7 Best Platforms for Mobile App Developers and How to Optimize App Development

But how do you build a mobile app efficiently and effectively these days? In this digital era, every app is completed against not only the market but also the incredible rate of change in healthcare organisations, in institutions and in many types of companies. Mobile app developers have to spend a great deal of time making their apps accessible and enjoyable, they need platforms that help expedite the development process.

Here are the best platforms for mobile app developers looking to cut down on development time and cost:

1. Ionic

Ionic is an HTML5 mobile app development framework. With Ionic, mobile apps are simply web pages converted into an “app shell.” For mobile developers, having multi-platform support is incredibly important. Through frameworks like Ionic and PhoneGap, mobile app developers can release hybrid apps with a native feel.

A mobile app developer can use HTML, CSS, and AngularJS, to create apps that are easily exported to Apple and Android. What’s most compelling: Ionic’s community edition is completely free.

2. Xojo

Xojo is an incredible developer tool that allows those with limited experience to create powerful and complex applications across Mac, Windows, Linux, and Mobile devices. Xojo prides itself on being the best at making the complex easily understood. 

It reads much like Visual Basic and uses simple commands to execute a myriad of tasks. The cross-platform object-oriented language allows developers to make their dream application once and then immediately export it to whatever platforms they want. Xojo gives developers the freedom and opportunity to produce whatever they want without the limitations of the market.

3. Buildbox

Buildbox is a drag-and-drop mobile app creator. No coding is required. Just a bit of design sense and some digital literacy, you can start building right out of the box (hence the name). 

Apt as the name may be, some mobile app developers may be disappointed that Buildbox is primarily used to create mobile games.

4. Unity

Unity is a powerful game engine with a lot of importable assets and frameworks. Unity does require some coding and a modicum of technical skill to leverage effectively. 

For mobile developers looking to create an immersive experience, Unity is one of the best platforms available.

5. ShoutEm

ShoutEm is an app development tool that erases the need for experienced coders or marketing expertise to build your first app. 

Their tools allow developers to build apps and market them within the same platform. Their goal is to make app development easier than ever so that more people may realize their dreams of building an app without the technical requirements of coding. 

6. Appery.io

Appery.io requires very little coding experience. With appery.io, you can create hybrid mobile apps (apps that are easily exported to Android and Apple devices). 

The backend of your app is provided within Appery.io’s infrastructure. Developers and entrepreneurs alike can drag-and-drop components, utilize Appery.io templates, and collaborate in the cloud. Best of all, the platform has a free trial version so you can begin developing on their platform before you make any financial decision. 

7. Appcelerator

Appcelerator is a mobile development company that primarily develops a cross-platform development tool called Titanium. 

Their goal is to not only provide a great cross-platform development tool but to also offer complex services in the background to help mobile apps stay current and functional. Appcelerator is a great service for those developers who want to find a truly all in one product.

Mobile app developers have more tools tailored to their applications than ever before whether you have experienced coders that can help you build you’re at scratch or with a framework like Ionic or Unity or you’re an entrepreneur with zero programming experience, there are many successful paths your development team can take.

With today’s technology, you can make your dream app a reality. Work on your idea, find a suitable platform, do your market research, and reach out to customers. With these tools and tips, you should be able to create a killer app in no time at all. 

6 Ways to Radically Optimize Mobile App Development

Optimizing mobile app development is all about opening communication lines, staying open to the pivot, and prioritizing your team members. A fast and efficient team is always going to bring the best results but only if major considerations are taken into account. 

The development principles are a great place to start. Your development team must have an agreed-upon style in which they can develop without hindrance or interruption. 

Here are six ways to radically optimize mobile app development for your team:

1. Adopt agile practices

Using the agile method will promote an environment of cooperation amongst the developers and will guarantee that each developer is heard and considered. The agile method concerns itself with the elasticity of a product’s development. 

Your mobile app can be optimized instantaneously by implementing a system that iterates upon the product so that it can always stay competitive. Once a firm development plan is in place then you will want to optimize the daily functions of the team. 

2. Make meetings quick

The first and most effective thing that your team can do is to make meetings quick and efficient. Meetings, by and large, can slow and hinder a development team by over corporatizing them. 

Instead, opt for mandatory meetings and for all other communication use Slack, Trello, or any service that grants instant messaging to your team members. 

3. Complete a market analysis

Once work properly begins on a webdesign, then you will want to complete comprehensive market research that includes customer questionnaires and focus groups. App development cannot begin in earnest until everyone knows what they are making and for which audience. 

Completing a complex market research plan will give your team a better understanding of the app’s identity and how it should be designed and also on how to grow an ecommerce business. Good market research will make the development process a breeze for you and your developers as they will have a clear picture of where they are going. 

4. Concentrate on one platform at a time

Concentrating on one platform at a time can also be very helpful for your team as they won’t have to consider each of the feature changes between the platform versions. There are a few platform options out there for mobile devices and deciding to focus on one platform at a time will dramatically simplify the development process. 

This will, in turn, make your mobile app a much more focused product that takes full advantage of a particular platform’s features. 

5. Integrate your development process these were ongoing marketing research

However, fully realizing your product entails doing constant market research throughout the development process. Maintaining a presence within your audience will guarantee that your mobile app comes to full fruition without missing anything that your customers want. 

Also, consistent market research will help your team with the design and flow of the app which will keep it competitive with the other similar apps on the app stores. Smart mobile app developers know that to keep a product interesting you must find out what interests others. Always designing to improve is a guaranteed way to find success with your app. 

6. Trust your team

One of the hardest things that any owner or manager can do is to trust somebody else with a decision that they don’t fully understand. It is in these times of trust and invention that some of the best mobile app ideas have come to pass whether you work in digital marketing agencies, technology companies or any other companies.

Open and considerate teamwork is the tool with which all apps are possible. A team that trusts one another is a team that is bound for incredible success and glory.

However, creating a successful app is always going to depend on how much you trust your team. Your development team is your greatest asset and they should be treated as such by always listening to their ideas and incorporating them into the decision, making the development process more effective. 

Ultimately, optimizing your mobile app development boils down to communication, write for us technology and cooperation, the cornerstones of a great business. By keeping the channels open and the ideas flowing you will be able to create the best apps that you are capable of making and then some.