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An Open Letter From The Mammoth

Dear Dreamers and Believers,

I have a big favor to ask of you.

We are asking the community to write a flood of letters of support for the MAMMOTH to support two applications we recently wrote for the 2017 Imagine Greater Louisville 2020 Grant Cycle (

It would be really helpful for you to write under "REAWAKEN THE MAMMOTH" and/or "MAMMOTH GARDENS" Projects, if you would be so kind. The deadline for public comment is this THURSDAY October 19th, by MIDNIGHT E.T. THANKS!!


LEO Article written by Aron Conaway


Quick (low-fi) video of MAMMOTH activity over the last 5.5 years:


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Once in place, the MAMMOTH GARDEN project will provide access to fresh vegetables and fruits for the immediate community. This safe and constructive space is for youth and adults of the area and allows for a space to work together in a calm and productive space, building greater relationships with each other, their community, and most importantly within themselves. By making the community garden free of charge, we open the door to more involvement and development that will have the opportunity to affect more people.

The space will be an educational learning place for people and with access to open soil gardening, a green house that is already on site and aquaponic gardening which would be added later, educational opportunities are limitless. Participants will can also calmly work through problems and challenges, and create sustainable resources that will improve their health and well-being.

Instead of asking for a plot fee, the MAMMOTH GARDENS plans to use the abundance of materials to sell in a farmer’s market that we will host biweekly. This will be sustainable fundraising source that will support additional gardening needs. We will provide community volunteers to assist in the market and affordable structuring thus offering marketing skills and learning opportunities to better assist anyone willing to further their skills in a professional setting. In addition to the sales of the GARDEN’S bounty, The MAMMOTH will provide spaces for booths to be set up and the wares of local artists and organizations will be welcome to promote their goods and services. This GARDEN MARKET will be an enjoyable, social marketplace that showcases the offerings of the California Neighborhood, and will involve access to the communities beyond.


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The spirit of The MAMMOTH began as an idea in 2005 as we departed from the LAVA House to search for space to work toward new possibilities and frontiers – to construct a co-op for artists and other creatives to rent or purchase studio spaces in one massive building.

The underlying principle was to give us — artists, musicians and creatives — an opportunity to create our own living space, studios and to exist among other progressive people.

We purchased this 90,000-square foot warehouse on 13th Street in 2012, inspired by repurposed buildings and creative artist communities worldwide.

Countless hours of volunteer labor from artists and community members helped turn The MAMMOTH Art Studios into a community space with 21 art studios, band practice spaces and storage business that subsidized creative life. For over three years, The MAMMOTH had been a haven of creativity, a location for photo, movie, music video shoots, glass and printmaking, art and music shows, film screenings, art/craft sales, public art projects and meetings. This has been a project based in evolution.

However, development of the heavy timber and old, red brick building halted in 2015, due to minor structural issues in the basement. Since then this once-thriving community has become silent and still.

Receiving assistance through Vision2020 will allow hiring a structural engineer/architect, and acquiring permits to repair poplar columns. Once complete, the MAMMOTH will return to development as a DIY multi-use space, where ideas and creativity flourish and community benefits tremendously. We will offer educational / instructional space, studios for working artists, recording studios, and exhibition / multi-purpose space all artists. There’s magic now, outside in unique, beautiful MAMMOTH GARDENS, our outdoor venue. Once inside we will explode with creative abundance!

We are ramping up to begin development of an enormous experiential art installation space with the likes of St. Louis’ City Museum and Santa Fe’s Meow Wolf. This immersive Art experience will be developed and run on sustainable technological infrastructure, encompassing the concepts of sustainability and renewable resourcing throughout artwork, encompassing inspiring and powerful concepts to each viewer – a transformative and empowering “BIG PICTURE” experience. The project will offer dozens or hundreds of jobs to artists, potentially bringing millions of dollars into the Louisville economy. CM is the ultimate family experience, what MAMMOTH should be. With our own concepts and local talent, the MAMMOTH will create Louisville’s version of the mind-blowing art experience.

Thank you soooo much!!!

-Aron and the rest of the MAMMOTH Team

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(If you want to get involved here at the MAMMOTH, please get in touch and find out how.)