6 Tips to Boost Your Website Conversion Rate Utilizing Images

The Chinese proverb: “A picture is worth a thousand words,” stands true when we talk about visuals and their impact on the viewers. Studies also show that we now process images 60,000 times faster than text, and 90% of the information delivered to our brains is visual.

Images are one of the most important aspects of any website. They make a webpage more aesthetically appealing and break up the text. But do you know they can also do marketing wonders to boost conversions?

According to research, visuals draw attention to your product or copy. Images in a website can help to increase your conversion rate by up to 27%.

But it is important to note that using relevant images in the right placement will make all the difference. So, how can you use the pictures to increase your website’s conversion rate?

Here are 6 tips to increase your website conversion rate using images:

  1. Use Emotionally Charged Images

Human beings respond to pictures that have an emotional connection, be it positive or negative. An emotion-integrated image will impact and inspire the visitors to click on the link.

If you want people to purchase your brand, it needs to be demonstrated in an image that will appeal to their emotions. For instance, if you are running a weight loss program for couples, you could show a fit and healthy duo in the image. This would help people relate to what they could look like if they bought your product.

Check what Fitness Blender has on their homepage:

Having an image that shows what your product does is much more effective than just having text. It also makes the product more tangible to people, which can help to increase conversions.

  1. Ensure Quality and Resolution

One of the most important things to remember when using images on your website is that quality and resolution matter. If you use low-resolution or poor-quality images, it will reflect adversely on your website and cause people to leave.

If you provide an improved shopping experience to your customers with high-resolution and related images can:

Make sure that all the images you use are high-resolution and of good quality. This will ensure that your website looks professional and that people don’t leave because of bad photos.

  1. Avoid Taking Free Pictures From the Internet

When looking for visuals to use on your website, it’s essential to never rely on free images. This is because most free pictures are low-resolution and of poor quality.

Looking at a low-quality picture will deter the audience and make them reluctant to interact with your business.

Another thing is that many businesses rely on free images to save a few bucks. This results in the same picture being used many times on different platforms.

An incident like this can give your website an unprofessional look and make it difficult for people to trust your brand.

For instance, check this image of a laptop from Unsplash. It has been viewed 41,475,514 times and downloaded 452,452 times.

If you use the same free image that has been seen in this case over 4million times, it will not bring value to your business.

To prevent this issue, invest in good-quality, professional images to make your website look unique. Instead of free pictures from the shelves of Google, buy high-quality stock photos from reliable sources. It will give you more exclusive rights of usage.

Most small businesses don’t have a reasonable budget to hire professional photographers, so purchasing some high-quality stock photos is an excellent way to go.

  1. Balance the Images with Text

When you use images on your site and other marketing material, balance them with enough text. If you have an image with no text at all, people may not understand what you are talking about.

On the other hand, if you have too much text and no images, it will be difficult for people to read, and they will ultimately lose interest.

Finding the right balance of text and images is essential for getting people to engage effectively with your website.

For instance, Marie Forleo, an American entrepreneur, uses her visuals with a concise yet powerful slogan on the left side to evoke emotions.

You can see how she writes brief yet powerful chunks of words if you visit her site. At the same time, her visuals attract the audience and manage to captivate their interest.

  1. Use the Rule of Thirds

When shooting custom photos for your website, it’s a good idea to use the rule of thirds. The photography principle states that photos are more aesthetically pleasing when the subject is divided into thirds by imaginary lines.

Try to place your main subject off-center to fall on one of the imaginary lines. This will make your photo more appealing to the eye and encourage the visitors to stay on your website for longer.

  1. Use Creative Mascots and Icons

If you want to include some personality to your website, try using creative mascots or icons. These can be anything simple – as long as they reflect your brand.

For example, you can use a cartoon image with a fun and quirky personality to make people smile. This can be a great way to show off your brand’s personality and make your website more engaging. It will also help people familiarize themselves with your product/services.

Take, for instance, the webpage of SilverBack App. If you see the mascot of a smiling Gorilla at the upper-left of the page on SilverBack App, you may think: “What on Earth does this have to do with selling services?”

Well, a lot. The playful, off-the-wall Gorilla helps to inject some fun personality into what could be a pretty mundane shopping experience.

Be creative with your mascot and find an image that represents your business well.


Images are an essential part of your web design, and they can be used to increase your website’s conversion rate.

By using the right images, you can make your website more appealing to the eye and encourage people to stay on your website for a longer time.

Follow the above tips and help visitors build trust with your brand. Ultimately the push you give with the selection of visuals will help prospects move further down the sales funnel. Good luck!

Author Bio:

Ivy Attie is a content manager, researcher, and author in various media-oriented publications. She is a passionate communicator with a love for visual imagery and an inexhaustible thirst for knowledge. Her background is in communication and journalism, and she also loves literature and performing arts.

How To Make Your Images SEO-Friendly

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To succeed in personal brand creation, you need to carefully study your audience, your niche’s peculiarities, and nuances. You need to clarify what you can offer your client and surpass competitors. To promote your brand recognition, it’s crucial to work on your product appearance. You also need edited photos to make your brand memorable and outstanding.

Search Engine Optimization for Images: What Methods to Use to Increase Your Visibility

To climb up Google ranking, you need to arrange a solid SEO strategy. To catch the audience’s trust is also crucial to optimize images for SEO that will inevitably get more views for your source. So, each brand owner and marketer should know which tips to adhere to to make SEO-friendly images:

  • Name images properly to separate their naming via keywords with hyphens.
  • Apply consistent alt text that will provide a description for images.
  • Use captions to provide relevant information to the image.
  • Lower the used images’ size to make loading time fast.
  • Index your images by adding them to XML sitemaps.
  • Apply standard image resolution that is 72dpi.
  • Add images relevant to an article.

So, don’t neglect each aspect of image SE optimization to make your content more catchy, informative, and accessible to a broader audience. Learn how to improve images to speed up page loading and ranking. Image SEO optimization brings considerable benefits to your website promotion, such as enhancing users’ activity and rapid page loading time, resulting in superb ranking.

To make your SEO image strategy work, it’ll never be over to apply clear SEO best strategies in 2022. They’ll prove your professionalism in generating high-quality content making it user-centered and attractive to social media algorithms. This standard, but highly efficient practices will bring you profit and the audience’s interest:

  • Stellar content with trusted backlinks.
  • Choosing proper keywords and phrases.
  • Avoid click-baiting to boost your ranking.
  • Getting backlinks using white hat SEO principles.
  • Creating unique articles referring to credible sources.

By sticking to the above-mentioned careful SEO techniques, you’ll gain a positive reputation without using blackhat SEO and images copying without modifying them at all. Instead, implement proper keywords, include them smoothly in articles metadata, and place captivating images to increase a complete, useful, and well-optimized website.