What Are the Top Ways to Enhance the Tech Conference Experience?

Creating an engaging and rewarding tech conference experience can be full of challenges. Attendees often have high expectations. They seek more than knowledge but also networking opportunities and innovative insights. To make a conference truly memorable, you must employ various methods that enhance engagement.

From leveraging the latest technology to creating better networking opportunities, various methods are designed to increase the attendee’s investment in the conference. Therefore, implementing them will ensure high engagement levels, enhancing their overall experience at your tech conference.

The Importance of Enhancing the Tech Conference Experience

Enhancing the experience of your tech conference is vital in today’s world. As technology evolves, so do the expectations of conference attendees.

They are looking for experiences that are informative, engaging and interactive. With a well-crafted conference experience plan, you can provide a space for collaboration and professional growth. In turn, attendees leave with valuable takeaways, giving them a compelling reason to return.

You can even create a community that motivates people to interact with each other long after the conference has ended. Enhancing the conference experience is therefore essential to meet and exceed the modern attendee’s expectations for value, engagement and connectivity.

1. Provide Better Networking Opportunities

Networking is part of the reason people attend tech conferences. They look forward to connecting, exchanging ideas and forming professional relationships. To take networking to the next level, organizers can introduce high-tech wearables such as smart badges.

These devices allow attendees to exchange contact information, eliminating the need for traditional business cards. With a simple tap, smart badges can transfer contact details between attendees, storing them in a digital format for access post-conference.

While providing networking opportunities is essential, attendees will expect your conference to have the latest technology as well. Therefore, integrating these smart badges can be an innovative way to make networking more effective and memorable for participants.

2. Enhance Visual Presentations

Visual presentations are the foundation of providing an exciting tech conference experience. Better visual experiences enhance the overall engagement and enable attendees to retain the information of the content presented.

One way to enhance these presentations is by paying close attention to the quality of display screens, such as LED walls. An essential aspect of LED displays is the pixel pitch, which is the distance between the centers of one pixel to another. The smaller the pixel pitch, the higher the resolution, allowing for a clearer and more detailed image and overall display.

This detail becomes particularly important in a large venue where attendees may sit far from the screen. A lower pixel pitch means even those at the back can enjoy a crisp, clear image without the visuals appearing pixelated.

Consider investing in a high-quality display with the right pixel pitch to make data and graphics more accessible to attendees.

3. Use Engaging Keynote Speakers

The keynote speakers you choose can take a tech conference from mediocre to great. Speakers are often the highlight of the event because they set the tone and provide value that the audience craves. However, the right keynote speaker can bring the right type of experience. They can either share a captivating story or a groundbreaking idea that inspires and energizes attendees.

To enhance the experience further, conference organizers should seek speakers who are more than thought leaders. They should also possess a dynamic presentation style. The ability of a speaker to connect with the audience and stir conversation is as important as the content they deliver.

Additionally, speakers should be encouraged to incorporate interactive elements into their presentations, such as live polls or Q&A sessions. That way, your tech conference fosters a two-way dialogue with the audience.

A truly engaging keynote speaker can leave a lasting impression, sparking creativity and driving the conference’s success.

4. Create an Immersive Theme

Take the tech conference further by immersing your audience in a specific theme. This can truly enhance their experience by providing a cohesive and engaging environment. It sets the tone for the design of sessions, activities and the venue decor, creating an even more memorable experience.

For instance, if the theme revolves around “The Future of AI,” every aspect of the conference — from the keynotes to the exhibits — can provide a deep dive into artificial intelligence. This might include AI-driven performances and hands-on demonstrations with the latest AI technology like ChatGPT.

An immersive theme encourages participants to fully engage with the material and the environment, often leading to higher participation and interaction.

5. Make Time for Breakout Sessions

Giving attendees time for a break and chat is essential for a well-rounded tech conference experience. These areas offer attendees a place to relax, decompress and reflect on the presentations they have attended.

Provide complimentary drinks and food in these spaces, as it encourages attendees to stay on-site and network. Additionally, breakout spaces should be comfortable and inviting, with ample seating and a layout that facilitates private and group conversations.

These spots also serve as a haven for informal networking where attendees can connect in a more relaxed setting. Simultaneously, this allows them the space to recharge physically and mentally.

6. Build an App for Your Event

Building a dedicated app for a tech conference is a powerful way to enhance the attendee experience. An event app can be a hub for all things related to the conference, providing users with the following:

  • Schedules
  • Speaker bios
  • Session descriptions
  • Interactive venue maps

It also helps with networking by allowing attendees to connect, schedule meetings and exchange information directly through the app. Moreover, an app can enrich the experience by sending real-time notifications about session start times and schedule changes. It can even list upcoming networking events or include features like live polling.

By offering a one-stop solution for logistics, networking and engagement, an event app ensures participants navigate the conference easily. However, ensure the app works seamlessly because a delay in it by even a second can decrease user satisfaction by 16%.

7. Survey or Poll Your Attendees to Uncover Their Expectations

Surveying or polling participants is a strategic method for enhancing the tech conference experience. It’s an excellent approach because it gathers data on what participants expect and value most in a conference. By asking attendees what they expect, organizers can understand their preferences for topics, speakers and even food.

Plus, it can reveal trends that may not have been obvious before, such as types of networking opportunities or more interactive sessions. Overall, it ensures the conference caters to your audience and remains relevant and impactful.

Make Your Tech Conference Memorable and Powerful

The experience of your tech conference depends on how deeply you understand your audience and how to implement enhancements central to them. Each of the methods provided here plays a crucial role in meeting attendees’ expectations these days. Follow what is trending, ask for feedback and create a strategy that sets the stage for a truly impactful event.

Eleanor Hecks is editor-in-chief at Designerly Magazine. Eleanor was the creative director and occasional blog writer at a prominent digital marketing agency before becoming her own boss in 2018. She lives in Philadelphia with her husband and dog, Bear.

Top 5 Online Notepads You Can Use For Content Writing In 2022

Noting the grocery items or making the class notes, we all need a notepad where we can pen down all the elements.

In the past, we used to write things on paper. But with the revolution of time, we have moved forward. Now everything is being noted on the online notepad. Whether you are using a mobile phone or PC, this online tool can be accessed everywhere.

The best thing about this tool is that users can change the text formatting and font style here. So, one can make the notes more attractive and readable.

Numerous online tools can be helpful in this regard. Each online notepad has its features. Users need to go for the best one where they can avail of all the benefits for free.

Top Online Notepads

The search engine is full of advanced online notepads. Each of them has different advantages. But for new users, it can be difficult to find the top one that can be a handy option for them.

For those users who are looking for the best online notepads, here is the list of top tools that they can try to note down their ideas.


Notepad.ltd is one of the most feature-rich tools that offer a simple interface with several features on a single platform.

Here we will talk about the top benefits that users can get from this online tool and keep their notes saved.

  • Read Text

While a user makes the notes in this online tool and writes the text, he can also listen to the content by using this feature. Click on the “read text” button and it will start reading the lines that you have added to the content.

  • Add Password To Text

Users can also add a password to the content to make it secure. This element makes the tool more reliable for usage as users can keep the content safe in this online tool.

  • Color Modes

This online notepad offers two color modes to the users so they can change it as per requirement. They can use light mode or dark mode in this tool.

  • Show Words And Characters

One can also check the total number of words and characters written in the content. This tool provides this facility to the users to get control over the word count.

  • Spelling Checker

You can make some spelling errors in the content while writing in a flow. So, this tool highlights all the errors that are making issues.


The creator of this online notepad calls it the fastest and most secure tool where users can keep their files saved and download them into the system.

Like other top tools, this one is also enriched with the advanced features that users can avail of for making notes. Here are some advanced features of this online notepad.

  • Google Search

Google search is an advanced feature offered by this tool. One can get ideas about the content on Google and write them down on the notepad instantly.

  • Show The Number Of Lines

This online tool shows the total number of lines that are present in the content. This can give a rough idea about the length of the content to the users.

  • Export Files In Multiple Formats

After writing the content in this online notepad, users can export the files in multiple formats. The supported formats of this tool are Txt, Docx, Doc, and PDF.

  • Lock The Content

While writing the content in this notepad online, you may want to take a pause. At that time, you can lock the content to avoid unintentional mistakes that could create trouble in the end.

  • Multiple Note Styles

Users can make notes of multiple styles as per need. This online tool offers you to make plain text notes, rich text notes, and task lists.


Onlinenotepad.io is one of the quickest and most advanced online tools that offer a lot of features. One can change the font style and make headings in this notepad.

Let’s dive deep and talk about the top advantages that users can get in this online tool.

  • Paragraph Headings

This online notepad allows you to change the heading of a paragraph. That means a person can make the content more attractive and readable by giving headings and subheadings to the content.

  • Change The Text Style

Users can change the text style in this tool by making it Bold, Italic, and underlining the text. By using this feature one can make the text more prominent.

  • Add A Picture To The Text

To make the content more informative and easy to understand, one can also add pictures in the content. Just click on the image icon and place the image that you want to upload here.

  • Add Bullets In The Content

If you are making a list of some particular item, you can use the bullet points for it with the help of this online notepad.


On number 4 of the list, notepadonline.co lies because of the features it provides to the users. One can change the format of the content and use multiple font styles in this text editor.

It offers a lot of features to the users to create notes and keep them saved on the device. Some of the top elements of this online notepad are discussed here.

  • Use Multiple Styles

Changing the font style helps you make the text more readable. Here you can access this feature and make changes to the content quite easily.

  • Multiple Text Cases

This online tool allows you to write the text in multiple cases. You can keep the content in a capital case, lower case, upper case, and inverse case.

  • Insert Special Characters

Users can also use special characters in the content that can be applied to show some values.

  • Edit The Files

Users can upload the already existing files here and edit them. You can change the text style, content format, or many more.

  • Download Reports

After generating the results from this tool, you can download the reports on the devices. This helps you keep the content safe in your system.


Textcleaner.net is surely one of the best free online notepads where users can get all the features of MS Word and make notes with multiple font styles.

This online tool provides a lot of features to the users that can help them to make notes in multiple styles.

  • Font Family

You can get a large font family in this online tool. No matter what style you want to apply to the content, just go for it and modify the text format.

  • Insert Images In The Content

To improve the infographics section, users can add images to the content. For it, you have to click on the image button and select the picture from your device.

  • Find And Replace Words

This online tool also allows you to change the word with a single click. Just find all the words and after that write the alternative word for it. Now click on the replace button and it will change the text everywhere.

  • Tells The Word Count

This online tool also checks the word count in the content. This element helps to increase or decrease the length of the content.

  • Spelling Check

While writing in a flow there are chances that a writer makes some spelling mistakes in the content. This tool highlights all those issues so one can come over those errors.

Bottom Lines

The time is gone when people used to make their notes on paper. Now technology has changed everything and we use online notepads for keeping our content safe.

There is a list of these tools that users can get on the search engine. The thing is that you have to select the best one that can offer you a lot of features. The online notepads discussed in this article can be very handy for writing the content.

Top 3 Low-Code App Makers Disrupting the Industry

It seems like something is disrupting the technology industry every other week with little to no effect. However, the low code platform industry is truly disrupting the technology sector by creating a more level playing field thus distributing technical prowess through no longer requiring it at all. This also leads to an increased need for cyber security companies that will prevent security attacks from happening or at least make the right decisions as quickly as possible. 

In short, these low code platforms grant developers of any skill level the ability to create engaging apps without the barriers related to traditional development. GameMaker is one such platform that utilizes drag-and-drop low code solutions to make code game creation that much simpler. Companies who are looking to hire such specialists should take into consideration LinkedIn lead generation services that will help them find the right candidate faster.

In totality, it stands as a comprehensive tool that allows game developers to create games quickly with its built-in tools. Within the app, developers can quickly build levels and add mechanics with a few simple clicks of the mouse. 

1. GameMaker

There are plenty of game creation applications out there for every kind of developer. Retro game lovers can make 16-bit games with RPGMaker, Candy Crush lovers can create their own popping puzzle games with in-browser app creation tools. Or, some write their code in HTML, C++, Java, or Python line by line.

Premier tools like Unity and Unreal help developers create premier-grade games with cutting-edge industry tech. But working with their visual programming is quite cumbersome.

GameMaker is no-code like RPGMaker and Buildbox, but is available for free. Additionally, GameMaker can be used to create interactive apps, not just gaming experiences.

2. Google App Maker

Google App Maker is a great platform for those looking to optimize their business applications. Unlike Zoho Maker, a long-time no-code favorite, Google App Maker is a remarkably inexpensive option. If you rely on Google services like Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Cloud Platform, then Google App Maker is a wonderful choice for your business app.

Google App Maker, Microsoft PowerApps, and other apps have made it possible to create AI-enabled enterprise apps without an entire development team. Truly, tech is becoming a more universal endeavor for large organizations to the individual developer and there will be more hybrid cloud solutions soon.

3. Bubble.io

Bubble.io is a fairly new option as a no-code app maker and app hosting service. With just some understanding of logic and some basic database experience, you can dive right into creating web and mobile apps through Bubble.io’s in-browser app creator.

In addition to allowing you to create apps through their low-code platform, they host your application on their servers. They can point traffic to your custom domain as well so it’s a perfect white-label solution for those looking to create a reliable and robust application.

Bubble.io is available for a low monthly fee. Breaking into app development has never been so easy or practical. We’re sure to see more companies adopting low-code platforms and more innovation within the no-code development space. 

Developing in this environment also makes it much simpler to collaborate and onboard new developers as the engines come with a standard toolkit. Eliminating the need for several specialists reduces costs and speeds up development without sacrificing quality or complexity. GameMaker is also available for free and can be used to develop interactive experiences of any kind. 

Google AppMaker, on the other hand, focuses on the business side of development and relates more to a platform like PowerApps which also focuses on business apps. The primary difference, however, is that Google AppMaker uses the entire library of Google technologies and makes them available to every developer. This platform is essentially no code and uses a complex system of stacked APIs to grant developers as many tools as possible to create the specific app they need without the technical barrier. 

Additionally, the Google development platform is predominantly accessible around the world allowing for a true convergence of talent for your product. The power of Google’s technologies coupled with the openness of the platform provides development teams the ability to make great apps without being limited by technological prowess. Most importantly, Google’s platform is low cost and incredibly efficient making it one of the best doubloons for development. 

5 Winning Strategies: Amazing App Design

Designing an app is a far more precarious endeavor than it was some years ago. The design of an app relays its purpose and identifies a marketable target audience. However, you could have the technical and aesthetic design down to a science and still come up with a dud.

Creating a hit every time is unlikely but creating successful apps consistently and also a powerful personal brand for a company’s leaders can be accomplished by following a few strategies.

  1. Study your customer

The first thing that any development company needs to do first is to study the customer. If an ideal target audience is already selected then you and your team should poll them for their reactions to the design. If your audience is unknown you can start identifying them by studying what the market dictates.

You can target the customers who download similar apps to your own or find which apps are drawing the most viewership and design accordingly. Regardless of the individual plan, it is vital that app companies understand their customers and what they want to see out of an app.

  1. Put UX design first

Mobile app developers must start making UX a more important part of the design process. All of the largest companies on the planet invest heavily into the user experience and all that it entails. Customers who feel as though they have been interacted with and engaged are more likely to provide patronage to your app.

UX is often misunderstood as a lesser technical craft that only concerns itself with the aesthetic. UX design is the totality of an application from open to close. Response times, custom deep links, and customer satisfaction are all important facets of the UX designer’s toolbox. An app with great UX design is an app that is created to make an impact on its audience.

  1. Learn from Agile developers

One of the biggest deterrents for software development companies is the management philosophy. Development environments that are too draconian or restrictive are likely to fall victim to any number of ailments that befall broken development teams.

The emphasis on teamwork helps all of the developers to stay focused and engaged while developing the app. No one wants to feel excluded or unheard and the agile method makes sure that not one of your developers goes unheeded.

  1. Ask users to help improve your product

Getting help from your audience while your app is in development will guarantee that your product finds success, even if it’s only with a few. To stay ahead of the game you will want to be as flexible as possible with your app and use email marketing as a way to get in touch with your audience and thus, get their feedback regarding your app.

The design of your app should always be up for review and if a better idea comes along then it is usually worthwhile to institute the change. This means that your team and their ideas should be flexible as well. An app that is designed well on the market has probably been through several iterations before it was released.

  1. Be flexible

Once development is settled under a specified plan then you will want to test the designs on your audience. Ask them to give you honest feedback so that your team may develop an app that is better suited to the market. There is no better person to tell you what needs to change than your customer.

Keeping your team flexible will guarantee that your product won’t ever be outdated or old hat. Most importantly, ask the experts in the field about their apps and their process for developing those apps. You can learn invaluable strategies from developers who have been through the rigamarole many times before.

Rather than hoping your team survives it may be all the better to initiate a new development philosophy. The agile method is one such philosophy that believes in open communication, constant improvement, and iterative app development.

Consult with professional UX designers, UI designers, and any other technical experts you can find to get ideas about how to make your app more appealing and marketable. Oftentimes, app developers simply need an outside voice to tell them where to aim next.

App developers who take full advantage of the resources available will undoubtedly find success. Creating an app with an amazing design is as simple as asking questions and always looking to improve.