Web Designer Vs. Web Developer: Definition, Roles & Responsibilities And Education

There is a huge deal of difference between a web designer and a web developer. From the names themselves, we can get to know the distinguishing features of these two designations. A designer is responsible for designing the layout of the webpages, whereas a web developer is supposed to bring functionality to the design with the help of HTM, PHP, Python & Javascript. 

Web Designers

It won’t be wrong to say, “A web designer is a planner”. A web designer plans element placement, visual hierarchy and the sections of a webpage. Besides that, he is the one who coordinates with web developers and explains to them —how the design is supposed to work. 


  1. A web designer requires to frame a design strategy in the first place. That strategy includes — 
  • How many sections should be there? 
  • Which color and font style will suit the design? 
  • What kind of content will suit my design? 
  • How many graphics are needed? 
  1. Next up, he sends his strategy to the project manager for approval. 
  2. After approval, he is supposed to complete the task within the given timeframe (deadline)


Web designers can be categorized into three types – UX designers, UI Designers, and Visual Designers. Usually, a website development company looks out for all these designers. 

  1. UX Designers 

Such designers merely focus on the User experience. They check whether the design is human-centric (engaging, attractive per users’ point-of-view). They are responsible for making calculative and data-driven decisions. 

  1. UI Designers

They can be considered the conversion experts. They add usability to the web design and carry out various optimizations. Their end goal is to create a web design that instantly converts traffic into potential customers. 

  1. Visual Designers

They work in coordination with the UX and UI designers. Their principal responsibility is to create a sexy layout including catchy visual elements. They work with the designing softwares like Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator, Canva, and Invision. They may also use CMS like WordPress or any website building platform like Wix or elementor. 

Skills Required

Every job profile requires the candidate to have a certain skill set. Here are some of the skills which every web development company looks for in a web designer: 

  • Basic knowledge of HTML & CSS
  • Basic understanding of web design principles & web accessibility standards
  • Ability to create responsive & interactive design 
  • Know-how of user journey mapping
  • Good understanding of wireframing & prototyping 
  • Great knowledge of branding & color theory 
  • Various designing tools & softwares 

Web Developers

A web developer is accountable for building & maintaining the core structure of a website. This role is suitable for candidates who are adept enough to handle the technicalities of the website. Web developers must have advanced-level skills in doing complex coding. They can be considered executors. To know the role of a web developer, we can consider an example: “The web designer is an architect who creates an architectural design for the house, but a web developer is an engineer who brings the design into reality.” 


  1. They are responsible for creating & testing the websites for any errors. 
  2. They must collaborate with the graphics & the other designers. 
  3. A web developer is always available to troubleshoot the problems springing up on the website. 
  4. They maintain the website’s functionality. Also, they bring timely updates to the websites. 


Just like web designers are divided into different categories, web developers are divided into several types —Front-end, Back-end & Full-stack. 

  1. Front-End Web Developers

They are the people who do the coding for the website’s visuals. They require a good knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript etc. A good website development company usually requires the front-end web developer to have good knowledge about the content management system. 

  1. Back-End Web Developers

They code for bringing the functionality to the website or doing server-side development. For that, they usually use languages like – Java, Ruby, SQL, PHP, C# & NodeJS. 

  1. Full-Stack Developers

They are all-rounders and thus prove an asset to awebsite development company. They can code for both front-end and backend. They are much more than that as they can do the following as well: 

  • Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)
  • Query Database Management 

Skills Required 

The web development professional needs to be adept in all these. If they have all of the following, they are eligible to get paid higher salaries: 

Major coding & programming languages –HTML, CSS, Javascript & PHP

  • Testing 
  • Debugging 
  • Javascript Frameworks 
  • Content Management System 
  • Search Engine Optimization 

Should I Become A Web Developer & Web Designer? 

This is the most asked question. People are confused about their careers. They are finding it difficult whether they would do good in web designing or web development. 

Advice – Follow Your Interest 

If you love to deal with visual elements, apply for the web designer position in a website development company. If you love to code and see things reacting to your instruction, you will do wonders being a web developer. 

Final Comments!

Web development companies are constantly looking to hire designers and developers in their companies. They are ready to pay even the highest salaries in such a scenario. So if money-making is your primary goal, it would be best to step into this field. 

Author Bio: Rock David is a professional content writer employed in Kinex Media, Canada’s highly renowned web designing & digital marketing agency. Being an experienced and highly reputed content writer, copywriter and SEO writer, he is committed to produce the best stuff curated after carrying out a strong research.