How the Right Display Greatly Impacts a Customer’s Experience

Have you ever walked into a store and been instantly drawn into the overall feel and experience of being there? Various displays set the tone and create an experience. Perhaps the theme is a beach one or maybe it is futuristic. Whatever the case, you walk away feeling as though that’s your store and your style and you can’t wait to return and shop again.

How Can You Positively Impact the Customer’s Experience?

In the COVID-19: the CX Impact Report, researchers looked at the changes in consumer attitudes since the pandemic. Approximately 73% of respondents said a single negative experience would make them cut ties with a brand. That’s a lot of pressure for businesses to perform to user expectations.

When it comes to creating positive experiences, customer experience (CX) is everything. You have to ensure your customers have an excellent time from the minute they start engaging with you and even after the purchase.

An excellent display is just the start, but it’s important to ensure you get the first impression right. Here are some ways to ensure your display is top-notch.

1. Know Your Audience

Who is your typical buyer and what speaks to them? The only way you can figure this out is by digging deep into your customer databases and doing some analytical research. What is the average age of your buyer? What do you know about that demographic in general?

You also must survey your customers and find out what they want. Ask them what you’re doing well and what you can improve. Provide them with three options for displays and see which they like best.

2. Offer Ready-to-Go Gifts

People care about the presentation of the gifts they buy for others. Around 84% of people put a gift card into something else before giving it to a loved one or friend. Make this easy by adding a beautiful box or a book they can place the gift card in.

Create displays for their “gift giving needs” to make shopping as easy as picking up an item and signing your name.

3. Focus on Bright Colors

You want to draw people’s attention when they enter your store or are walking past in a shopping center or mall. Bright colors will grab them and bring them toward the display. If the item you’re displaying isn’t brightly colored, add other elements that are.

4. Improve Signage

The overall look of your signs can draw people in or cause them to overlook your store. There are four types of fonts you can use on your signs. Understanding what they are and the tone they set can improve your display signage.

Consider the distance people view the signs from. Go out in front of your store and see if the signs are viewable. Do they grab attention? Are they short and to the point? View the signage from various angles and distances to see how it appears. Keep in mind things such as contrast. Black letters on a white background will pop the most.

5. Create an Experience

Experiential marketing is a current buzzword in marketing. In a nutshell, you create an experience for your viewers that takes them into a new setting or lets them try an item. Look to new technologies for ways to ramp up your displays. Add sound so it transports them to the seaside.

Use an app and let them put themselves in the middle of a beach as they try on various pieces of clothing or otherwise interact virtually with your products. If you’re on a tight budget, you can add visuals to help create the feel of being in an actual setting.

Look at Things Through Your Customer’s Eyes

Take a step back from your display and picture it through the eyes of your average buyer. What are their needs and does your display show how the product might solve a pain point for them?

Not every display is going to hit the high notes every time. Do your best to try new things, see what your audience responds to and create the best CX possible.