Cleaning and Restoration Company Website

As a website designer for a cleaning and restoration company, it is important to create a website that effectively markets the company’s services, experience, and expertise. This includes incorporating professional and polished design elements, showcasing customer testimonials, before and after photos, and providing detailed information about the services offered including emergency services as well as the unique and high-quality tools they offer clients.

Search engine optimization took a key focus in the website design to ensure that the company’s website appeared high in search engine results for relevant keywords. The website is also mobile-friendly and easy to navigate, making it easy for potential customers to find the information they need.

We were sure to incorporate an easy-to-use contact form, a phone number, and email address prominently displayed on the website, and additional integrated tools to make it easy for potential customers to reach the company to schedule an appointment or request a quote. Social media was also integrated into the design as it is also crucial for the company’s marketing efforts, providing a platform for the company to connect with potential customers and share its latest projects, services, and offers.

Email marketing campaigns were integrated into the website design, allowing the company to keep its customers informed about its latest services, promotions, and offers and to maintain a strong relationship with existing customers while attracting new ones.

Sports Center Website

We, at Design Web Louisville, created a custom website for Smash Zone Baseball that features their trainers and events at their location. We included a custom editable birthday invitation template for their birthday events rental pages and an easy-to-edit back end. The website allows them to sell sign-ups and connect with parents and students. The website redesign was successful and exceeded their expectations. This baseball training center website design showcases state-of-the-art facilities, experienced trainers and, personalized training programs, testimonials, a schedule of classes and camps, making it easy for players and parents to find the right option they need to get in the batting cages and start swinging.

Custom Product E-commerce Website

Designweb Louisville is proud to have helped CarArtWorks, a licensed product company, to create a website that showcases and sells their unique and custom-licensed products online to customers worldwide. Our case studies demonstrate our ability to design e-commerce websites that increase online sales, improve customer experience, and drive brand awareness. Let us help your company take its online sales to the next level.

To create a top quality and fast converting custom-licensed product website, we focused on adding these essential features:

  1. E-commerce functionality: including the ability to add products, manage inventory, process payments, and handle shipping and returns all from the easy to use dashboard.
  2. Product catalog: with a clear and easy-to-use product catalog that allows customers to browse and filter products by category, price, and other attributes.
  3. Product detail pages: featuring detailed pages for each product that include high-quality images, product descriptions, pricing, and other relevant information to help sell the licensed products and confirm the authenticity of the license.
  4. Secure checkout: with a secure checkout process to ensure the safety of customer information and payment details.
  5. Responsive mobile friendly design: for a website that is optimized for all devices, including smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers.
  6. Search Engine Optimization: of the website for search engines, to improve its visibility and ranking in search results.
  7. Licensing agreement and legal pages: that contain the terms and conditions of the licensed products, copyright information, and other legal information to protect our interests.
  8. Contact/support page: where customers can contact us with questions or concerns, or access customer support resources.
  9. Customer account: that allows customers to create an account, track their orders, and save their shipping and billing information for future purchases.
  10. Marketing and promotion features: that allow us to promote our products and offers, such as email marketing and social media integration.

Artists Portfolio Website

An art portfolio website is essential to making sure that you maximize all opportunities to gain and increase an audience for your artwork. Art portfolio websites connect your natural ability to your target clients and what they are looking for. An art portfolio website usually represents some or all of a carefully curated collection of art and example work, and it’s a great place to explore the critiques of the art pieces and movements. We loved having the opportunity to work with Valerie to create a style, look, feel and function for her artist website that really complemented and highlighted her diverse portfolio of styles and let her work really stand out.

About TIMMONS ART: Valerie Timmons is a Louisville-based artist whose genre-spanning work includes landscape, portraiture, still life, minimalism, and geometric abstraction. While her paintings may vary wildly in style and even mood, their unifying tonal element is a rich emotional resonance that finds as much beauty in the turbulence of a non-representational tempest of form and color as it does in the clean-lined serenity of a still life.

Contracting and Construction Website

Vincent Abell Construction, a general contractor and construction expert in the Louisville Area, knew quality and innovation is key to bringing in new clients, and their website was no exception. We were excited to work with them to highlight some beautifully built construction projects through website photo galleries and to help inspire a user-friendly site that provided details about their skilled services. We know small business owners often don’t have a the time to build their own website, so we created an easy-to-edit and highly polished construction website that provides an efficient and engaging user experience for both customers seeking information and team members keeping the website up to date.

Full Service Salon Website Design

Gentlemen’s Cuts needed an updated website for their Men’s Salon to market a range of men’s services, including haircuts, shaves, and more.

Homeowners Association Website

A great HOA website design connects neighbors, board members, and management teams through user-friendly, proven, and collaborative website tools for enhanced community living. A well-built HOA website allows you to meet and connect with your neighbors, manage resident and admin accounts, and share information about the resources you share in your community.

About the Woodlake Homeowners Association: Woodlake is a growing subdivision that is located one mile west of Bardstown Road on Highway 44 in Mt. Washington. It is comprised of 8 sections, including Single-Family Homes, Patio Homes, Condominiums (also called Garden Homes), and Inspirations of Mount Washington, A Grace Management Community. There are two private lakes, a waterfall, a clubhouse, and a pool. Any resident who owns property in Woodlake belongs to the Homeowner’s Association as well as their respective association.

HVAC Website Design

Working with KCC, a local employee-owned heating, and cooling company, we were able to focus our marketing efforts on boosting the company’s brand and attracting more engaged customers with a brand-new website. The target market for HVAC is homeowners and commercial buildings, and the best way to reach that audience when they are ready to invest in a new HVAC system is to have an excellent online presence. An excellent website can significantly increase leads and sales with passive HVAC digital marketing and advertising, which is the most affordable way to increase leads for heating and cooling services and sales.

About KCC: KCC is an employee-owned company (ESOP) dedicated to providing complete design, installation, and service for commercial and residential heating.

Medical Products and Services Website

RS Synthesis needed a updated site that allowed them to sell their products and provide information to the customers. Design Web put together a great site that helped them include a custom ecommerce solution, as well as a custom calculator for instant pricing on their products.

Private School Website Design

St Bernard Catholic School needed a custom website to market their private school to the local community.

About St. Bernard Catholic School: Saint Bernard Catholic School applauds diversity in teaching styles and holds that effective teaching and learning rests upon the recognition of the unique talents and learning styles of each individual. Our goal is to place each student in the learning environment best suited to his or her learning capability.