5 Hidden Ways To Increase Your Organic Ranking

When you are working on an online platform you want to just reach the top as soon as possible because that is everyone’s dream and you are not wrong if you think this way.

There are quite a few ways through which you can reach the ranks on google that nobody has ever reached and that is what we are going to discuss here.

We will tell you about 5 different ways through which you can improve your organic ranking very quickly and is a great way.

SEO Egypt uses these 5 different methods through which you can improve your ranking.

Understand the algorithm for ranking:

When you are working on different platforms like google etc. you need to keep a check on what their algorithm is doing, and you need to understand that it keeps changing over time.

If you want to keep that in check you need to constantly look into the parts where they tell you about the algorithm.

If you will not understand the algorithm you will never be able to reach the highs on ranking and you will keep lagging behind.

Google is one place that is constantly changing its algorithm, so it is important that you keep a check on what is changing every day.

If you want to stay on the top ranks, then you need to work according to their algorithms. If the algorithm is giving importance to the keyword, then work on it.

If it is giving importance to the words that you are using in one article, then you should focus on that. In short, whatever you feel like can take you to the top of searches start doing it.

If you will follow the algorithm, the right way then you can easily reach the top ranking.

URL structure:

The next thing that most people do not pay heed to is the URL structure that they are using for their site and that is exactly what keeps them behind everyone.

Using the right URL structure is one of the keys to keeping your blog on the top ranking and if you do not do this then you will have a lot of problems in reaching the top.

Now you need to know how and what is actually the right way to keep your URL structure.

The right method to use the URL structure is to keep it as a formula and that is exactly what is going to help you in staying on top of the searches.

Keep your URL structure very short and easygoing so that people are able to reach up to the par and they do not have to face any difficulties with it.

We know that a long URL structure is good for long-tail keywords but sometimes you need to move away from the normal and casual ways to move forward.

Social sharing:

We know that social media has become one of the most commonly used things on phone and that is where people are spending most of their time.

You may or may not realize it but social media has become one of the biggest platforms for people who want to succeed or do something in life.

You need to keep that in your mind that if you want to come or stay on top of the search ranking then you need to attach the social media platforms on your site.

When you are starting to make a site, you need to set this up at that time only so that you do not have to face many difficulties in the future.

Now you need to understand what you need to do so that you can appear in organic ranking on the top.

When you make a website for whatever business you are starting to do, you should make all the different social media accounts for that business as well.

Once you are done making the accounts for that, attach those social media accounts with your website. This way when people will like something from your website they can easily share it on

their social media and you will be able to see a lot of increase in your ranking too.

Loading speed:

The next thing that people do not pay much attention to is the fact that your page’s loading speed also affects your ranking so much and it is most commonly neglected because it is not something that can clearly be seen.

What basically happens is that if you have made a website and people start to visit it and if the pages on your website load very quickly then it will automatically improve the SEO ranking because people would like to stay on your site and they will also keep coming back to it.

Similarly, if your website is opened by somebody and if it takes years to open then the user will just get fed up and he will leave your page which will affect your ranking so much.

You may not or you may not but if your site does not open immediately and it is taking too much time then the bounce rate will automatically start to increase and the views on your page will decrease.

When this will happen, you will also have a low rank on google. So, you need to keep a check on this too so that you do not lose the ranking.


Lastly, one thing that you need to understand is that no matter how many times google changes its algorithm, but keywords will always hold some importance and they are always able to change the game for you.

Using the right keywords is one of the most important things to know and you always need to keep a check on what is trending and what is not.

If you will choose keywords, that are not very good then no matter how much you follow the algorithm it is not going to work for you.

Always keep a check on these things and look closely at what is working well for you and what is not working fine.

What is SEO? And why should we care?

Do you know why websites are created and what is the purpose behind making them visible to more people?

Well, creating a website and making it visible to people is a kind of marketing, and it is possible through SEO. It is a tool that helps you get more eyes on your page and help you get customers for your business.

In short, SEO is a technology that helps you define your rank among the searches of Google. It works for your competitive appearance and high ranking in the result pages of the search engine.

What is SEO?

It consists of all the tricks, tactics, and strategies with the help of which you optimize your content and get more traffic for your page.

SEO is a set of rules that you follow for website optimization and the content you post on it. Without Search Engine Optimization, nobody can enter the race of Google ranking.

SEO has two main functions to perform. Website creation and let people find is one and the other the goal is to provide you a pathway for what to post and what users are looking for on your page.

Why should we care?

People often question the importance of SEO, but what they miss seeing is what SEO brings to them. Without search engine optimization, it is not possible to make your website user-friendly or easy to navigate.

So, when there is something like why should we care for SEO, it should be mentioned that without SEO it is difficult for a website to survive in the online business market.

Now everybody is a part of online business because it is the requirement and demand of the current era. So, when you enter this world of digital media where your internet presence is a must for how long you can exist without having a business website.

Having a website is not enough until and unless you have visitors to visit. For this purpose, you have to make your website accessible, easy for navigation, and above all, increases the quality of your website.

It is only possible when you optimize your website through search engine optimization. We have to care for it because the competition is really high and two websites with the same kind of content cannot exist for long.

SEO helps you in adding something new and trendy to make you a part of a competition where people from the field are selling and providing the same service.

We have to care for SEO because it is the only by which we can get organic traffic on our page, and without organic traffic, there is no existence of any website.

It is a good promotional tool that you can use to promote your products and services in your market. You can promote your business on different social media platforms with the help of SEO to increase traffic to your page.

If you are run any official campaign for your official website, you seek help from the advertising agency in Egypt for promotional purposes. But at first, make sure that your website is optimized through SEO.

SEO increases the usability of a website and makes it easy for users to trust and search your website with the help of keywords and your content. When people have to search for something that you are selling, in this case, SEO brings you in their searches to help you in making visible to your potential customers.

Author Bio:
Muhammad Anas is the author of the above blog. His educational background in the technical field and business studies helps him in tackling topics ranging from career and business productivity to web development and digital marketing. He is a professional Guest Blogger at Mediahicon. He loves to post blogs with valuable content.

Digital Marketing is Changing the Approach to Translation

With the advancement in technology, the ways of business dealing are getting better. People get awareness to deal with other persons. Its vision of accepting things broadened. There are different strategies introduced by the product owners. The translation is one of them. There is a Translation Company in Dubai that works as an affiliate with brands. They work digitally and help in increasing the revenue of the organization.

What is Marketing?

In today’s world, online marketing is getting popular than offline. It is becoming an effective way to shop online. The true meaning of marketing is to find the connection. It takes time but, once you locate them, it will give you benefits. You have to value your brand and give it a chance to do better.

What is Digital Marketing?

The method to digitalize the process of branding is known as digital marketing. It is by using electronic based equipment. Internet is the source of online marketing. It provides varieties in choice. There are different channels like social media, email, websites, and search engines that connect the customers with the owners. There are related websites that can be used as a help to get information on the latest trends.

Importance of Digital Marketing:

The chance of socializing gets advanced. There are varieties of the audience with targeted goals. You have to deal with them in their way. It is a cost effective method that gives you success and failure at the spot. You have to be quick and responsive towards your clients. They have choices, might get bored, and find another way. The marketers find it interesting to sell their products with a new style.

Benefits of Digital Marketing:

Some of the benefits that we get from it are the following:

  • Target Specific Audience: 

It is the rule of digital marketing that you have to focus on the target audience that approaches your product or brand. You can send marketing messages to that specific person.

  • It is Cost-Effective:

You can do campaigns relating to different channels. It will reduce the amount of money that is spending on various consumers. 

  • Outranking Bigger Players:

By uploading high quality content, you can make opportunities for players that once cannot get fame. They have a different initiative that is by the digital marketing platform. They form the content that resonates with the people.

  • It is Measurable:

There is a concise start to finish end in it. It includes views, clicks, and impressions on the page. You can measure the amount of audience that sees your product.

Types of Digital Marketing:

There are the following types of it:

  • Affiliate marketing.
  • Email marketing.
  • Inbound marketing.
  • Pay per click.
  • Content marketing.
  • Blogging.
  • Social media marketing.
  • Search engine optimization.
  • Online PR.

Services of Digital Marketing Regarding Translation:

They are the following:

  • International SEO:

There are multilingual services offered that give excellent results. It is for an international campaign for a website. It has translators that use the mother tongue. They are professional in their work.

  • International PPC:

The choice of perfect keywords is necessary for it. These are for the target audiences. The translators use specific keywords and change them into the target language. The choice of these right keywords protects from wastage of money.

  • International Email Marketing:

Email is a new method of communication. It is to advertise your product to large audiences. The marketers implement strategies of email programmes as a tool. It is also necessary in today’s modern world.

  • Multilingual Social Media:

It is a technique that uses social media as a preference for digital marketing. It advances the process of monitoring and management. There are various platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and WhatsApp. Some companies are involved in it to advertise their products.

Digital Marketing and Translation:

The translation is the method of exchanging one specific language into the target language. It plays a role in the process of digital marketing. The process of advertisement is by translating the content. Experienced translators use the complete expression of it and exchange ideas and information to complete conversation. It has various types to attract the targeted audience. Like, the use of social media tools to get customers. There are paid advertising campaigns with reasonable rates. You can hire people to commercialize your product and charge money. The translators help in a way that they provide correct information to the right audience. It builds an emotional and personal relationship between customer and owner.

Video Translations:

It is a form of translation. It is an effective and inexpensive yet interesting technique. YouTube is a popular translation site among all. Blogging is a famous way to express your feelings about a product. It works for both either client or the owner of the product.

Author Bio:

Arslan Haider is author of the above blog. He is a Senior SEO Expert at MediaHicon (deals in SEO services). Apart from that, he loves to post blogs having valuable content.

5 Biggest SEO Blunders You Should Avoid


Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, as we commonly refer to, is one of the most effective tools that is a necessity for online marketing. In the digital marketing sector, it is one of the highest demanded strategies. It is one of the best ways that you can try to elevate your marketing goals and eventually generate more revenue. 

However, in order to make the best out of it, you must have a fair knowledge and learn about the techniques related to SEO. If you aren’t well acquainted with such hacks, it might lead you to create a lot of mistakes. This is ultimately going to affect your marketing goals. Hence, here we will discuss some of the biggest blunders that people usually commit but which should be avoided. 

What Is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is basically a strategy in the field of internet marketing that is used to gain more traffic to a website or webpage by ameliorating the quality of the website through optimized content. 

If your content is well-optimized, it is bound to rank higher on the search engines. The rankings on a search engine will, however, depend on the number of searches made for a particular keyword by users. You can also take the help of blogger outreach services for more visibility. 

What Is The Importance Of SEO?

To understand the importance of SEO, you must go through the study of the various elements involved in it and how they operate. SEO is an inbound marketing strategy that increases the visibility and prominence of a website. 

It also enhances the user experience by making it easier to navigate. For a business website, SEO tactics can help to draw in better traffic and create more opportunities to gain prospective customers in the long run. This will eventually lead the organization to make higher profits. 

What Are The Blunders You Should Avoid From Committing?

While everything remained low since the pandemic, the digital marketing sector witnessed a boom. Consequently, people started realizing its importance. With such an expanding market, the demands and opportunities for SEO are also growing. 

However, due to changes in consumer behavior and search engine developments, the techniques of SEO are constantly evolving. Thus, it is not an easy task, and mistakes could lead to serious consequences. Here, I have compiled some of the biggest SEO blunders that you must avoid committing:

  1. Publishing Wrong Type Of Content

While considering SEO services, publishing the wrong type of content for your users could be the biggest blunder you commit. You must consider your audience’s preferences before submitting content on your site. 

If you think about copying quality content from some other higher ranked website, it will be considered plagiarized and will only lead to the degradation of your own site. 

  1. Not Using Meta Description, Title Tags, And Enough Headings

Another big blunder that you must be careful about and avoid is skipping on the meta descriptions and title tags. Your focus keyword is not the only thing that matters. Search engines tend to consider such optimizing aspects very severely. 

When these are not included in your content, it might lead to serious consequences for your website. Using frequent and distinctive headings makes it easier for users to understand the topic better.  

  1. Not Using Varying Keyword Phrasings

Using enough keywords for your content is extremely important. However, sometimes there are several users who tend to search for a lesser common phrasing.  Thus, when you are indulging a lot of keywords per page, you can consider making a few variations to the texts wherever possible. 

This will allow both kinds of users, the ones who search for normal keywords and the others who search for a similar keyword with different phrasing, to avail your content.  

  1. Missing Quality Links

Link building services are one of the essential factors of SEO. If you are injecting a higher quantity of external links rather than focusing on their quality, you are just committing a big blunder. 

Hence, you must look into adding links from websites that are well-reputed and boasts a higher rank on the search engine. 

  1. Not Using Analytics 

Generating traffic is not the only aspect that you should focus on in SEO. What is more important is tracking the progress of your efforts. If you do not utilize your analytics package, it is just another blunder that you are making. 

Your optimization results will majorly depend on setup and regular review of the analytics. Tools such as Google Search Console and Google Analytics can majorly track the performance of any website. 

Final Thoughts

SEO is a very important element that you must focus on if you want to be a successful digital marketer. It is something that must not be taken lightly. Therefore, you cannot afford to commit any blunders when working with such a tool. 

I hope I was able to make you aware of all the mistakes that people usually make but which should definitely be avoided. 

Author Bio,

Shane Brown is a passionate blogger and chief blogging officer at BloggerOutreach  Viacon  seogrowthengine, RedhatMediaiDreamAgency  Sbnewsroom ,smartbusinessdaily ,Okeymagazine, Gossipment .He is the man behind Search Engine Magazine, a well-known SEO Magazine. Shane specializes in inbound marketing and creative sales copy.

How to Increase the Domain Authority of Your Website

If you wish to rank higher in Google and get more natural traffic to your site, you must have heard or have read something that is increasing your website’s domain authority can boost your rank in Google. However, the truth is not the opposite of it. Because improving the domain authority of your website is not something terrible or a. act of loss.

The higher your domain authority is, the almost certain you are to procure a higher web positioning and get more and better web traffic. Your domain authority is likewise a decent method to gauge your SEO endeavors, just as it contrasts the strength of your site with your opposition’s areas.

Your primary focus should not be on increasing your core but on the process that improves it. If you will keep an eye on the score and will not work for it, then this turns out to be terrible, but if you pay attention to the method of raising your score or your rank in Google, then things are going to be very different. You will see your website making progress, and this is something a businessman always wishes to have.

What is Domain authority?

Domain Authority is a number or a numerical value that demonstrates the authority of your site. The higher your area authority is, the more prominent are your odds of positioning higher in internet searcher result pages and getting more natural traffic.

The domain authority is a score between 0 to 100, which attempts to anticipate how well a site will rank on web crawlers. It isn’t equivalent to the positioning score utilized by Google, which can impact your rankings.

An authority which was emerged from PageRank introduced the idea of page ranking, and it was presented by Larry page back then. And it is still being utilized to determine the measurement of your website rank in Google.

The most important thing about getting traffic on your website is to increase the interest of people in your webpage, and this is not possible by just offering promo codes to people. There are some other ways by which you can increase the domain authority of your website, and they include

Choose the Name of Your Page

If you are starting your website page, then pick up a name for it. It should be moderately simple, so when people visit it, they can remember it. If they remember, they won’t have any issues getting back to your site since they have no problem recalling it.

Generate Creative Content

The most important thing that makes a website worth clicking is its natural links. For natural links, you have to generate content that is not only natural but is also relatable, so when people look for something, they can relate to your content. So, you have to write something unique, original, and is worth clicking. Or, in other words, it should be link-worthy.

The content you make should be simple, insightful, useful, and easy to read because, in this, the admins of other websites will reference it in their articles. Practically speaking, this cycle of natural links works, and it is precious.

However, it is time taking, and it demands patience from your side. It is a long time process, and one has to stay patient until it result gets shown.

It will also require some investment to pick up enough readerships with the goal that a portion of the readers who will pay attention to your content will share your piece of work on their websites.

Create Content that is Previously Known for Getting Links

When you are looking for your content topics, then make sure to look at the issues having the most referred links. Because selecting a topic having bundles of directed links will help in the growth of your domain authority. You have to keep you relevant to the audience and to make it happen. You have to stick to the topics people need a referral.

Make sure to avoid the topic which is not common because it gets tough to get links. It is not wrong to write something unique, but if people have no knowledge about it or there is no history of the topic existing, why would people need links.

You can select the relevant topics by contacting the authority a well. Contact the people who are featured in the issues on the top ranking of the people, or reach the people who have used that content in their topics. In this way, you will get more information about the subject, and it will help you choose something existing, and people can relate to it.

Optimize Your Content

Website design or SEO matters for both Google web index positioning just as your domain authority, so ensure that you upgrade all your title labels, all the pictures alt labels, the on-page code, and the website itself. Moreover, make sure to keep the entirety of your permalinks precise and relatable, incorporate varieties of your primary catchphrases, and make a sidebar area for new posts. It will help you increase traffic on your page, which is beneficial for getting higher ranks in Google.

Author Bio:

Arslan Haider is author of the above blog. He has done his Bachelor in Computer Science from University of Wah. He is a professional Guest Blogger at Mediahicon and loves to write blogs on valuable topics.

5 Key Benefits of Digital Marketing Over Traditional Marketing

Finding out the right strategy that would work most efficiently for your business purposes is one of the toughest and most serious jobs for any business. You can say, one of the main pillars of business success. 

With the change of time, the marketing patterns have also changed a lot. Strategies are being made that would be both cost-effective and efficient. And this in turn lit up the never-ending debate of Digital marketing vs Traditional marketing.

So, in today’s era, when technology has witnessed massive advancement and the competition is getting tougher every day, every business should understand the basic differences between digital marketing and traditional marketing, and understand which one is better for your business.

What is Traditional Marketing 

Traditional marketing includes those marketing strategies that can be done without the help of the internet. And this can be executed in several ways.

The ads we see on TV, banners, leaflets, posters, or hear on radio, fall under this category. Traditional ways also include references from other users. 

So, any sort of marketing that is executed without the internet is traditional marketing.

What is Digital Marketing

You have already understood from the above-mentioned paragraphs. Digital marketing is all of those marketing strategies that involve internet platforms. Any campaign that is done with the help of the internet is digital marketing.

There are many categories of digital marketing. There are several facets of digital marketing, like SEO, social media promotions, YouTube marketing, email marketing, influencer marketing, and many more.

You can see ads on web pages, social media magazines, community channels, websites, etc. These all come under the roof of digital marketing.

Now, there are many people who still believe in traditional marketing, whereas many business giants have seriously taken digital strategies into account. Even there are many famous entrepreneurs around the globe who have thrived their businesses through digital strategies.

There are many pros and cons of both digital and traditional marketing, but here we are going to discuss some of the major advantages of digital marketing over traditional marketing. 

Benefits of Digital Marketing over Traditional Marketing –

  1. Better Reach

Where traditional marketing is limited to a certain spread, digital marketing has its reach around the globe. Internet is used by billions of people around the world, so you can understand that having a website that gives you an online presence on the internet is actually reachable to billions of people.

Creating a website is also very tough nowadays, there are several free builders available on the internet with attractive themes. You can also create one in just one day. Check out Shopify reviews.

  1. Cost-effective

Where creating a website doesn’t include too much amount of money, performing digital strategies also can be done at a very low cost. Performing SEO strategies can be done absolutely free, promoting on social media also doesn’t require any money, just create a social media page and maintaining your content.

Social media ads also can be done at a very low cost. Other strategies like email marketing, YouTube promotions, are also easygoing. So digital marketing is pocket-friendly as well. 

  1. Better Result

Where traditional marketing needs a lot of money to invest and that too limited to a certain reach, digital marketing has a higher reach with lesser money to invest. So, it automatically gives you an efficient result.

Moreover, when you can target global audiences through digital strategies, the chances are much higher of having more sales and generating more revenues for your business.

  1. Better Tracking

In traditional marketing, you cannot perfectly track the results of your campaigns. You don’t know how many people even saw your ads in the newspaper or leaflets or banners. 

On the other hand, you can track your digital campaign result much efficiently. You can use several tools for tracking and that too also free. You can check their location, timings, sometimes you can track the email ids, etc. 

It helps you to have an in-depth insight into your campaigns and to reshape it if needed.

  1. Faster Execution 

Traditional marketing may take a long time to give you results. It may take even weeks or months. So, it is a very time-consuming, and slow process.

Whereas, in digital marketing, the results come very fast. You can gain leads in no time. Your business gets instant publicity. You can even chat one-on-one with your consumers in real-time. You even get to know the campaigns that are not working for you and can go for plan-b.


Though there are many differences between both of the marketing strategies, both have some advantages over the other. The above-mentioned are the most basic advantages that digital marketing has over traditional marketing. Hope you now have a brief idea.

Author Bio –
Mashum Mollah is a tech entrepreneur by profession and passionate blogger by heart. He is on a mission to help small businesses grow online. He shares his journey, insights, and experiences at Social Media Magazine & Search Engine Magazine. If you are an entrepreneur, digital marketing professional, or simply an info-holic, then this blog is for you.