5 Best Keyword Research Tools For SEO In 2021 – Updated

You may agree or not, but keyword research is the core of PPC marketing and SEO practices. Whether you are developing your content strategy or starting a new blog, everything begins with keyword research. This strategy helps to bring the most traffic to your website and helps in the growth of your business.

One of the most effective ways to attract consistent traffic to your site are keywords and as a digital marketer, you must pay attention to this at any cost. Good quality keywords are regarded as the best way to attract quality traffic to your website and increase your content visibility.

5 Best Keyword Research Tools For SEO In 2021

As a part of online marketing, you know that keywords are a vital part of search engine optimization and there are usually two types of keywords. One is short-tail keywords and the other is long-tail keywords. Both have their own significance.

Now, let’s discuss the 5 best keyword research tools for SEO in 2021 that will help you in your website’s metrics.

1. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is one of the best keyword research tools because it offers multiple features for your website. This tool shows the global volume, CPC, keyword difficulty, clicks, etc., of all keywords. With this, it offers keyword suggestions, domain ratings, traffic volume, organic traffic, and much more.

Some standard features of Ahrefs are extensive search engine result page overview, click metrics for improving CTR, supported in over 171 countries, more than a thousand keyword suggestions.

2. SEMrush

Another popular SEO tool is SEMrush. This is not just a keyword tool but has all features that a tool should have. Besides, this tool works differently and using this, you can analyze your competition.

Some best features of this keyword research tool include keyword difficulty analysis, organic traffic insights, access to the entire keyword research toolkit, worldwide CPC distribution statistics, gets yearly keyword trends, uncover long-tail keywords, ad group ideas, and much more.

3. KWFinder

KWFinder is a tool for search engines with many features. With the help of this tool, you can find filter keywords that aren’t profitable, import keywords in bulk, your competitor’s keywords, hidden long-tail keywords, most accurate keyword difficulty, search volume, and keyword metrics, and much more.

You can find easy-to-rank keywords and achieve your ranking on the SERPs. Therefore, use this keyword research tool to boost the organic traffic of your website.

4. GrowthBar

Another keyword research tool for SEO is GrowthBar. It is actually a Chrome extension that provides key SEO metrics alongside a Google search result. However, before using this tool, make sure that you have the Chrome browser installed on your computer and a Google account.

In this tool, you can view Facebook ads, paid keywords, top backlinks pointing to it, the traffic value, the top keywords, estimate organic traffic, domain authority, and much more.

5. Google Keyword Planner

Another top keyword research tool for SEO is Google Keyword Planner. As a beginner in SEO, you can use this keyword planner tool to analyze different types of keywords and their difficulty to rank on the search engine result page.

This is truly one of the best keyword research tools for search engine optimization. Also, this will help your website to rank on the top pages of SERP.

Some Frequently Asked Questions In 2021

1. Which Are The Best Tools For Keyword Research?

Ans: The best tools for keyword research are KWfinder, Ahrefs, SEMrush, Majestic, Google Keyword Planner, etc.

2. How Do I Research And Choose SEO Keywords?

Ans: At first, you need to make a list of all important and relevant topics and then know which are the most suitable keywords for your website according to the niche.

3. Which Google Tool Is Used For Keyword Research?

Ans: Keyword Planner tool and this tool is offered by Google. It offers plenty of valuable data to marketers and advertisers.

The Final Thoughts

The above listed are the 5 best keyword research tools that will help your website to gain more visibility, traffic, returns on investment, and much more. These are listed according to the keyword rankings. Besides, if you have any doubts regarding the same, you can mention them in the comment section below.

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