All you need to know about email marketing

Just as in life you need to pursue the main objective, in Email Marketing all actions will achieve a much more effective result if you channel your shipments to that legitimate purpose. Do not know where you want to go or have goals set from the beginning? Do not make the big mistake of starting your Campaign without defining your strategy since you will never know if it was successful or not.

“Email Marketing is the process of delivering attractive, timely and relevant marketing messages about your products and services to a specific group of recipients through email.”

Although there are thousands and various definitions of Email Marketing. Your online efforts should be focused on delivering such messages in an effective way, that they reach the right people, that the piece is attractive, interests the Subscriber and generates clicks, that the Email is not inappropriate and that it is not the same delivery for everyone. but rather communications based on the segmentation of the target audience. You can send Free emails using Free SMTP servers. In case you are wondering what are SMTP servers?

Defining the objectives of your Email Marketing Campaigns

If we asked you to honestly answer if you are clear about your goals, what would you say? Well, according to the responses from the Doppler Academy survey, the truth is that 60% have them defined but the remaining 40% do not. A hobby that we usually have is to create and launch actions without having clearly defined what we need to do to reach the goal.

For this reason, our infallible advice is that you write down your objectives, that you are sincere and concise with what you want to achieve with the strategy that you are carrying out and that you define the purpose of your actions being specific, realistic and thinking of quantifying in the short and long-term results. You can read about how to use fonts to increase the message impact

To define these objectives, three fundamental questions will serve as triggers :

  • What do you seek to obtain with the Campaign? Determine if what you want is, for example, to increase sales, position your brand or retain current customers.
  • What is your target audience? It is essential that you define your target, that is, to whom you are going to send your Campaign.
  • In what time frame do you intend to achieve your objective? Establish if the purpose to achieve you intend to achieve only with a Campaign or with a set of shipments to schedule communication accordingly.

Types of Campaigns adaptable to your need

In Email Marketing there are different types of Campaigns that you can develop and strongly associate with the objective that you seek to achieve. Each one of them has elements that are it’s own and help it to recognize it as such. Use them to your advantage! Learn about these features and you can target them to meet your specific needs.

  • Newsletter: The main objective is to retain customers, inform new services and products, position the brand as a benchmark in the industry and generate traffic to an event, a resource to download, the site of a business partner, the blog itself or the website of the brand.
    It will be essential that your Newsletter has a clear structure to become an effective communication channel. From our experience, the header or Header must be the presence of your brand with your logo corresponding to the Subscriber quickly associate and identify with your content.
    As they are periodicals you must include a date for the news to be linked with a time-lapse. It is essential that the Subscriber finds, before making his first Scroll, the main reason for this piece, the central action of your Newsletter.
    For this, you must highlight such content with greater visibility and quality. Then, accompany with sections and secondary notes to the highlight of the piece and invite your Subscribers to events or provide articles, tips from your industry or success stories.
    Always remember that the main objective of your Newsletter should be to provide quality information and not all promotional material. Arrange the information in a way that is pleasant to read, understandable, and captures the interest of your clients.
  • Promotionals: Your reason for being is to generate conversions, whether they are clicks, recommendations or higher sales. If you are going to send a Promotional Campaign, the main thing is that you focus on the benefit to offer and even more on how the user will reach it.
    Your piece must specifically communicate what is the exclusive benefit that your Subscriber receives for being part of your Database. Dare to try different strategies and ways to get the attention of your Subscribers! For example, you can appeal to the sense of urgency of the discount, persuading with an unmissable offer Those who are interested should hurry because the promotion ends.
  • Seasonal: Anchored to the special dates of a calendar such as Christmas, Mother’s Day, the beginning of winter, Children’s Day or Halloween, they seek to retain customers and acquire new prospects, position the brand or generate conversions.
    Seasonal Campaigns use a special promotion for a certain date with the excuse of attracting the Subscriber and appealing to the collective imagination of a specific time offering something different.
    The advice we gave is to make a calendar with all the key dates that you want to use in your favor and analyze what to offer in each one. Thus, you can review everything you have planned and use it to your advantage, checking what has been done to date and everything you still have to manage . At the end of the year, you will be able to analyze which Campaigns were more successful and establish which actions will be produced next year.
    Check your calendar now and use the endless dates in your favor! Do not forget that these seasonal pieces are the ones that have the most competition, so your Campaign must be designed with time to stand out from the crowd . If you still don’t know what you will do to differentiate yourself from the competition at Christmas, we invite you to our next tutorial .
  • Informational: Characterized by being concrete and concise , the main reason for these Campaigns is to communicate something new or to change the brand. In the informative pieces, the key is to provide human content and distance yourself from the robotic style.
    You must be able to achieve with your Emails a warm sense of belonging, make your Subscribers part of something, provide them with special information and involve them as a select group that chooses you as the best option.
    For this, nothing better than personalizing your communication actions with the signature of a member of your team at the foot of the piece. It will be an infallible strategy!

Who are you directing your Email Marketing shipments to?

After defining the objective of your online actions and the type of Campaign you will use, you must decide who will be the target audience to generate an efficient segmentation of your Database. To your consumer representative and ideals must direct your emails, knowing that it is they who must seduce with your product or service.

If you imagine your potential buyer you can use different demographic variables to take into account to segment your Campaigns . Defining the target audience will allow you to make your communications more efficient!

If what you are looking for is to enrich your Database , you can use subscription forms, customizable and flexible. Harness the power of Double Opt-In forms, include them on your Site and generate Subscribers!

A Landing Page is a very effective channel to improve your Database. It is the page to which you send your visitors from any type of Campaign, so you must use it with a single objective. While your Website can have multiple destinations and purposes, your Landing should focus on a specific objective such as closing an account, promoting an application, broadcasting an event, marketing a product or in this case increasing your Database.

Don’t buy a Database! The emails they have are invalid, do not exist, or worse, the person has not given their consent to receive your communications. Thus, your efforts will turn against you like a boomerang and you will have invested money in a truncated action. You can always send free emails. Conversely, nothing better than including a form on your Site or using Landing Pages to feed your lists.

How to generate new subscribers and potential clients

The best way is to generate new Subscribers and then segment them to allocate a personalized Email to each group . To make your Lists even more robust, you can follow our Speaker’s Tips:

  • Include a Subscription form on each page of your site or in one of your Facebook Tabs.
  • Use Landing Pages to feed your Lists and even add a link to a subscription landing in the signature of each member of your team.
  • Offer special discounts, valid only for your Subscribers.
  • Hold events to get new interesting data.
  • Promote your Newsletter in Social Media.

Just as segmentation by geolocation factors is a good option, dividing your Lists according to the behavior of your Subscribers is an even more effective alternative since you will be able to separate your potential clients by analyzing the interaction they make with your brand and the actions they carry out. once you have sent them your Campaign. Review in this complete post the factors to classify the behaviors of your users.

By segmenting, the results will be much better! You will offer something that your Subscribers want to receive and the difference will be resounding . If you want to check it, you can send a general Campaign to your entire Base and another segmented by behavior, adapting perfectly to the real interests of your users. Then look at both reports and see what has worked best.

Start at the beginning: The Issue

If the subject of your Email Marketing Campaign is boring, surely nobody will open it. Never leave the alternatives to your possible Subject until the end but rather write variants with interesting and attractive content .

Follow advice and propose possible Subjects , write five alternatives and then choose the best one or make a mix of options to arrive at the ideal subject . In the same way, do not exceed 50 characters and strive because that line has all the attention focused on a specific action that invites you to open the Email .

You will thus have a second Subject to stimulate your Call to Action , provide a summary of the content, establish the reason for the Subscription, detail the times and expirations of your offer or give a summary of your content. It will be your time to activate creativity!

Viralize your Emails with Social Networks

If what you are looking for is to spread your content, even more, the best option is to carry out Social Email Marketing. You will see how by combining the spontaneity and virality of social networks with the personalization, massiveness, and economy of Email Marketing you can maximize the exposure of your Campaigns and increase your Database.

You can also integrate a Landing Page with your Social Networks through Facebook Tabs . Lander offers you the possibility of publishing your landing in just 4 steps. You will see how you can save applications and intermediate instances and you can maximize your content by sharing your material immediately with Lander and Facebook. Thus, you can enter a Landing on Facebook to serve as a Form and feed your Email Lists.

You have the possibility to set and configure the shipments of your Email Marketing Campaigns so that they are automatically published on your Social Networks. Check this post and you will see how to generate extra content for your networks in a simple and viral way.

Measure, analyze and retest

The Email Marketing has exclusivity to measure and evaluate the results . If you want to analyze the return on investment of each of your Campaigns, you can use a powerful ROI calculator and quantify the economic success of each of your shipments.

In turn, with email marketing you have an possibility to analyze the Reports of your Campaigns , evaluate who opened your Emails and who removed from your Base. If what you are looking for is to make informed decisions , there is nothing better than knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your piece by testing the content and the way you disseminate it .

To do this, you can send an A / B Test submission , either content or subject, to test which Subject works best and achieves more openings, or which content structure receives more clicks on your calls to action .

With some free email providers like sendgrid, mandrill you can know

With these free reports all the data of schedules, dates, frequencies, keywords, email clients and strategies to avoid removals. We hope that this report will help you make decisions !

How to Combine Fonts to Increase Your Messages Impact

Designers aren’t the only ones who need to understand how to combine fonts to make an impact. As a marketer, you’ll need this skill as well. After all, you can’t bring on a designer each time you create a new blog post, article, or social media content. Instead, you’ll need to be able to create attractive, attention-grabbing content. The artful use of font combinations is part of this. Here are some tips for using different fonts to make more impactful content.

Use Fonts that Complement One Another

Think about visual balance. When you choose multiple fonts, they should complement one another to create balance.

Imagine you’ve created a landing page with a scripted heading. If you chose another scripted font, that would probably be overkill. On the other hand, if you chose a font that’s a bit more neutral, you’d balance out the ‘personality’ of the scripted font.

Draw the Eye with Visual Hierarchy

Take a look at a traditional newspaper or magazine. It’s easy to see how the designers and layout experts use images, font size, spacing, and page layout to get readers to follow the page in the desired order. One way they do this is to use different font types and weights, as well as spacing to communicate with readers what information is most important.

This same technique can be used with digital content as well as printed content. Simply determine what pieces of information you want your audience to notice first, and remember most. Then, make font choices accordingly.

Always Prioritize Function

Great fonts are very artistic and can be used as such. However, you should always consider function first and foremost. “For example, a very artsy, hand-drawn font can make a beautiful impact. It might be great for larger elements such as title lines and headings. It would not be a very good choice for longer blocks of text,” advices Kristin Savage, a contributing writer at GrabMyEssay and BestEssayEducation. If you use a detailed font with serifs for titles, use a font that is reader-friendly for text blocks. Likewise, you can use a themed font to create an aesthetic, but then balance that font with something else for readability.

Use Serifs and Sans Serifs Together

Readability is just one reason to combine these two font types together. The other is that they simply combine with one another to create a visually appealing combination. You can enhance this look by using different sizes in addition to the two font types.

Mix Fonts to Create Interesting Contrast

You can also mix fonts together in different types, sizes, and widths to create interesting visual contrast and to make certain textual elements more memorable. For example, you could combine a thick, chunky font with slender elongated one.

However, if you do this, you have to be careful that a more ‘dominant’ font doesn’t overtake the other one. So, if you elect to use a blocky or fat font, you might elect to combine that with a slender font that’s taller or in a contrasting color.

Combine Fonts that Have Something Similar in Common

Keep in mind that there’s a difference between contrasting and clashing. Two contrasting fonts are different from one another, yet it’s clear that they go together harmoniously. On the other hand, clashing fonts simply don’t go together at all, and seeing them is displeasing to the eye.

One way to be certain that two fonts contrast vs. clash is to try and find one or two similar elements between them. For example, maybe both fonts have a somewhat rounded design, or both fonts have a similar spacing between letters.

Avoid Fonts that Have Too Much in Common

Think of this as the flip side to the previous rule. If you combine fonts that are entirely too similar, it won’t make much of an impact at all. One font won’t stand out as being more dramatic. They’ll both be too functionally similar to make a difference.

If two fonts are almost identical, your reader could misconstrue your choice. Instead of seeing a visual contrast, they may think that you accidentally switched fonts,” says Marie Branes, a communication manager at TheAdsy.

Use Fonts from the Same Family

You don’t have to use entirely different font families to make an impact. Within each font family, you have several options. You can use different sizes, bold, italics, different colors, and other options.

This is a great option if you don’t have any design experience, or have a lack of confidence in your ability to choose different fonts that work together. When you use fonts from the same family, you can be confident that they were designed to be cohesive.

Also, in many cases, branding can limit your choices here. Your company or client may have a digital asset library that contains the fonts and other visual elements that are considered to be on-brand. If you are unsure of how to combine fonts in a way that works with your brand, consider getting some help with writing, editing, and formatting resources like, Canva, Trust My Paper, WowGrade, Instagram Layout, and Studicus.

Less is More

If you try to combine too many fonts in one piece of content, that can be problematic. This is especially true with shorter pieces, and pieces that don’t require much visual complexity. For example, a blog post with a simple heading and two or three subheadings isn’t going to be improved with four different fonts.

So, how many fonts is too many? That really depends on what you are trying to accomplish. You have to take into consideration what you are trying to accomplish visually, the length of your content, and how you plan on formatting that content.

Finally, take your motives into consideration. Try to finish the sentence, ‘I’m using this font here because…’. If you can’t come up with a good reason, consider backing away from that choice.

Improve Font Combining with Practice

Fortunately, if you know how to highlight text, it’s fairly easy to change fonts. You can experiment with different combinations easily. Then, get feedback from others to see what seems to work best.

Final Thoughts

Interesting and visually impactful font combinations are a perfect pair with interesting and memorable content. Use the tips here to learn to create these combinations to enhance your marketing efforts.

Diana Nadim is a writer and editor who has a Master degree in Marketing. She combines her passion for writing with her interest in research and creates thought-provoking content in various fields. Besides working as a contributor writer for SupremeDissertations, Diana also runs her own 3to5Marketing blog. What inspires her the most in her writing is traveling and meeting new people. Follow her on Twitter.

What Makes an SEO Company so Special for a Small Business

Brittany Wolfe takes over our blog this month to discuss the search engine optimization and small business. Thanks Brittany!

SEO has become the new sensation to the marketing world. However, there must be several people who are out to find the answers that what makes an SEO firm so unique that the small firms are choosing them over traditional methods of advertising and marketing.

We all are aware of the fact that SEO helps small business owners to create the fastest, user-friendly and robust way to interact with the infinite customers in minimum time. With all the cut-throat competition, it is impossible to get the top ranks on the SERPs. Here are the top reasons that will ease your quest in finding the viable answer to “Why small businesses should hire the best seo company in NJ.

Move Ahead from the Competitors

The counting will never end of your competitors who are selling products in the perfect competition. Meanwhile, making a name and fame among the tough competition becomes more arduous. The primary factor to reach the top of the race is to reach your audiences first.

If you are entangled that how your competitor is ahead of you? Then, we must unfurl you that they are using SEO to boost their success. Therefore, it is time to utilise the services of SEO companies to achieve higher organic rankings. You can have your team of SEO experts but as you are new to the business then save your money and recruitment- energy by outsourcing to it.

Your Audience will Find you

In the diverse customer market, some uncountable customers are in search of the exact product that you are selling. However, they will swap to your competitor’s website if they will not see your website on the top SERPs results. Therefore, to never miss a loophole, you should hire the best seo company in NJ. They will ensure that your potential customers will find you when they click on the search button. For adding more connotation, you should know that the top 3 seach positions get 60% of all traffic.

You will Notice more Traffic.

The main aim of the seo company is to increase the traffic on your website because when people are visiting sites, they are likely to purchase it. In simple terms, visibility means traffic; transport means leads and more leads means more sales. It is impossible to open your store 24*7 but, your online store is the all-time sales expert. Therefore, it should continuously be functioning to deliver secure access.

Brand Identity

No matter how much you invest in your business, if your potential customers don’t know your identification than it is worthless. To hold you up among the voguish brands, a seo agency is very important. Along with this factor, there are other perks of having a brand identity. Accordingly, the brand becomes a hallmark of quality. Customers feel more secure with a company who is known by many.

Better Impression

Just search something on the Google, how you feel about the snippet you are reading? You will feel more secure and confident about the company’s website which is appearing in the snippet. In simple words, if your snippet is clear and inspiring, you have more probabilities of getting more clicks.

Conclusion: We hope that the points mentioned above have cleared you why SEO agencies have become so crucial for our lives. Also, benefit your new company with the SEO services to become a known brand from no brand.


Author’s Bio:

Hi, I am a content writer & blogger at Red Dash Media. And apart from blogging frequently at work, I am into reading, writing poems in the comfort space of my home. Hey, did I tell you that I also like to go trekking with friends when in the mood to explore nature and then post all those adorable pics from my adventure on my Instagram handle!

Contact me via email –

Is There a Goldmine in Influencer Marketing?

For the love of short stories, I’ll go ahead to say, “yea, there is a goldmine in influencer marketing”. As a matter of fact, it is a relatively untapped goldmine. While the majority of internet business owners are channeling resources into driving traffic from SEO and social media ads, the minority are reaping the rewards of affordable influencer marketing.

You might be asking “what is influencer marketing?” Influencer marketing is a form of digital marketing where internet business owners (mostly those with products to sell) hire highly influential social media users to promote their stuff to their followers or audience. It’s similar to paying an email marketer with a large email list to blast emails about your business his contacts for a fee. Like every other form of internet marketing, you must find a winning strategy to reap the full benefits of influencer marketing.


Testimonial Video

Nearly every social media platform allows the upload of multimedia content — including videos. Influencer may upload a testimonial video explaining and narrating a sales-oriented description of product or services being advertised. This strategy works effectively since videos are maybe the most contents out there. The use of testimonial videos is usually the priciest form of influencer marketing.

Shout Outs

This is the most common form of influencer marketing and is often less expensive. All it takes here is a shout out to the product, service, website or social media page of the client. It comes as a text post for Twitter & Facebook, or picture post for Instagram. Shout outs are good for a low budget campaign.


Research The Influencer’s Followers/Audience

So much as influencer marketing can guarantee engagement, you do want to make actual sales. If you hire an influencer with followers over 40 years of age and advertise fidget spinners, you’ll get views but maybe zero sales. Age range is just one of many factors to consider; gender, interests and hobbies all count here. An easy way to find this out is looking into the public profile of prospective influencer, his followers probably like what he likes. So, as much as you can, do a quick research into prospective influencer’s followers to see if you are a good fit.

Let the Campaign Run A Little While

This is important if you’re just getting into influencer marketing. Shell out a few bucks to let the campaign run for a while, at least, a week. While you’re at it, be on the lookout for days and hours that sell better than others. This knowledge will come in handy in helping you spend more effectively in the future.

Remember how we started off saying influencer marketing is relatively untapped? It means unlike most opportunities on the internet, there is no sign of saturation yet. It is totally affordable and effective. There’s no harm in exposing your business to an extra source of traffic.


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