How to Ace Web Projects? 9 Best Web Development Practices to Follow

Web development is very much different now than what it used to be a decade ago. Various helpful front-end frameworks are currently available that can assist with the web development services process. 

For instance, you have a web application to build. Now, would you like to start with a blank piece of paper? Or would rather have an existing frame and then customize it according to the new requirement? Unless the requirements and specifications are extremely niche, you would likely choose the latter.    

In web projects, instead of starting from scratch, following the basic web development practices will save you resources and time and provide you with a structure upon which you can build your application.  

Another example is that you can choose ReactJS for a scalable front-end for web and mobile applications. This JavaScript library, developed by Facebook, offers a robust and responsive user interface. 

Who defines these practices?

Over the years, these practices have been gathered by the developers and companies that the industry has approved. They determine the most effective course of action. These practices are nothing but an efficient way to accomplish the desired results.

Proactive measures can be implemented right from the beginning of the project to improve the chances of a successful product. A proper structure and framework help developers prevent making big-time errors. In addition, thanks to comparatively modest labor needed at the beginning, frameworks save many developers’ time.

 9 Best Web Development practices

  1. Plan first –plan well

No matter how big of a developer or how experienced you are as a web developer, you should never jump directly into coding your project. You might think it will save your time from unnecessary planning, but getting right into coding can result in rewriting the code repeatedly. 

Ideally, planning your web development services project should start with understanding what the end goal is going to be. What do you want to achieve by developing this particular application? 

So begin the process by determining the goal. Then create a user-friendly and intuitive interface that matches the project’s requirements. 

Identifying the goal is a complex step. Once you figure that out, you can plan how to achieve it. 

  1. Keep the web development standards in mind

There is no question that creativity and innovative technologies have fueled the growth of the web development solutions industry. Having said that, standard procedures should also be considered no matter how drastically coding has changed. 

Following web development standards will help you build a website that can be utilized across the globe. Similarly, developers can keep their creativity while avoiding unwanted complexities by sticking to industry standards. 

Let’s take a look at some of the standards of web development. 

  • Easy identification of hyperlinks
  • Contact number, address, and other details of the business should be placed at the top-right of the page
  • Top left corner should be reserved for the business’s logo. If the user isn’t on the landing page/homepage, clicking the logo should direct the user back to the homepage
  • Navigation map should be the same across the website for consistency and uniformity
  1. Consider user experience

Instead of jumping with assumptions in web development projects, it’s good to spend 65% of development efforts on research and design and the rest 35% on coding or programming. 

Understanding the user expectations and then developing a user-friendly design will make the whole process much less complicated. 

One of the easiest ways to achieve a user-friendly interface is by writing clean, clear, and short codes. 

  1. Avoid writing long codes

Shorter codes are always better for building a high-quality, high-performance website. The longer the code, the greater the possibility of having bugs and errors

A good tip for writing smart codes is ensuring every code solves a problem or serves a purpose. For instance, your code should work for a specific feature or functionality. 

In addition, while writing smart, short codes, try to implement code commenting. 

But, what is code commenting?

Code commenting is where developers usually try to add short notes via code to ensure they understand why a code works in a particular manner. This also allows developers to understand what a specific code is for. 

Apart from a user-friendly interface, short codes also help your team easily read and understand the code as you will later proofread and edit if needed. 

  1. Consider multi-device compatibility 

Since smartphones are taking over the world by storm, your website should be accessed across multiple devices. From laptops and tablets to various kinds of smartphones. 

Make sure the website is 100% responsive and looks the same way across different devices. Otherwise, you might risk your client losing potential customers if you build a website that only works well for a specific device. 

  1. Scalable UI

Yes, you can’t think of every possible requirement that may arise in the future, but at the same time, you also cannot limit your website’s capability to just today’s trends and expectations. 

No matter how trendy or futuristic the website is, it will become obsolete in a decade if not in a few years. 

Ensure the website’s design and backend are made so that you can easily upgrade or modify the user interface without having to do an entire overhaul. Apart from resources and time, a complete revamp of the website will substantially cost the client. 

Don’t forget the occasional software updates, whether a minor font change or entirely new functionality. 

  1. Use a testable code

Testing is one of the vital aspects of the web development process. However, some codes are developed so that testing becomes one complex task. Therefore, as a developer, you must follow testing practices to your best for clean and readable code. 

  1. Avoid mixing JavaScript with HTML  

Mixing JavaScript with HTML is as bad as mixing HTML with CSS code. Consider the below example for better understanding.

<a id="cwc" href="" onclick="alert('I love this site!');">Cats Who Code</a>

Reference purpose only

Now, the same result can be achieved via undisturbed JavaScript. Another example for this is:

$(document).ready(function() {  $('#cwc').click(function() {    alert('I love this website');  });});

In the above example, the famous jQuery framework was utilized. 

You may think this is complex, but it’s certainly not. Following this practice will ensure your HTML document is clean. 

  1. Test while you build

Don’t wait to test your code on multiple browsers until it is done. Because cross-browser issues constitute a significant concern in web development projects. If you test your code on various browsers as and when you write it, it becomes easier to fix problems as you will know where to modify it. Otherwise, you will spend hours and hours on a completed code to fix it if it has cross-browser issues. 

Closing thoughts

There is no end to learning. Developers must practice, grow, and continually improve as new trends keep coming in and with changing technologies. The more expertise, knowledge, and understanding developers have, there are fewer chances of getting bugs or defects in the code, and more likely, as a developer, you will be able to complete the web development project without any significant issues. Hope you found these practices helpful. Happy coding!

Author Bio:

Margareta Anthemis is a freelance writer and web designer for hire with specialization in digital marketing, branding and general marketing tips. She works closely with B2B and B2C companies providing useful and engaging content that converts viewers into customers. Contact Margareta by visiting her website at Need A Design Maam for more information on her services.

What are the Top Benefits of Blockchain Development?

In the modern age, no one is unaware of the word “cryptocurrency.” Blockchain is the key term that is widely used in this industry. From securing your digital transactions to data records, blockchain is the mainstream technology used by it.

According to research, billions of dollars have been generated through the integration of blockchain. In the upcoming years, this growth is constantly increasing.

With this boom, some people are worried about the hype of blockchain. If you are also astounding to know this aspect, do not worry. In this guide, we’ll provide main chunks that are the highlighted benefits of blockchain development for every business.

So let us get started!

  • Transparency

Whether you are working in a software house or a healthcare center, transparency is essential for the proper growth of your business. From employees to clients, winning trust is the crucial step to achieve for every business.

Blockchain is one of the most secure platforms in the crypto business world that does not compromise on transparency alongside security.

Whenever you want to accomplish any of your business operations, you can get a track record of everything. For instance, if you are going through a record of financial transactions, you will be able to check the full audit report through its transparent features.

  • Security

Security is the leading concern of every user whenever they put their digital assets under surveillance. In the old times, banks play the role of intermediary and are the only way to secure assets.

In this innovative world, the trend has shifted towards the online sphere of blockchain. It does not contain any intermediary. However, it involves some protocols that keep your assets secured.

It keeps the information of your transactions private. Through the encryption feature, the timespan of every transaction is noted. So no one has the capability to change this record. You can check your history of actions on blockchain anytime without any risk.

  • Digital Identity Creation

If you are a member of a fintech enterprise or healthcare, maintaining a digital identity is crucial. Most developers have made different kinds of apps that ensure the digital identity of every user.

For example, a blockchain is comprised of a chain of blocks. Each block has particular information that does not match any other block. With this practice, records of every individual identity are saved on the chain, and you can utilize this information whenever you need it.

  • Easy Supply chain Management

Let us suppose, you are an owner of an eCommerce business. It is obvious that you need to keep track of all orders for yourself and buyers of your products. By utilizing blockchain development technology, you can do this task very efficiently.

The point to notice is that it does not demand any third party to do it. With the decentralized nature of blockchain, you can get complete control of your vendors on a virtual level.

Aside from it, the cost of the integration of blockchain is also very meager. You do not require to waste a lot of money, and your business will also run successfully with this innovative system.

  • Reliability

Whenever you start any business, you hire some employees. For them, you have to give them their payments. Additionally, you have to secure their data for future use. For this purpose, you have to take the services of a reliable platform.

Blockchain development is the ultimate need of every business. With its reliable properties, it has the potential to accomplish your business operations very confidently.

The architecture of blockchain is designed with greater competency. For example, you pay the salaries and want to check the previous payment slips of your workers. With just some clicks, you can reach out for your desired information. The risk of fraud is not involved in this activity by Blockchain.

  • Greater Speed

The speed of blockchain for completing several tasks is very efficient. For example, if a man does any kind of work related to transaction records, the chances of mistakes are greater. However, if blockchain does something, it is totally based upon machine work. As a result, it is an accurate system to adopt.

When no error commits, it is clear that the speed of actions will also increase within a blockchain network, public or private. The involvement of smart contracts in the blockchain boosts the speed too.

The Takeaways

Blockchain is an innovative tool to acquire for esclating revenue and securing records of huge data. Over time, its worth will increase, and no one industry will remain without the integration of blockchain.

So it’s the right time to put your feet in the blockchain industry. If you are interested to get a blockchain network, you should quickly connect with a blockchain development company. It will better guide you to accelerate your business by adapting blockchain technology.

Author Bio

Afira is a Technical Content Writer at Hashlogics. She has expertise in writing blog posts, and lending pages, especially on technical topics. With 3 years of experience working with freelance clients, she has the art of producing engaging content that is easy to understand for users.

Why is Mobile App Development Important for Business Growth In 2022?

Nowadays, having a web presence is not sufficient. It would help if you had some more aspects to look after to get brand recognition in the world of technology. There are varied benefits of apps. Some of them are apps used to create more engagement with the customers.

What to look into before hiring a mobile development agency?

For any size of the market, customers play the most pivotal role. Hence you should first analyze the market and then decide what to do. Once you know who your potential customers are, you can look to hire a mobile development agency to handle your project.

The first criteria that one needs to check is experience. It is believed that an experienced company will be able to understand the real-time requisite in a better way. Thus, it is ideal for cracking the experience of a company you are planning to hire for your project.

The next step is to study the company’s portfolio. Once you go through the company details, you can rely upon your choice. The portfolio will give you an idea of what work it has done. In addition, you can sketch an idea about UI/UX skills and several domains.

Before giving your final call on your choice of the app development agency, the next thing that you must consider is how good the company is in providing maintenance to its customers. Hence app development companies offer such services that should be preferred.

Pick an app development company that is certified

Picking an app development company is not that easy. But experienced app developers make it look easy for all clients. From the initial stage of research and right to the end when review proposals are to be submitted, there are indeed a lot of tasks to do and operate.

Remember, picking the best agency will always help you achieve your business goals and connect with the audience. But, if you somehow make a bad choice, things will not be in your favor. And it will take a toll on your pocket. Thus, in return, it will hamper your dreams.

When it is about picking the right company, always choose an experienced and certified company to handle your project. Hiring the best app development companies with a flexible and positive approach to deliver is a great option.

It is best to take feedback from happy clients and customers who have availed the company’s service before you. They will give you a complete record and offer good references before making your final choice.

App developers help you in your business needs

If you are looking for app developer, there is nothing to worry about. The expert developers are masters in their trade. The team can welcome new ideas and bring out the best possible output on easy notes.

An app development company is not any simple thing to choose, but it is something that you need to choose very carefully. Through a work portfolio, you can understand whether the chosen company is perfect or not. It is best to check the working links and the URLs to make sure that your choice is absolutely fine.

Final thoughts

App developers in Australia will help you with your requirements that will never take a toll on your pocket. Hence, it is best to be very specific before putting up your business requirements to the experts.

However, if you are interested in developing an app for your business, contact the experts through the ‘Get in touch’ form and talk to the industry experts.

How to Find the Right Android App Development Company for Making App

The requirement for big business programming companies, particularly mobile app development organisations, has increased. Consistently immense ventures are made only for getting endeavour mobile app so it could end up being a distinct advantage for their particular proprietors. A viable mobile app assumes a critical part in any company’s business achievement, and subsequently, owners must choose the best mobile app development company services.

As time passes, the quantity of big business mobile apps is developing extremely quickly. Be that as it may, out of such countless mobile answers for different purposes and needs, just choose apps to satisfy the proprietors’ and clients’ assumptions. Indeed, having an extraordinary mobile app isn’t enough for its prosperity. It is compulsory to have help from experienced mobile app development organisations to get the best mobile app. 

In this article, we will look at the tips you must know before you are going to choose the best mobile development company. 

Instructions to Choose the Best Mobile App Development Company

Identifying the perfect IT company for mobile app development isn’t a cakewalk. One needs to think about many elements while picking an IT firm that can convey the normal client experience and income age.

I. Search for a mobile app development company

A significant inquiry that emerges is the place where to find the perfect mobile app development company? You can think that it is through references, online media, and with the assistance of an internet searcher. Make a rundown of the organizations you go over. The topographical area of the company where you want to rethink your undertaking ought to likewise be thought of. There are opportunities for variety in the costing of a similar undertaking which is impacted.

II. Look for innovation stack in that company

To foster a mobile application, developers utilise different dialects. It’s pivotal to have the best innovation to make a fruitful mobile application.

  • Hybrid development is a mix of local and web applications. Half breed apps run in different programs like Safari, Internet Explorer, and Chrome. Crossover development comprises two sections: interior HTML-based code, CSS, and Javascript, and a local shell that heaps code is utilising Webview.
  • Local development is finished involving Java or Kotlin for Android and Objective-C or Swift for iOS. Java is the most remarkable and solid article situated programming language, and it gives open-source libraries. Swift is an open-source multi-worldview arranged programming language created by Apple for iOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS. We likewise utilize current structures and libraries.
  • Cross-stage development is finished utilizing React Native, which depends on the React.js library and permits you to make applications utilizing JavaScript (in addition to HTML and CSS) and NativeScript. Cross-stage applications are reasonable for most gadgets.

III. Search happy customers

Tributes are another significant component. You can request a customer contact rundown to affirm the task and advancements. Ensure the given rundown of the customer’s undertaking has been dealt with by the company. Is the company unprejudiced with its client base? A happy customer is a positive sign to go to the following stage.

IV. Search for a decent Portfolio

Whenever you have made a rundown of your designated organizations, presently looking for a decent portfolio, the portfolio is vital to identify specialized aptitude, project subject, business space, and the sky’s the limit from there. Find out if they have worked in the past on a task like the prerequisites of your business. The work they have already done for their previous client will help you to understand how well they can handle your project. 

V. Ask for app testing

If you purchase a vehicle, you request a test drive. Apply a similar method here and request app access from the app developments done in the past for testing purposes. Likewise, you can give admittance to your credible end-client and put in a few days for their perspective on the equivalent.

VI. Transparency

Check the company’s item development cycle and straightforwardness strategy. The criticism circle and brief activity for blunders and change demands are significant. See whether a nimble philosophy is embraced to foster the application that can accommodate quicker development and straightforward correspondence. There ought to be a framework for straightforward correspondence between the chatbots are PC modified conversational points of interaction that are joined in the site or mobile (app) stage or on friendly informing stages, for example, Facebook Messenger to mimic a characteristic discussion with individuals in a literary or hear-able way.

Chatbot innovation is utilised to resolve fast primer inquiries, grievance goals, executing search demands, and so on, and they can do considerably more by utilising the force of AI. The customer and the company are dependent on a common agreement. A day by day or week by week status report is great to keep the customer refreshed regarding the work done.

VII. UX Capacity

Better client experience causes higher client association and faster app development. Guarantee that your app accomplice gives you the best UX architects, offering selective app plans for better UX. They should follow a customer-driven approach to getting characters by dealing with execution and improvement. This structures better app configuration by including more clients.

VIII. Maintenance and Support

It may not be difficult to pick a company that is prepared for upkeep and backing for a couple of days or months later, effectively fostering a mobile application. There is plausible that you might run over an issue that you would have to settle earnestly later after the app development has effectively been finished. You can likewise have a drawn-out concurrence with the company for upkeep and backing. You should search for a company inspired by your business and not simply app development. The company’s advantage in your business can direct you appropriately. There are chances of a cutoff time miss in the endeavour programming development industry, surpassing the financial plan and shocks.

IX. Budget-Friendly Company

One more main consideration to consider is cost. You should look for a company that fits affordable for you. If your venture has numerous business highlights just as some degree of intricacy, then, at that point, you ought to have an adaptable spending plan. The time component can influence the spending plan, so consider as far as possible. The area is another significant element that can affect the spending plan. There are a few spots on the planet where you can re-appropriate your task to the organizations there, which have specialized mastery, broad experience, and fit affordable for you—one of the financial plan agreeable areas in Ahmedabad.

XI. Ability and Experience

Chiefs ought to recollect this element while recruiting a mobile app development firm. An app building agency with the capacity to create apps for a specific stage or utilise a specific innovation can give better quality and bits of knowledge into the services. Also, being an accomplished company implies that the association has addressed different difficulties identified with the development technique. This variable guarantees that the company’s development group can manage every perplexing circumstance and deal with you with the best mobile app building services.

X. Information Security

Security concerns like uncertain sending, shaky capacity, framework information breaks, and protection infringement can adversely affect the lifespan of your app. Thus, choosing a Top android app development company in india that creates apps with secure code is a significant stage in the entire methodology. Although many organizations guarantee to offer a solid app building strategy, you should ensure that the one you pick comprehends your information’s worth and make institutional moves for getting it. 

Besides, they ought to give a complex security answer for getting your information from different mobile dangers like uncertain information stockpiling, gadget and client verification, malware programs, deficient cryptography, SMS-based assaults, and so forth

Wrapping up

In this article, we’ve attempted to give you valuable tips on the best way to pick a mobile app development company on which you can trust blindly. Trusting and seeing each other will assist you with identifying issues on schedule and speed up the acknowledgement of your thought by your development group. Your thought ought to be straightforward, useful, and sought after by possible clients. Suppose you’re searching for app developers and the best company that will make every one of the strides of the complex and tedious course of fostering your mobile application. In that case, you can get all the data about the Top Android App Development company India just by clicking here. The group of experienced developers is all set to help you and make an interpretation of your business thought into a mobile app.

About The Author

Hermit Chawla is a Marketing Manager at AIS Technolabs which is Web design and Development Company, helping global businesses to grow by top responsive web design services. He loves to share his thoughts on Social Media Marketing Services and Game Design Development etc.




5 Ways to Streamline App Development

The app market is booming. The building, deploying, and marketing of your app is a great investment — if you have the right tools and if after that, you promote your app on social media. For example, there are companies such as user ratings that can help you increase the number of your social media followers. Thus, more and more people will find out about your recently launched app. 

Streamlining the app development process is about approaching the process with an open mind and a lot of research. 

Too many app developers today face structural and organizational challenges that prevent them from creating their best work. 

Here are five ways to streamline your app development processes:

1. Use agile principles

Building software can be quite a daunting endeavor. It’s important to have some of Agile’s best guiding principles to help you cut costs and improve your team’s effectiveness.

Additionally, getting the most out of your developers is much simpler with the agile method where constant communication and cooperation guarantees that everyone gets involved. The platform you choose to use will also greatly affect the app’s performance. 

Some important agile principles are:

  • Product-based progress 
  • Simplicity is paramount
  • The customer always comes first
  • Improvements are made each cycle (cyclical design vs waterfall or cascading design)

2. Choose a feature-loaded platform

There are several platforms like Ionic and BuildFire that make creating apps a simple process and take out a lot of the menial coding that would simply slow down development. 

Larger teams may be more willing to create from scratch but even though it is not recommended due to these services making life so much easier. 

Try platforms like:

  • Ionic
  • BuildFire
  • BuildBox
  • Android Studio
  • Xcode

3. Leverage UX consultancy

UX consultants are indispensable assets for any app development team as they can accurately assess the experience of the app as a whole. Unfortunately, there are many great ideas hidden behind a gauntlet of bad taste and poor execution. 

Avoiding these pitfalls is as simple as consulting with a UX professional who will give you the tips you need to make your app a truly enjoyable experience. 

UX consultants can help awesome mobile developers get:

  • Better screens
  • Optimized ease of use
  • Effective test cases

4. Tweak based on user feedback

Even though it may feel like an uncomfortable endeavor you should always be open to feedback and ask for it as much as possible. Feedback Is the only way companies know if they have developed a star or a dud. 

That is why it is so integral that you test your product’s vision and design before committing to a final product. 

App development teams that are open to tweaking will almost always find success because they will always be seeking improvement. 

Update your app continuously instead of holding on to an app shy of perfection:

5. Automate testing

Developers should also use their fair share of automation tools to get the job done in a great time and with incredible precision. Developers can use automated applications that will accurately assess the responsiveness of the app while testing their technical features. 

App developers now can test on-demand allowing for a constant cycle of testing and improving that will result in a perfect product and a highly skilled development team, which will help a business thrive. 

Developers can also use automation for some app-related technologies like marketing and organizing to make the entire experience less stressful without being less fulfilling.

One of the first things to pinpoint for improving the process is the management style of the app development team. If on small teams of developers the agile method works wonderfully as it helps developers feel connected and heard without the draconian overhead of constant management. 

Agile is much more focused on making the product the best that it can be for the client or market without sacrificing developers or losing ideas. 

Many app development teams will begin to steamroll ahead without much thought often leaving behind a slew of ideas that may have improved the product immensely. Using the agile method will also allow the product to flourish naturally as its development should respond to certain market changes or client demands. 

Applications are built on ideas and services that could genuinely help someone and no amount of tedium should stand in the way of a great idea. 

5 Best Web Application Frameworks: Which to Choose?

Application development has been continuously evolving, leading to increasing demands for teamwork to work quickly on delivering software development. It works best in scaling and evolving to fulfill every customer’s needs while remaining at a higher edge. The process of the front-end development framework is a major element that makes it occur rapidly.

These frameworks help in executing the process of the entire application, logic, and layout. They systematically need different types of web-standard technologies, such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Every web browser competes working in the best supportive manner.

In general, considerably less working effort is required when a technological framework works over varying web browsers. The five best web application frameworks to be considered are Angular, React, Laravel, Vue, and Svelte.


Angular is a highly extendable framework in the history of web application. It releases an open-source project-based framework. It is developed in 2010 by Google. It continuously remains updated with important releases, particularly delivering works during 6 to 9 months duration. 9.1 is the latest release version of angular.

Angular has strong developer support with the web application. It has excellent site-supportive Angular development documentation. It provides a spectrum of how-to videos on YouTube, making new users easily adapt to it quickly.

Angular has been continuously evolving and fulfilling the demands of web developers. It has great support for TypeScript language. It has a diversified progressive web application architecture that is a superset of JavaScript.

Angular offers model view controller (MVC) architecture and multi-format solutions. It is a critically developed element of the MEAN development stack that comprises NodeJS, Angular, ExpressJS, and MongoDB.

There are different forms where Angular can be present as a problem. The mobile web applications were not developed in 2010, extending up to several years of non-working situation. However, this web application framework was released to Angular 4, making it rewritten with TypeScript form.

Nevertheless, the old version of Angular was compatibly working with the newly developed TypeScript form of Angular 4. The organization needed to work with Angular 4 while considering other directions for a compatibility reason.


Both React and Angular have been considered as the best foundations for a web-based application. It makes a sense of logic that different developing groups choosing both React and Angular for their web app works. Both of them have been delivering massive web applications.

Moreover, both frameworks share information on the web, making them establish strong communities. React has been leveraging JavaScript diversely. React is widely used by different individually developed firms, such as Facebook.

React is used as a leading front-end framework by different huge firms, such as Reddit, Airbnb, Dropbox, Netflix, and Facebook. It supports these entire firms to get millions of views every day. React is evolved, making it scalable and demanding for different web applications.

There is another form of React that works for web apps, namely ReactNative. It is a framework that every developer uses for developing native apps while running through the mobile operating system of Android and iOS.


Laravel web application framework offers in-demand and top-notch web application services. It drives firms to fulfill their most business needs with a highly effective and user-centric application. It is a newly developed framework that is on the top of the list. It uses a primary programming language of PHP while working through the MVC architectural pattern.

The great advantage of Laravel is to utilize the web application framework with API support. It supports great functionality and purpose with different tools for extending a library of modular packages. It completely drives firms toward a full-stack framework. Besides, it helps to develop a spectrum of varied applications.


Svelte is an anti web app framework. It offers great benefits with different frameworks where huge companies are needed to run code-based scripts. Svelte was developed in 2016 to direct campaigns for minimizing the challenge of few traditional frameworks.

For example, the general To-Do MVP applications supporting Svelte are weighing up to 3.6KB. However, there is observed 10 times bigger value in React topping up to 45KB. Svelte is creative in developing small applications due to its model-based built applications. Other frameworks depend on varying web-based browsers for delivering bulky works.

Svelte is the best framework to be chosen among the above five web application frameworks. It provides great strategic support to web application development. It has supportive work with JavaScript modules. Many developers have been considering Svelte as their best web application experimental purpose.

Svelte is supportive in writing elements with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. It has the capability of compiling codes into a JavaScript module. It enables browsers to work quickly while needing less supportive work. This strategic work makes Svelte deliver more complex applications for new and professional developers.


The focus for Vue depends on the size-based framework. In the list of web application frameworks, it is believed to be delivering 20KB of the highly lightweight framework. The inspiring factor for Vue emerged from the originally developed Angular framework.

Vue was released in 2014 similar to a slimmed alternatively web app framework to Angular. It has a high-speed framework, similar to Angular. It is supportive to work with different leveraging aspects, such as JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. It works like ReactJS in developing different types of components and templates.

However, far beyond React and Angular, Vue is considered as a third-choice framework. It has small community support to the end level. Its developing aspect and working framework have a less speed of performance, making it completely less robust than others.

Which Best Framework to Choose?

Laravel is the best framework to be chosen among the above five web application frameworks. Laravel Vapor is the best platform offered in the Laravel application. It is powered through Amazon Web Services (AWS) where the system offers serverless deploying platforms. It particularly uses no maintenance service and simultaneously works with on-demand auto-scaling.

Other benefits of the Laravel application are its accessible Laracasts. It encompasses hundreds of screencast tutorials and videos that support getting wide developing frameworks. Its framework of ecosystem helps in building a giant web application with comfort.

Laravel provides an enterprise-grade framework that has a highly developing speed. Its resulting outcome is that Laravel offers a highly observed popularity in different communities. It is a much demanding and starred GitHub framework between different server-based frameworks.

Author Bio:

I am John Lawson, Head of operations at Golpik Inc. It’s a technology company that excels in Web development, App development, Ecommerce development, and much more. I manage overall marketing activity for the company. I am proficient at developing technical content in various styles for several platforms. I write creative content that engages audiences with a wonderful experience.

5 Winning Strategies: Amazing App Design

Designing an app is a far more precarious endeavor than it was some years ago. The design of an app relays its purpose and identifies a marketable target audience. However, you could have the technical and aesthetic design down to a science and still come up with a dud.

Creating a hit every time is unlikely but creating successful apps consistently and also a powerful personal brand for a company’s leaders can be accomplished by following a few strategies.

  1. Study your customer

The first thing that any development company needs to do first is to study the customer. If an ideal target audience is already selected then you and your team should poll them for their reactions to the design. If your audience is unknown you can start identifying them by studying what the market dictates.

You can target the customers who download similar apps to your own or find which apps are drawing the most viewership and design accordingly. Regardless of the individual plan, it is vital that app companies understand their customers and what they want to see out of an app.

  1. Put UX design first

Mobile app developers must start making UX a more important part of the design process. All of the largest companies on the planet invest heavily into the user experience and all that it entails. Customers who feel as though they have been interacted with and engaged are more likely to provide patronage to your app.

UX is often misunderstood as a lesser technical craft that only concerns itself with the aesthetic. UX design is the totality of an application from open to close. Response times, custom deep links, and customer satisfaction are all important facets of the UX designer’s toolbox. An app with great UX design is an app that is created to make an impact on its audience.

  1. Learn from Agile developers

One of the biggest deterrents for software development companies is the management philosophy. Development environments that are too draconian or restrictive are likely to fall victim to any number of ailments that befall broken development teams.

The emphasis on teamwork helps all of the developers to stay focused and engaged while developing the app. No one wants to feel excluded or unheard and the agile method makes sure that not one of your developers goes unheeded.

  1. Ask users to help improve your product

Getting help from your audience while your app is in development will guarantee that your product finds success, even if it’s only with a few. To stay ahead of the game you will want to be as flexible as possible with your app and use email marketing as a way to get in touch with your audience and thus, get their feedback regarding your app.

The design of your app should always be up for review and if a better idea comes along then it is usually worthwhile to institute the change. This means that your team and their ideas should be flexible as well. An app that is designed well on the market has probably been through several iterations before it was released.

  1. Be flexible

Once development is settled under a specified plan then you will want to test the designs on your audience. Ask them to give you honest feedback so that your team may develop an app that is better suited to the market. There is no better person to tell you what needs to change than your customer.

Keeping your team flexible will guarantee that your product won’t ever be outdated or old hat. Most importantly, ask the experts in the field about their apps and their process for developing those apps. You can learn invaluable strategies from developers who have been through the rigamarole many times before.

Rather than hoping your team survives it may be all the better to initiate a new development philosophy. The agile method is one such philosophy that believes in open communication, constant improvement, and iterative app development.

Consult with professional UX designers, UI designers, and any other technical experts you can find to get ideas about how to make your app more appealing and marketable. Oftentimes, app developers simply need an outside voice to tell them where to aim next.

App developers who take full advantage of the resources available will undoubtedly find success. Creating an app with an amazing design is as simple as asking questions and always looking to improve.

7 Web Development Trends CTOs Should Be Aware of in 2021

Development trends change pretty fast. For tech specialists, it’s essential to stay informed for sharpening the knowledge, while for decision-makers being up-to-date means withstanding a competition.

To help you grasp the web development trends for 2021, we’ve analyzed the market demands across different industries and the latest web development trends.

Here’s a quick list of what we’ve got:


  • Progressive Web Apps (PWA)
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)
  • Intelligent chatbots
  • Responsive websites
  • Optimization for voice search
  • API-first design
  • Web push notifications

Progressive Web Apps or PWA

It’s probably one of the most meaningful trends of recent years. It’s aimed to make the experience that users get from browsing a website closer to native mobile applications. Therefore, more user-friendly and intuitive.


In simple words, PWA is a website offering features that usually accessible on mobile natives apps. Push notifications, offline mode, access to a camera are among those features.


A plethora of case studies shows that companies get an increase in revenue, conversion rates, and user engagements after adopting the PWA. The launch of the PWA resulted in two times more daily active users for Starbucks, while Trivago saw an increase of 150% for users who add its PWA to the home screen.


PWA let developers improve aspects that users hate about websites: slow load, no hardware support, poor user experience.

Companies Using the PWA

You can find the following companies among those who are already making use of PWA:

  • Alaska Airlines
  • Twitter
  • Starbucks
  • Trivago
  • Uber
  • Pinterest
  • Spotify


Tech Aspect

You may want to use one of the following technologies to build a PWA:

  • Polymer
  • Angular
  • React
  • Vue


One more thing that makes PWA a worthy investment is that they take up to four times less time to develop than native apps for iOS and Android.

Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP

Accelerated Mobile Pages is the technology that Google first presented to the public in 2015. It has been keeping the position of the hotly debated web development trends since then.

In short, the AMP helps to build web pages that load insanely fast and work smoothly across a variety of mobile devices. Accelerated Mobile Pages load for about 2 seconds in comparison to up to 22 seconds for regular ones.


Google pays a lot of attention to the load speed when deciding how to rank them in SERP. It means that the AMP technology is also remarkably useful for building a healthy SEO.

Tech Aspect

To get started with accelerated pages, you should learn more about an open-source HTML framework built for this purpose on the official website. There, you’ll find documentation and everything else you may need to get started.

Intelligent Chat Bots

For those businesses working across multiple time zones and having a presence in different countries and continents, it’s essential to provide customers with timely support.


Human customer services are often costly and don’t provide the necessary 24/7 support, unlike chatbots. That’s why entrepreneurs wonder how to build a chatbot that’d cover their needs making it another web development trend for 2021.


The chatbots powered with machine learning has been a worthy replacement for humans in many customer support tasks. Chatbots can give answers to frequently asked questions, redirect users to the right customer support specialist, and even take an order.


What’s more, a recent study shows that 65% of customers feel comfortable handling an issue without a customer support specialist.

Tech Aspect

There are several open-source solutions that can help you build an intelligent chatbot faster:


Responsive Websites

Responsiveness is no longer a nice-to-have feature. It’s now a must-to-have feature for every website on the Internet. It has been a trend for many years and 2021 isn’t an exception.


Taking into account that an overwhelming number of users prefers mobile devices over desktops and regarding Google’s recent mobile-first indexing policies, there’s no other way to succeed on the Internet except for being responsive.

Optimization for Voice Search

The voice search has an ever-rising potential that businesses simply can’t ignore. The last year’s report shows that more than half of all smartphone users were using the voice search in 2020. This number is going to grow exponentially.


Bearing in mind the current state of voice search and its perspectives, it’s definitely a web development trend for this year. Companies will start losing money without adding voice search to their SEO strategy and providing the IT budget for it.

Tech Aspect

The Web Speech API from Mozilla can help you with this task. The API helps to recognize the voice context, respond to queries, and read text content.

API-First Design

With the rise of digital services and their connectivity with one another, API-first design has become a widespread web dev elopement approach. And it’s still a trend.


With the traditional development approach, teams rather focus on delivering a smoothly working app and pay little attention to an API. APIs are often perceived as side projects and might not be designed and tested properly.


The API-first development, unlike the traditional one, goes simultaneously so that one part of the team doesn’t have to wait until colleagues finish their part of work.


Tech Aspects

Here are some popular tools for developing a high-level API:

Web Push Notifications

Push notifications used to be a privilege of mobile apps for a long time. However, web apps with push notifications gain momentum. Push notifications on websites can be used for informing about a new blog post, telling that a thing you were interested in is back in stock, and many other situations.

Tech Aspects

There are plenty of tools on the market that can help you integrate push notifications:

Wrapping Up

So, we have the following web development trends for 2021:


  1. Progressive Web Apps (PWA)
  2. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)
  3. Intelligent chatbots
  4. Responsive websites
  5. Optimization for voice search
  6. API-first design
  7. Web push notifications


If you’re building a new product or going to update the old one, it may be a good idea to identify what trends are right for you to start preparations.


Author’s bio


Vitaly Kuprenko is a writer for Cleveroad. It’s a web and mobile app development company with headquarters in Ukraine. He enjoys writing about technology and digital marketing.

Ways to Improve User Experience Through Web Design

Over the last few years, much has been said about user experience or UX, which, in a nutshell, pertains to how a user feels about using a product, application, service, or website.

For webmasters, the concept of UX just got real when Google announced that it would be an official ranking factor beginning in May 2021.

With Google rolling out page experience signals in ranking, it has become imperative for webmasters to ensure that people get nothing but the most helpful and enjoyable experience when visiting their sites.

So far, the best way to improve website UX is through web design. From boosting site speed to improving readability, here are some web design tweaks you can make to enhance the user experience.

Improve Page Speed

Internet users these days expect web pages to load in three seconds or less.

If loading your pages takes longer than that, they will likely bounce off to a website that loads faster.

If you’re not sure about your page speed, use Google’s Page Speed Tools.

As for web design tweaks that will help improve your page speed, some of the things you can do include optimizing your images and keeping the use of heavy graphics, custom fonts, and pop-ups to a minimum.

Make Website Navigation Easy

Bad website navigation can make a business lose customers. With the poor user experience that difficult-to-navigate sites provide their visitors, them bouncing off a website is understandable.

Website navigation needs to be easy to provide a good user experience. Some of the web design adjustments you can make to improve navigation include:

  • Making all navigational elements clickable
  • Featuring drop-down menus
  • Putting up a working search feature
  • Anchored navigation bars
  • Internal linking
  • Linking the logo back to the home page

Use The Power of White Space

Your website can offer a much better user experience if visitors find your content easy to read, and that is something that white space does very well.

Also referred to as a margin or negative space, white space gives your content a lot of breathing room, making it look more enticing to read than walls of text.

Aside from making pages more readable, white spaces also provide harmony and balance to your page. More importantly, white spaces make your calls to action (CTAs) stand out because the page no longer looks cluttered.

Keep the Design Clean

For a web designer, it’s easy to give in to the temptation of showing off their graphic design skills and end up with a website that’s practically begging for attention with the wanton use of animations, flashy colors, and other loud visual design elements.

Aside from slowing your website down, unnecessary visual elements also turn people off. In this day and age where minimalism is already a thing, keeping your web design simple and clean will always win people over.

Rid your web pages of unnecessary stuff, and you’ll have a much cleaner interface that will unfailingly enhance the user experience.

Make Mobile-friendliness A Priority

There are three billion smartphone users in the world today. Mobile users have long outnumbered desktop users, and they deserve every bit of effort you can make to make your pages look great on their devices.

Mobile users, in general, don’t relish the idea of pinching, zooming, scrolling sideways, or tapping on very tiny buttons of non-mobile-friendly sites. If your website forces them to do that on their devices, then you’re not providing them with an excellent user experience.

You can change that by switching to responsive web design, which will make your website adjust to the size of the screen people are using. Responsive web design gives mobile and desktop users alike an optimal browsing experience, which leads to a better UX.

These are just some of the ways you can enhance UX through web design. Partner with a reliable web design agency to make the necessary adjustments to your website design, and you’ll discover more ways to make the user experience even more remarkable for your visitors.


About the Author

Shawn Byrne is the founder and CEO of Shawn started his career in I.T. troubleshooting workstations, servers and networks, then went on to doing SEO as a side project and quickly found success in ranking websites. It was easy for him to grasp not only the algorithms but also the technical side which most SEO strategists miss and neglect because of its complexities. SEO Phoenix then grew based on its own rankings and referrals.


How AI Developers Create Better Digital Marketing Processes

Small businesses are always in the race to stay competitive without losing what makes their business unique. As entities, small businesses form the foundation of our local economies and are important to the health of the macroeconomy overall. AI, in many respects, may seem like the opposite technology, seeking only to revolutionize and mass produce. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

AI technologies are beginning to be integrated into businesses at all ends of the spectrum as people start to realize the effect that AI can have on any task. What’s more, AI has already proven itself to be an invaluable asset in the finance, transportation, and manufacturing industries by intelligently controlling operations to ensure optimal efficiency without any unnecessary costs or bloating.

Why AI matters to marketers

Artificial intelligence is an amazing technology that refers to a wide array of software protocols, tools, and plugins. Machine learning allows the software to act outside of its explicit programming.

That is, if a program says, collect this data from incoming emails and sort it by sentiment, the program will first collect data with the groups already assigned. As it is fed with training sets, it begins to recognize patterns not explicitly written in the source code.

How can AI help your business? Well, there are myriad ways automation can be leveraged to positively affect your business growth, your team’s efficiency, and your organization’s productivity.

AI email assistants

While you may think AI is a costly technology, there are several tiers of automation. They range from free apps like eCommerce CRM apps to incredibly expensive investments like Blackrock’s state-of-the-art stock predictor Aladdin.

One very notable automation app that can be added to your organization at an affordable price: email automation. Email assistants can help interact with customers, set meetings, and confirm calendar events, reducing the load on executive assistants and independent business owners alike. In addition, email marketing automation can be a great way to handle content creation and project management tasks in a largely hands-off fashion.

Automated social media marketing

Social media marketing, just like email marketing, is an important marketing activity that can increase all sorts of marketing metrics for your organization.

AI developers can create bits that interact with customers, apps that automate your content production, and artificial intelligence developers can even create apps that automatically optimize advertising content across social media platforms.

Consumer behavior analytics

Market research helps supplement every marketing activity. Automating email and social media marketing won’t help much if you aren’t working on your brand and your message. This means you need to know your customer. But market research only goes so far.

With customer relationship management platforms, business owners can collect, track, and predict consumer behavior, alleviating a great deal of the pain of creating an effective marketing plan.

AI is capable of applying the same principles to small businesses as well through AI-controlled systems. However, the incredible amount of AI technologies on the market today can be somewhat overwhelming and businesses that are not tech-savvy will most likely fail to glean any significant benefits from purchasing AI technologies.

This is where AI developers can come in and help a business utilize their technology in a logical way that doesn’t waste time or money. Whether hiring freelance or traditional, enlisting the services of an AI developer will undoubtedly change the game for your business.

They do this by assessing the needs of the business and cross-referencing it with the available AI technologies to create an AI project draft. These AI systems can range from automatically controlling the database to set up completely automated marketing campaigns. Small businesses do not typically have the resources to fill every position with one singular employee but with AI, these positions can be automated to assist the current workforce.

However, compared to default technologies that come standard and out of the box, AI developed technologies that are tailor-made are vastly superior as they work to improve the specific needs of the business.