How much should my website cost?

The answer depends on what you need, but we have many no nonsense upfront prices listed below for websites and digital marketing to help you make the right choice. We even offer quick easy quotes for special projects by phone, text, messenger or email.

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We don’t hide our prices.

We just offer honest upfront services at a fair cost that we are proud to share with everyone.

Why do we offer public upfront prices for our design services when so many agencies won’t provide a quote without a contract or an email? Part of the reason is because we have been in this business for over a decade. We have years of experience, and we know what it takes to build great websites and design great media. We also know exactly what it costs, and we are not afraid to share that information with you, with no strings attached. We won’t require a lengthy discovery process or demand an email to give you a solid quote because we respect your time and your privacy. We offer high-quality custom work at some of the lowest prices in the nation, and we are proud to put that on display. We will don’t need tricks or gimmicks. We just offer the best service at the best price because we love what we do.

To see a general menu of our most popular options just scroll down, you can also see our other rate pages and services here:

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Affordable Website Package Rates

How much is a custom affordable website with everything I need?

Designing a website yourself is the cheapest option, but it may not project the level of professionalism that you need and in may cases the cost to design on your own could start out low and rise quickly depending on how many tools, plugins and additional support products you need to complete your project. Self built websites can can range in cost from a $100 to $3,000 or more and often come with high monthly payments that cut into upfront savings over time. A simple custom website design from a big brick and mortar agency can range from $15,000 to $30,000, whereas bigger and more complicated websites will cost between $40,000 to $75,000 or more, while smaller boutique agencies with lower overhead can offer you much better rates for the same quality and in many cases a much higher level of personal service. Our most affordable website packages start at around $500 and are perfect for getting a high-quality website at a flat rate you can afford. We can also take service and options from different packages to tailor a custom website package that perfectly fits your needs and your budget.

    • Basic Site

    • $500 & up

    • Mobile Optimization
    • Fast Load Speeds
    • Graphic Design
    • Hosting Setup
    • SEO Setup & Indexing
    • Stock Photos & Editing
    • More Details
    • Simple Site

    • $1500

    • Everything from Basic Plus:
    • 5 Custom Pages
    • SEO + Indexing
    • Analytics Install & Login
    • Custom Form Set-up
    • Hosting Setup
    • More Details
    • Business Site

    • $2500

    • Everything from Simple Plus:
    • Unlimited Blog Post Tool
    • Easy To Use Page Editor
    • 90 Days Tech Support
    • SSL Set-up Included
    • Custom Email Set-up
    • More Details
    • Ecommerce Site

    • $3500

    • Everything from Business Plus:
    • Up to 5 Blog Templates
    • 10 Additional Custom Pages
    • Custom Product Pages
    • Product Add & Edit Tool
    • Sales & Inventory Management
    • More Details

Business Package Rates

How much is a professional business website that really drives sales?

    • Business Plus

    • $2500 & up

    • Perfect for small to medium-sized business
    • Fast Load Speeds
    • Easy Editing system
    • Courtesy SEO Training
    • Cyber Security
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • More Details
    • Advanced Business

    • $4500

    • Everything from Business Plus:
    • Pro SEO Content Writing
    • Advanced Field Contact Form
    • Advanced Analytics & Tracking
    • Lightning Fast Load Times
    • CRM Integration
    • More Details
    • Industry Leader Site

    • $6500

    • Everything from Advanced Plus:
    • Complex Custom Functions
    • Advanced Marketing Data Management
    • Cutting-edge Integrations
    • Custom Plug-ins
    • Multi User Subscription/Access Levels
    • More Details
    • Enterprise Sites

    • $8500

    • All-Inclusive Enterprise Online Solutions
    • All Fully Custom Templates
    • Start-Up Ready Scalable Solutions
    • Advanced Product/ Service Pages
    • Custom Product Add & Edit Tool
    • Advanced Custom Data Tracking
    • More Details

Hourly Rates

Can you repair my current website, SEO, social media or ad account?

    • Web Development

    • $45/ hr

    • WordPress Template Install
    • Custom Template Design
    • White-Label Site Building
    • Custom Development
    • Interactive Programing
    • Custom Plugin Integration
    • Order Now
    • 1 on 1 Design & Editing

    • $125/ hr

    • Live Design Assistance
    • Landing Page Building
    • Microsites/Funnel Design
    • Site Design Drafting
    • Website Editing & Repair
    • Template & Plugin Updates
    • Order Now
    • Brand Management

    • $45/ hr

    • SEO & Traffic Growth
    • Linkbuilding
    • Reputation Monitoring
    • SEO Consultation
    • On-Site / Off-Site SEO
    • Custom Content Copywriting
    • Order Now
    • Public Relations

    • $55 / hr

    • Social Media Audit
    • Account Creation
    • Repair & Optimization
    • Twitter Scheduling & Ads
    • Instagram Integration
    • Strategic Communication
    • Order Now

Social Media Management

How much is social media management? Can you help me reach more people and gain more followers?

    • Monthly Management

    • $250 & up

    • Establish Positive Identity
    • Communicate with your customers
    • Gain more real followers
    • Learn key brand performance indicators
    • Target customer engagement opportunities
    • Strengthen customer loyalty
    • Order Now
    • Account Set Up

    • $500

    • Establish accounts on all pertinent social platforms:
    • Facebook Accounts, Pages, Groups & Teams
    • Twitter Tweets, Polls & Fleets
    • Google My Business, Listing & Maps
    • Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn Pages and Profiles
    • YouTube, TikTok and many more
    • Order Now
    • Reputation Audit & Repair

    • $750 & up

    • Correction & Repair of Listings
    • Find & Reclaim Access to Lost Accounts
    • Correct User Access Levels and Bring Up-to-Date
    • Clean Old Data and Disavow Old Accounts
    • Reclaim Stolen Social Media Accounts
    • Emergency PR repair and Campaign management
    • Order Now
    • Media Ad Marketing

    • Ad+ 20%

    • Create and Manage Social Media Ad Accounts
    • Create Digital Graphics and Ads
    • Develop Custom Multiplatform Campaigns
    • Increase Page Followers and Engagement
    • Product Listing & Catalogue Tools
    • Advanced Custom Ad Data Tracking
    • Order Now

Our Pricing

We believe in offering clear upfront prices and reasonable rates for our website design and digital marketing.

There are many marketing agencies that won’t offer you this kind of transparency because they want to size you up and see how much you can afford to spend before they offer you a quote. They can hide behind a volume of reasons but at the end of the day any good marketing company worth investing in knows their bid process well enough to be able to give you a clear price answer without the run around.

Here at design web we won’t require you to attend a meeting, sign-up for an email list or even schedule a phone call before we give you the exact detailed information you need to make an informed selection that best fits your business.

We believe your time is valuable so to assist you through this process we will always have a local sales assistant available for you calls, meetings and questions, as well as a public list of our services and packages that include our price points. With over a decade of experience in digital marketing we know what it takes to build the best custom websites that will meet all of your marketing needs and we know exactly what it will cost and how many hours it will take to build out and we are not afraid to share that information with you directly.

The Best Web Design Company in Louisville.