Stats Summary: An Impact Of COVID-19 On Digital Marketing

It has been more than twenty months since the COVID-19 outbreak, and the destruction it has brought is already massive. To curb the spread of this deadly disease, the whole world is under strict lockdown, and everything is on a shutdown, whether schools or workplaces.

This, in the history of humankind, is the first time when more than 85% of the first world and third world countries are observing lockdowns together and winding up.

Most businesses have gone into crisis in such time, and almost every company is working hard, thriving to sail in the ocean.

In this new normal, remote working has evolved. All duties performed at the office are now taking place at home, and new methods and processes are taking place as the world after COVID has completely changed. Things have altered, and there are new standards for every application.

This outspread of COVID-19 has affected everything on the planet and has bought severe turmoil to the worldwide economy. The modes of earning and the styles of marketing have entirely transformed too.

The businesses that were earlier completely reliant on traditional marketing techniques are now moving towards digital marketing trends. Almost all brick and mortar businesses are shifting online, making it essential for marketers to be on their toes to generate innovative ideas for moving these companies to audiences during this closure time.

COVID Pandemic Has Made Digital Marketing Essential To Survive The Lockdown

The way COVID-19 has gripped the world, it’s evident that things are not going back to normal anytime soon.

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Departments and businesses are moving online, due to which digital marketing has welcomed tremendous momentum. According to resources, from March 2019, there has been witnessed a 73% surge to online businesses, and the fraction of new businesses is much less than that of off-screen companies turning onscreen.

Turning to online platform demands utilizing all the modern digital marketing trends that can help the company reach an audience, nurture leads and generate conversions. The more people visit your website or page, the better the sales and return on investment will be.

Today, when buying patterns have changed, and all physical stores are in lockdown, people head towards online channels to make their purchases. A report reveals that after the COVID outbreak, there are now more than 4 billion people using the internet daily. At least 45% depend on online stores to make purchasing decisions, and it’s massive.

Digital marketing today is helping companies identify and pitch their target audience so they can produce better and generate more.

Following are the ways COVID-19 is driving novel changes in digital marketing.

2.Ad Spend Has Risen To 31%

Due to the ongoing effects of COVID-19, a study by eMarketer revealed that advertising growth has finally exceeded that of offline than prior expectations for the first time and now accounted for half of the overall ad spending.

In reflection, the same study anticipated that by 2023 the ad spend would surge for two-thirds of total universal ad spend, making it a market appraised to be worth $333.25.

An infographic by Mediaocean proposes that ad spends within a group of top marketplaces and social media has risen up to 31% in 2021, which is the highest since January 2020.

Given these statistics, we can see that a significant jump throughout 2021 will be a positive sign of ramp-up improvement, and covid-19 will be a prominent factor behind this change.

3.PPC Is Proving More Yielding

Pay per click during the COVID pandemic is proven to be more returning for marketers. Believe it or not but this statement is absolutely true.

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Since we know that stock of produces is inadequate, there are scarcer numbers of Ads on leading marketing networks such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, YouTube Ads, Twitter Ads, etc.

Due to this inadequacy, the searches and traffic both are high, and so is the competition. And this is why the rate of paid ads has seized a sinking drift. The cost per click provides your brand with an excellent opportunity to increase the limelight and boost sales and traffic.

4.Online Sales Are Becoming More Active

According to Assignment Assistance UK, there are now 4.6 billion active internet users worldwide, which is almost 59.5% of the global population.

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Due to this increasing number of people turning to online channels for their purchasing decisions, online sales are becoming more active than ever. More traditional companies are pivoting to digital space daily, contributing to expanding online sales.

Only at the start of 2020, a few months after the covid-19 outbreak, there was a growth of 18 percent in online sales, making it a remarkable feat for the first time in digital history.

The traffic growth dramatically surged, and digital commerce continues to climb the ladder till today. This is unusual but widespread in today’s environment, and experts see no falling off.

5.Email Marketing Has Seen A Substantial Surge

Being steady and reliable, email marketing is one of the most increasing trends of digital marketing during this COVID pandemic.

The traffic this vogue is yielding is high, and so is the engagement. According to the acoustic study, the open rates have seen a boost of 4.7 percent points during this COVID times and are anticipated to surge even more if businesses remain shut down.

In this stressful time, emails have become one of the best ways for companies to be in contact with their audience. Be it about the precautions people should take, health measures they should not ignore to stay safe and healthy, or shop goods online that they can’t get in person, companies significantly leverage this digital marketing trend.

As a result, the revenue this practice is generating is pretty high relatively.

6.Social Media Influencers Have Become The Need Of Hour

You must have seen social media influencers taking over the throne of celebrities during this COVID-19 pandemic. This is because the content these stars create resonate with the audience, and more than 60% of followers make their purchasing decision based on an influencer review.

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This form of marketing today has become one of the most yielding formulas for brands to market their product, and more than 45% of companies are utilizing it to promote their brand to a larger audience.

Influencer marketing is cheap, quick and simple, and companies rather than sponsorships are looking forward to partner with these influencers for the long run so they can increase their legitimacy and authenticity for better sales.

Digital Marketing Post Pandemic

Digital marketing is the fastest-growing medium and has become an essential part of online businesses today.

Since people are gravitating more towards online shopping due to the push towards offline shopping, it is anticipated that digital marketing will mature at a compound yearly growth rate of 17.4% from twenty-nineteen to twenty-twenty seven to reach USD 151.8 billion by the year 2027.

As rendered by experts, this form of marketing is preferred mainly by startups and small businesses because it is cost-effective and don’t pinch in the pockets to meet their advertising needs.

Today and in future, progressively more channels will be created for digital marketing to help brands bring leads to their business and maximize their return on investments.


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