6 Simple Ways to Generate More Leads Through Your Website

Your website is often the first experience a potential client has with your business. You have an opportunity to make an excellent first impression if you create a site geared toward offering solutions to your target audience’s pain points.

Once you get those who are a good match for what you offer to navigate to your page, your goal is to generate a lead. How do you get them to share their information and consider your product over all the other ones out there?

How Do I Turn My Website Into a Lead Generation Machine?

Internet Live Stats estimates there are more than 1.5 billion websites in the world, but not all are active all the time. Almost every industry has at least some competitors vying for attention from the same pool of potential customers.

Once people land on your page, you want to keep them there. Fortunately, there are several simple things you can do to ensure you generate more leads from those who do arrive on your page.

1. Know Your Target Audience

In order to generate leads, you have to know your target audience. It doesn’t do you much good to collect data on people who aren’t truly interested in what you have to offer. Start by figuring out the demographics and psychographics of your current customers.

Create a buyer person to represent your average shopper. With detailed information about your customer type in hand, you can easily customize your landing pages to meet their needs.

Source: https://www.art.com

Art.com understands their typical buyer is on a budget, so they start their landing page off with a huge headline about budget $49 abstracts. Although the site caters to many different buyer personas, they seem to have one main buyer they target their messages to, which works very well for a general home page.

2. Plan Your Sales Funnel Strategy

Take the time to map out the buyer’s journey on your website. If you want to generate more leads, you can’t leave anything to chance. Think through each touchpoint and if there’s any chance you might lose one of your users at any point.

You can generate more leads when you grab the attention of your site visitors and keep it until they share their data with you.

3. Offer Useful Tools

What pain points are your buyers experiencing that drives them to your site in the first place? If you can offer a tool that gives them a partial answer or helps them in some way, then you increase the chances they’ll share their email and contact info in exchange for using the feature.

Examples include calculators, idea generators and interactive maps.

Source: https://www.keckgroup.com/services/government-furniture

The Keck Group talks about ways to save money on high-quality furnishings for governments. They talk about how they get worn over time but can be refinished on a budget. They then offer a quote form so the user can share details and get a response on how much it might cost to repair the item.

4. Ask for Referrals

When your current customers check out, login or land on your site, ask them to tell others about what you offer. Make sharing on social media a one-click process. Start a rewards program and give them a perk for sending new customers your way.

Word-of-mouth leads are often much more likely to buy from you. They’ve already learned about your business from the person referring them. They know they want a similar product or service. Closing the sale may be much easier.

5. Use Pop-Ups

Whether you fall into the group of people who loathe pop-ups, or you appreciate their usefulness to get the message across, adding them to your site can help generate leads in a number of ways.

Use a pop-up to predict exit intent and throw out one final offer. Add one when people first land on your page to encourage them to share their email or sign up for a newsletter. Look for ways to offer something for lead generation, like a free guide, video series or other tool.

Source: https://heymaeve.com

Hey Maeve adds a pop-up on the left as you start to scroll down the page. They offer 10% off your first order just for sharing your email address. They also ask a question with a simple checkbox to learn a bit more about which audience segment you fit in.

6. Add Trust Factors

When people land on your website, they have no reason to trust you. Adding trust factors shows them they can share their information and reach out without fear of being spammed or scammed.

Some of the trust factors that are most effective include customer testimonials and reviews. Reach out to your top clients and ask them if they’d be willing to write a few words about why they buy from you. If you can feature a variety of testimonials and each focuses on a key point you want potential leads to know, you’ll have made a huge stride toward outpacing the competition.

Consider Your User

Lead generation tactics can vary widely from one company to the next. The key is to figure out your buyers’ pain points and offer a solution or potential solution so they see you know how to fix the problem.

Think about your typical customer. What would entice them to want to share their information and take the next step in the buyer’s journey? If you can put yourself in their shoes, it’s much more likely they’ll go from a browser to a lead and eventually a customer.

Eleanor Hecks is editor-in-chief at Designerly Magazine. Eleanor was the creative director and occasional blog writer at a prominent digital marketing agency before becoming her own boss in 2018. She lives in Philadelphia with her husband and dog, Bear.

Top 7 Proactive Tactics to Boost Engagement on Social Media

Struggling to look good with your social media? While the lack of engagement can be caused by social media algorithms and customers’ feedback on your store, which isn’t appropriately managed. Use WooCommerce stock manager to solve the problems related to your stock inquiry. Lack of social engagement can be how your content is displayed to followers, which can indicate a problem with your social media strategy. If you want to reconnect with your audience on social media, try some of these social media marketing strategies.

What is social media engagement?

Social media engagement refers to the number of comments, likes, and shares on your content. Yes, you want to engage your followers, but ultimately the best measure of social media success is a specific campaign, not just a large audience.

Engagement is measured by many metrics, including shares or retweets, comments, likes, number of followers and audience growth, clicks, mention (branded or unbranded), and use of the branded hashtag.

Social networks are created every time someone interacts with your account and can be targeted in various ways. There are many tricks to bolster that engagement. Keep reading!

Tactic #1. Initiate a healthy conversation

What constitutes a good conversation? Is it time for someone to rule the roost? In fact the best conversations happen when people share ideas and ask queries? We’re sure you know the answer here! The same principle applies when you share content on social media.

Start by sharing valuable and relevant content with your audience to boost your social media presence. Consider the common pain points or questions your clients are asking you and use those topics as a starting point for creating social media content.

Tactic #2. Hold contests

Contests can be a great way to get new people to like and follow your stories and keep your fans interested in your Page. It’s worth experimenting with contests on whatever social network you’re active on. Here are some examples of social media contests:

  • Comment to win – Followers leave a comment or answer a question.
  • Caption contest – The best caption (you select) or the one with the most likes and comments won.
  • Fill-in-the-blank contest – Ask your followers to answer a trivia question.

Tactic #3. Encourage User-Generated Content (UGC)

People love confirmation and validation. When a brand they like shares its photos, more customers will share photos of them using your products. All you need to do is add your hashtag to your image caption so you can easily keep track of what the person is producing.

This is a great way to engage them in conversation and strengthen your community. Take a look at some of the best affiliate marketing campaigns that have produced impressive results.

Tactic #4. Be Human

This is a significant one.

One of the worst mistakes you can make on social media comes from a company with no face or personality. In today’s era of transparency, people want to know your company more personally.

Today, many brands are joking and are not afraid to talk to their followers as if they were friends. Although brands have been criticized for behaving like robots, the presence of people on social media has become a target for many followers.

Tactic #5. Reply to your Audience

Reacting to your audience is one of the easiest ways to improve social media communications, but companies often overlook it. Many companies will publish content and stop there. This action is a mistake – you want to thank your subscribers and engage them in a conversation.

It takes two to have a conversation, so you should spend time talking to your audience. If people recommend your content, recommend it. Join the conversation and start a conversation with your brand. If you post things on your profile, look at the comments and take the time to show them off.

Tactic #6. Curate Others’ Content 

Content customization provides many benefits, including the ability to connect with your audience. Content classification helps reduce the burden of blogging or writing articles. When you have a large piece of content, it can be easy to write a summary. This gives you a new post with original content built on an idea that others will be interested in.

Tactic #7. Don’t be afraid of DMs

The Internet has changed how companies communicate with their customers and potential markets. Despite its powerful potential, we see that brands have not yet mastered the power of Direct Messaging (DM) to increase their marketing efforts.

DMs are a blessing in this smart generation, and many social media platforms offer this feature. This is just as important as your posts, posts, likes, and comments on your brand page. You can use DM to communicate with your followers, promote your offers, resolve customer complaints, and increase customer loyalty.

Final Thought

Building and maintaining your social media networks is a never-ending task. To increase engagement, you need to know your audience by listening to what they are talking about. You reach them with the right things by talking and learning about their concerns. After you’ve made your moves, analyze your campaign results to see which methods yielded the best results.

How to Showcase Your Clearance Sales

Running regular sales allows you to move inventory you’d otherwise take a loss on, bring in customers seeking a bargain and drive traffic to your site via smart marketing methods. However, if you don’t showcase your clearance sales in the right way, you may impact your overall revenue.

Statista reports quarterly on U.S. e-commerce sales. In the second quarter of 2021, online retailers drew in an estimated $222.5 million in revenue. This was an increase from Q1 and an overall increase from 2020. One reason for the increases includes small business owners becoming smarter about their marketing and inventory management.

If you need to clear out old merchandise or offer loss leaders to bring new customers to your site, here are the best ways to showcase your clearance sales.

1. Put Sales Front and Center

One way to highlight your sales is in your hero image. Add a banner telling what’s on sale, sharing an image and a link to the clearance items. This is a great way to encourage impulse sales and move inventory that would otherwise sit stagnant.

Marie Nicole children’s clothing boutique features their current sale in their hero shot, with an image of a little girl wearing an outfit on sale and a note about how long the promotion runs. Note how they also run a narrow banner across the top of the page announcing the current clearance sale.

2. Know Your Audience

Start by knowing who your target audience is and then use language they’ll respond to. If you send out a note about the clearance items, you need to choose words encouraging buyers to take action. Think about what’s worked in the past, run surveys and look at analytics to figure out the best approach.

3. Highlight the Savings

People love a good bargain. Go ahead and advertise just how much they can save by buying the discounted items. Will they save 20% or maybe more? You might use a percentage, or you might use a dollar amount.

Be upfront about how much items are discounted. Ideally, you’ll break even after handling fees, but you may not make a profit on clearance items. The goal is to keep cash flowing through your enterprise and not get stuck with things that never sell. Seasonal items, in particular, can be hard to move as the holiday approaches. A discount can move them out so you aren’t stuck with them for 12 months.

Neway Packaging does an excellent job of highlighting the latest things to hit their clearance aisles. They use an image reading “Up to 50% Off” to grab attention and let users know just how much they can potentially save by ordering from the clearance section.

The headline reading “new items on clearance” indicates additional things get added to the clearance category from time to time, so even those who’ve visited before are likely to check out the page.

4. Use Social Media

According to Worldometer, there are approximately 5 billion internet users with the number growing constantly. Social media is also growing by leaps and bounds.

You can reach your target audience through a social media page, taking out targeted advertising and getting your current customers to share your posts and talk about your brand.

Give them a reward if someone new buys from you, even if it is a clearance item. Points or other perks will encourage your fans to share.

5. Host a Buy a Bag Event

One way to increase sales of clearance items is by bundling them or offering a perk when people buy. For example, some brands team up with companies offering incentives toward a cause and run sales at the same time.

You can also offer a certain percentage off for anything in a category people can fit in a bag. So, if you go to a hobby supply and craft store, you might see a 20% off all fall-themed items back. Or you might use a certain color tag for clearance items.

Look for ways to promote the bag and use it for more than one season. If you run a fully digital store, then the bag is a virtual one, while a brick-and-mortar store might offer a physical bag for sale items.

Ben Franklin Crafts & Framing offers a bag sale on the last Thursday of each month. The discount applies to the lowest price, so people can even get an additional savings on clearance items. They also offer online specials for those who prefer to shop from the comfort of their couch.

6. Time It Right

Moving seasonal merchandise requires perfect timing. You want people to still be interested in whatever season it is. If you try to clear out winter coats, you might have some luck in early January, but you aren’t going to sell many come April or May.

Think about how people use the item and when the right time is to push to clear the last of them out. Some things get used year-round, so may not have a time crunch on them. However, you may have ordered too many and need to make way for more inventory, so can offer a discount to move things out and create space or increase cash flow.

Reach Out in Multiple Ways

When you run a clearance sale, you must let your users know in a variety of ways. Send them a postcard, shoot off an email, post on social media and update your website. The more signs and info pointing to the sale, the more likely people will buy your discounted products.

Eleanor Hecks is editor-in-chief at Designerly Magazine. Eleanor was the creative director and occasional blog writer at a prominent digital marketing agency before becoming her own boss in 2018. She lives in Philadelphia with her husband and dog, Bear.

5 Types of Digital Marketing for Promoting Your Business

After the digital revolution, the world has turned into a global village where physical boundaries do not matter. This amazing change opened an infinite number of new opportunities. One of them is called digital marketing.

It is a form of marketing in which the internet is used to spread your brand awareness. There are many benefits that it provides, but you cannot find them through any other technique.

Some of these are as follows.

Benefits Of Digital Marketing:

There are many advantages of digital marketing that are hard to get through traditional methods.

Targeted Audience:

Suppose that you are launching a makeup brand and your targeted audience is ladies from France who are under 60 years old. If you had used traditional methods, it would be impossible to target this audience. Digital marketing solves this problem for you. You can target your audience in almost every way possible, even though their interest. Big companies like Facebook and Google classified their users in many categories and ads are shown to these people accordingly so that your campaign gives you the best results possible.

For example, if you are manufacturing an affordable chef knife, then you can target the cooking enthusiast with a low budget from around the world.

Low Cost:

Digital marketing is best if you have a very limited marketing budget. You do not need millions of dollars to reach out to thousands of people. Many options provide you with the best services in return for the minimum cost.

This makes digital marketing best for new businesses.


One of the best advantages is that digital advertisements provide us with an insane amount of data.

This data can give us a deep insight into the campaign and its results, and the basis of these results can be used to make changes if necessary.

Global Approach:

The digital world has no borders. You can approach any person in the world freely over the internet. This enabled you to spread your message all over the world.

It does not matter where you are based, you can advertise your business all around the world at the same cost you need for your native country.

It can help small companies to target a larger audience and take their business to a whole new level.

Types of Digital Marketing:

The digital world is growing, not just in terms of users, but also the platforms, with this increase came the new options and kinds of digital marketing.

Some of these types are as follows.

1-Email Marketing:

If you are looking to keep the people engaged after their first interaction, then email marketing is the best option.

Using this technique, you can keep your potential customers updated about the inventory and upcoming products.

Email marketing can play a great role in creating brand loyalty and make people keep the people coming back.

You can hire Email marketing experts or buy an automated tool that will send emails to a large audience very easily.

2-Social Media Marketing:

According to the latest reports, there are over 4 billion active users on social media. These four billion people spend a great amount of time in front of screens. Which makes it the best way to spread messages.

Big social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram provide the services through which you can run ads. These ads are one of the best ways to reach out to new customers.

Another way is to create social media pages and create a community around them. The biggest advantage of this technique is that it is free and once you create the followers you can translate these followers into customers.

3-Search Engine Optimization:

Search engines like Google are the biggest source of information, with countless numbers of websites on each topic. But the users select top results for every information. To reach more people and bring your website on top, you can use SEO.

It is a form of digital advertising in which you apply different techniques to make your website easier to search for the search engine.

This will improve the ranking of your website and bring in more audience.

4-Influencer Marketing:

With the increase in social media audience, new types of celebrities arise, known as influencers. These are the people who have a large number of followers on social media.

You can pay these influencers to feature your post on their social media. This gives you access to a large audience instantly and also the trust of customers because a well-known person is endorsing your product.

For example, if Gordon Ramsay is endorsing your affordable chef knife then you will have more chances to make sales.

5-Content Marketing:

As nowadays people are consuming more and more content, you can turn this trend into your favor.

You can create relevant, valuable, and consistent content to engage your customers. By doing this, you stay relevant and also create a Fan base. These fans will then be converted into customers.

This content will act as the ad and spread your brand name quickly.