiciousness.

Online media:

Online media is one of the developing and well known discussions across the globe. Try to have a record on each web-based media stage including Facebook, twitter, Instagram, YouTube and so forth. It is additionally important to routinely post the material about your business yet shrewd technique is to construct legitimate promoting efforts to develop your business. You can likewise remember video for your advertising efforts and post the video on all web-based media stages.

Assume on the off chance that you are selling the services of carpenters in Dubai over web; at that point make a video of carpentry work of your organization. This will build the commitment of clients with your business.

Author Bio:

Arslan Haider is author of the above blog. He has done his Bachelor in Computer Science from University of Wah. He is a professional Guest Blogger at Mediahicon and loves to write blogs on valuable topics.

How to Increase Customer Attraction Towards Your Online Business

Online business revolve around customers. Customers are the key stakeholders in any business. Success of any business depends on the loyal customer base. Here we shall discuss a few of the ways to increase customer attraction towards your online business.


Sale is the form of discount that you offer on products. Choose the product wisely for offering the discount. The product on sale must be having maximum customer’s interest rate. Though it is not a long term strategy, it brings new customers to the business. Afterdeciding about giving sale on a product, announce the sale on different social media forums including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.


You can organize a competition awarding people about your business, product or services. It is recommended to arrange a competition that is purposeful. There must be a voting mechanism in which you attract maximum customers to your business. Spread the competition on different forums so that maximum people may participate in voting system.

Free sample:

Successful businesses do not hold any barrier between their services and the customer. In order to break the barrier, you can give free samples to the customers. If your product is worthy enough to buy, every customer will buy the product happily after experiencing the free sample package.


In order to enhance the customer base, you can collaborate with other businesses in the market having strong customer base. The partnership is not necessarily be with the established and competitive business. You can choose any business that has maximum traffic on the site for collaboration. In this way, you will get customers from your partner’s customer base and eventually it will lead to increased customer base of your product.


Blogging is one of the effective long term strategy for increasing the customer base of your business. Quality content plays a vital role in driving the customers to the product. It is recommended to create a high quality content that is targeted specifically to customers.Targetted content increase the SEO of the site and improve the ranking of the website on search engine. Eventually you get more traffic to your site. Customers will read the content and if they find it appealing, they will share the content with their fellows, friends and family.


Advertisement is the basic method to advertise your business in different dimensions. You can use Google Ads for advertising. Google Ads require you to spend money but it is one the quickest ways to get maximum customers.

Social Media:

21st century is a digital age in which you can reach to customers through different forums. Now you can reach to your customers through the channels which are frequently used by customers. Nowadays every person has its account on social media forums includingFacebook, twitter, and Instagram and post relevant content that targets the customers. Through social media, you can get enormous sharing of your posts. So make sure to make an account on every forum.

First time purchase:

You can make the first time purchase experience of your customers memorable by offering incentives over it.In this way, the visitors of your online store or physical business will become regular customers.


Referrals are the most efficient and effective way of marketing your business and getting new customers. This type of marketing is usually done by existing customers by referring it to their friends and family. This strategy works if the product you are offering is of high quality and customers are satisfied with it.If you are running an online business, you can get an automated software for referral marketing.


Interact with new people by attending businessseminars, events and tell them about your business. Introduce your business among gatherings of chamber of commerce and trade associations. Your business will get a significant boost through your effective interaction.


Nowadays, customers find companies by looking at their websites first. Your website often serves as first introduction of your business. So frequently update your website according to the latest trends I the market. Visitor should not feel any inconvenience while browsing your business website. You can hire a professional website designer for professional web display.

New product:

Offering a new product will obviously attract the customers. It may seem expensive or complicated but you do not need to launch an entirely new product or service. You can replace an existing product, reprice the product or even change the packing of the product. It will be considered a new offer and customers will get attracted to the product. Suppose you are running a business of Bluetooth Party Speakers, you can change the color of the speaker that will be considered as a significant change in the product.


You can volunteer your expertise by speaking on different forums. Share your knowledge with your peers and customers. It will build your credibility among people.

SEO Trends To Pay Attention To In 2021

As we near the end of a truly tumultuous year that most people would rather forget, we look forward once again to the coming year and the changes that it brings, specifically to the world of search engine optimization.

SEO has evolved so much since its advent a couple of decades or so ago.

It only seems like yesterday when keyword stuffing was an acceptable way of getting high search engine rankings. Now it’s a widely-condemned practice by Google and other search engines.

The unmistakable emphasis on quality content today is also a far cry from the way search engines ignored it in the beginning. And who would have thought twenty years ago that mobile optimization would even become a thing?

Given that SEO is a relatively young and ever-changing field, we can only expect more and more optimization trends to pop up year in and year out. For 2021, here are some of the SEO trends we believe will impact the industry.

UX Will Blow Up

Over the last couple of years, people have been talking about how great user experience and SEO go hand in hand, but it’s in 2021 that we will see UX become a true-blue, honest-to-goodness ranking factor with the rollout of the Page Experience signal in May 2021.

When sizing up your page’s overall UX, Google will look at your site’s Core Web Vitals, a set of specific factors that focus on the most critical aspects of the user experience such as loading, interactivity, visual stability while loading.

The Core Web Vitals will then be combined with other search signals for page experience like mobile-friendliness, browsing safety, HTTPS-security, and lack of interstitial pop-ups to get a clear picture of the quality of the experience a user goes through when exploring a web page.

Although how Core Web Vitals will directly impact your rankings is still unknown, it’s probably safe to say that getting an excellent page experience score could increase your chances for higher rankings. We have to wait until next year to see what happens, though.

Site Speed Will Matter More Than Ever

Improving site speed has always been a trend year in and year out, mainly because users will always have an insatiable need for speed.

These days, users expect the web pages they access to load in three seconds or less.

If your pages load more slowly than that, you will need to speed things up by optimizing your images for size, content optimization, reducing redirects, and switching to a better web hosting provider.

Voice Search Will Grow Bigger

One clear indicator that voice search will only grow bigger in the coming years is the number of households with at least one smart speaker, the device of choice of voice searchers for their search engine queries.

According to Statista, 35% of U.S. households have at least one smart speaker as of 2019, but that figure is poised to balloon over the years to 75% by 2025.

With the continued rise of voice search, the people who do SEO would do well to optimize for it. They can do things like target long-tail key phrases, use conversational language when creating content, and improve content readability to perform well in voice search results.

Mobile-friendliness Will Grow In Importance

Being mobile-friendly has always been important over the last few years, given that it’s actually a ranking factor.

However, Google’s scheduled rollout of mobile-first indexing for all websites in March 2021 is going to change the mobile game forever.

Starting March next year, the mobile version of your website will be Google’s primary basis when indexing and ranking it. That means your site must perform well on mobile devices or face the risk of your pages dropping in Google search rankings.

Find out how mobile-friendly your site is by checking out Google’s Mobile Friendly Test.

These trends are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg as far as 2021 SEO trends are concerned. While trends may come and go, the ones listed above are likely to be around for a long time. Then again, change is the only constant in SEO, and that’s why we all need to be on the lookout for trends that just might become a game-changer for everyone in the coming years.

About the Author

Shawn Byrne is the founder and CEO of Shawn started his career in I.T. troubleshooting workstations, servers and networks, then went on to doing SEO as a side project and quickly found success in ranking websites. It was easy for him to grasp not only the algorithms but also the technical side which most SEO strategists miss and neglect because of its complexities. SEO Phoenix then grew based on its own rankings and referrals.

How To Use TikTok Like A Pro: Secret Tips You Should Know

While speaking about short term videos, TikTok stands at its best, containing a wide variety of short term videos from comedy clips to emotional clips. Being affectionate of this short term video-sharing app, we are here to share TikTok’s secret tips with you all. So. keep scrolling!


TikTok’s Secret Tips in 2020


If you are a creator often get trolled for no reason, these secret tips act as a shield for you. Keep scrolling on!


1. Access Private Account

Users who are looking for their privacy on TikTok, this feature is handy. Once you enable the private account option, only approved users follow you and watch your videos and engage with your videos. If you are looking to get more people to look at your TikTok videos, you need to gain TikTok likes hence boosting engagement. And also, remember that existing users won’t be affected anymore. To activate the private account, Open the TikTok app – click the profile option at the bottom right corner – click the more option at the top right corner – privacy and safety. You can see the private account option, turn on the option to activate it.


2. Restrict Everyone To Download Your Videos

If you hate when someone downloads your video, luckily, TikTok has an excellent feature of restricting everyone from downloading your videos. Open the TikTok app – click the profile option at the bottom right corner – click the more options at the top right corner – tap the privacy and safety option. Scroll to the safety option and choose the off option in the “Allow your videos to be downloaded” tab.


3. Bury The Comments With Certain Keywords

Social media sites might also include the home for negativity and trollers. And if you often get nasty comments, the comment filters on TikTok are ready to bring the best result for you. Yes, this option lets you restrict the words to your videos with specific keywords. To activate it, Open the TikTok app – click the profile option at the bottom right corner – click the more options at the top right corner – tap the privacy and safety option. Then, scroll down to the comment filters section. Here, turn on the option and add multiple keywords to restrict the comments.


4. Pick The One To Duet With Your Videos

If you want the specific persons to duet with your video, well, you can access the unique feature on TikTok to do so. To activate it, Open the TikTok app – click the profile option at the bottom right corner – click the more options at the top right corner – tap the privacy and safety option. Scroll down, and select friends on the “Who Can Duet With Your Friends” tab.


5. Enable Only Friends To Respond Your Videos

If you wish to be aware of unwanted reactions and comments to your videos from unknown persons, you can use the TikTok feature to stop the video reactions from new users. To activate it, Open the TikTok app – click the profile option at the bottom right corner – click the more options at the top right corner – tap the privacy and safety option. Choose the Friends option in the “Who Can React To Your Videos” under the safety section.


6. Save Your Favorite TikTok Videos

You can save the stunning and cool TikTok videos to watch them later, even if there is no internet connection. So, if you get any excellent videos that impress you, touch and hold on the video, a popup appears, then click the save option from the popup.


These are the simple secret tips you should know to use the TikTok platform like a pro. I hope you are benefited through these secret tips like responding to videos, staying away from unwanted comments, etc. Work it out, and shine like a TikTok pro.


Author Bio

Anne Joseph is a passionate social media writer and working at Bouxtie. She has strong strategy skills in developing and managing social media campaigns. She loves to make new connections and enjoy the opportunity to work with social media influencers.

How To Rank Your YouTube Videos – 5 Steps To Get Started

YouTube is a powerful marketing platform that helps to enhance your business and brand. Over 6 billion hours of YouTube video viewed per month. Also, YouTube is the second largest website in the world. One-third of the internet audience spends much time on YouTube.

YouTube marketing is the main key to getting videos ranked on both YouTube and Google search. It makes an automated flow to find the people with your videos, which is related to your business.

In this guide, we will discuss the importance of Youtube ranking with the help of 8 tips. Once you have followed these steps, it helps you get more likes and views by ranking your YouTube videos higher on Google and YouTube.


Naming is an identical factor in the marketing process. Most marketers made a mistake with improper naming for your videos. This naming structure will happen in two places.

  • Raw video file
  • Video title

YouTube has the algorithm for the raw video file, which helps to find the content. If you’re not familiar with raw video titles, this guide helps to work on it.

Below are the tips to optimize the raw video title:

  • Right-click on your YouTube video and choose “Get Info”.
  • Include tags which are related to your video’s and synonym keywords.
  • Give a name the file based on your main keywords
  • Use some comments about your YouTube video.

Once you upload your file on the YouTube channel, it will automatically throughout the raw file name.

The video title should be less than 60 characters. Use keywords at the beginning of the title. Also, it must be short and descriptive and easily attracted by the audience. Don’t forget to add the keywords to your title. It helps to be an essential part of the ranking progress.


The YouTube algorithm is based on the views when YouTube was first launched. Once you get the most views for your video and it gets a high rank. But two years ago, YouTube changed its terms and conditions. They have counted your views, but at the same time, they do conjunction with engagement metrics.

The engagement metrics are,

  • Number of seconds viewed
  • Comments
  • Social shares and Likes

These additional metrics help to cut out the false clicks from the million click farms. At this moment, it can neglect a lot of videos with less focus content. It’s better to make rich content that drives user engagement. YouTube doesn’t have any guidelines regarding video length. Any user can upload extreme video length, but we suggest creating your video at least 60 seconds.

There are two main reasons:

  1. Your video length is longer, which means you can engage your viewers. Therefore, having your videos will add more seconds to your count and increase your watch time.
  2. In YouTube policy, short videos consider the spam your videos; So, avoid making length videos. It helps boost your video and enhance your YouTube likes & subscribers.


The audience first lands on your page; they can see the title. Your video title should be related to your video and descriptive. The length of the title is 55-60 characters. Use keywords at the beginning or mid of the title, which improves your chance for ranking higher in YouTube search.

Many YouTubers forget this section; the most important section is a video description. Basically, you can describe your video with the help of the keywords. Also, you can add the link to your website. A new member lands on your page, they first read the description part and click the link. Your video views are great, but YouTube is merely a means to something larger. Your videos should encourage your audience to take action. That action should be clicked on your website where you can finish the marketing process.

Here are some tips for creating a video description:

  • Create a unique style! Don’t copy the content from competitors and your previous videos. Each video is different and should be treated. Write a unique description for each video.
  • The character’s length of the description section is to be 5000. Use 2-3 keywords in part.
  • Avoid placing the same keywords twice. You’re stuffing the same keywords, and there is a chance of going spam.
  • Use synonyms of the keywords in your description. For Instance, your keyword is – how to rank on YouTube videos, how to rank on YouTube videos in Google-like.


Make a playlist for your YouTube channel that helps your viewers easily find your videos. It is the easiest way to segregate your content and share it with others. You can create playlists for saving the multipurpose channel.

You can make a playlist with the help of keywords. Whatever you can split that music videos, news, funny videos, and entertainment videos. It is simple to add, edit, and delete from the YouTube playlist. You will drop your videos to change the order, change the priority, and rename the playlist.

Here are the steps on how to make a playlist:

  • Start to watch the video before you can add the playlist.
  • Save the video first, and create a “New Playlist.”
  • Give the name of the playlist and select the private or public.
  • Once created a playlist, add your favorite video and again save it.
  • After that, you have to check whether the videos are added or not. Note it – add more videos to your playlist at a time.

The playlist section is placed on the left-hand column of your YouTube homepage.


YouTube offers to choose the image that suits your YouTube videos—adding a thumbnail of your videos to make the best impression for your viewers. I suggest placing a thumbnail that tells the viewers what your video is about and why they click on it.

If you want to boost your subscribers, you have to use a proper thumbnail to your videos. It is the heart of YouTube videos. Also, you can easily include the custom thumbnail and upload it.

Here are the few tips to before uploading the content:

  • The thumbnail image size should be 1280 x 720
  • Images must be .JPG, .PNG, .GIF or .BMP
  • Under 2 MB
  • Use attractive colors like Yellow, Red & Green, and use stylish fonts.


YouTube is a robust platform when you have used it correctly. YouTube Video marketing is developing, and many marketers want to promote their product in the channel. Creating unique content and standing out the right people at the right time is important for success. Don’t forget to add the above steps to your videos and start ranking in Google & YouTube searches.

Author Bio

Victoria Daniel is a social media expert and writer who is working in PixelGroovy. She is a regular contributor to well established IOT blogs and she has been into Internet marketing for two years.